Wednesday, 28 December 2011

WOYWW134 lonely and abandoned

hi world,
I hope your Christmas was wonderfully fun and festive. mine was!!! if a little hectic

All back to normal in workdesk world, assuming Julia has survived the festive season and snuck away to her desk too. desk world head teacher

The last thing I made were 2 cards I made for my Mum (yes, of the Ironing fame!) and my Mum- in- law.

The cards are to put their Panto tickets in and to invite  them to afternoon tea afterwards
We have brought them tickets for the last few years.

I also made a lot of these Calendars for friends and family and can finally show them, they were fun to make.

My desk has been a bit abandoned these last few days and very messy as you can see. 
The naughty little Christmas Elves have left stuff everywhere.

Some of it is new stash (thanks to my lovely family for that) especially the Inca Gold which I have been wanting for a while. Look out for all things covered in it in the coming weeks.

I dont get many homemade pressies as I do the making in my family, but daughter no 3 (she became engaged on Christmas Day ...yey!) Mum to my gorgeous Granddaughter, made me this lovely wall hanging to put inmy kitchen.

She still has a house key and  crept into my craft room when I was out and liberated some of my stash, but I think she did a grand job.
So did Erin
Well I'll be seeing you in your place soon . . . .Here's wishing you a Happy and Peaceful New Year

 aka fairy thoughts

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

WOYWW 133 Ironing update

Hi Wednesday peepers,

Wednesday again so soon, time to blog hop over the worlds desks under the leadership of head hopper the very chatty Julia Dunnit.
This is my desk on Sunday evening, sadly abandoned mid making because of present wrapping commitments and the ironing, well someone has to do it !!!

Talking of the ironing; 
A couple of weeks ago I posted about my Ironing and the things my mum thinks I should be ironing, which varies greatly to my ideas Share my Pain

Well the other day she and I were having a conversation about it, apparently I should not only iron my handyman's (my husband ) pants, but my tea towels and dishcloths .... yes dishcloths!..... why?

Well, my mum is a grand old bird of 84 who does all her cooking from scratch, bakes her own bread, shops, walks the dog, drives, surfs the internet, knits, sews, makes  her own greetings cards and irons all things fabric.
Moral of this story. . .  If you want to live a long and fruitful life. . . 
. . .  Iron your dishcloths
Here is the Christmas card she made me

I have a lot of comments about my drawers, so here is a little rummage through them,
They are wonderfully useful as the things I use most are right to hand.

They are all from 99p and £1 shops, they still sell them but now they only have 2 drawers.

Well I've shown you mine now it time to look at yours but first I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and peaceful New Year

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

WOYWW132 is that my mess?

hi world
Not sure who made this mess on my desk but i dont think it was me 'coz I have been downstairs in the kitchen.
No I confess, this is the mess I made not working at my desk yesterday. Pop over to head peeker  JULIA DUNNIT 'S blog to see some more interesting desks.

I have been working in the kitchen this week (no, not cooking, although I made a mean batch of flapjacks on sunday). Sewing! I made a stocking for my granddaughter, so santa could leave her some pressies

She went to see him at the weekend.
Cute eh! I dont think she is very impressed.

This week I have been busy making some new decs for our tree ( handyman amazed me by announcing that he is going to decorate it this year , so that should be interesting).
 These were inspired by Mollie Makes magazine (not Kirstie Allsop, more on her later)

The heart shapes were cut on the big shot.They are simply decorated with cotton Perle thread, stuffed and finished with a button and ribbon. I'm enjoying making these, even at 3 am when I cannot sleep. Dont ask!!
Kirsty Allsop make a heart shaped garland on her homemade Christmas programme the other night. so I cleared a small space on the desk.

And made these...... not for Christmas but to put over the window in my craft room..... they still need decoratring  and I had to ask myself why I was making them when I still have a lot of Christmas stuff to do. . .  the answer... why not.

hope to see you on your desk later . . . after work. . .  and shopping. . .  and dinner. . .  and washing up...... so much to do , I still have a huge pile of wrapping too!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hi world
oh my goodness it's wednesday again so quickly,
 I'm sure someone is stealing my days!!
 What is so special about Wednesday? see Julia Dunnits fab blog hopping phenomenon here
Anyway another busy desk today I have tried (and failed) to finish my card making.
On the left you can just see the mad reindeers I am working on..... lots of them   (I love this stamp). Not quite 101 but It certainly feels like it.
On the right is a small empty box. I am well know to my family and friends for being a bit of a muppet, I often say the wrong thing, forget things and am sometimes just a bit 'dippy' I freely admit it!
 But on Monday I suprised even myself. It was Christines 50th birthday, she didn't want a fuss or any presents (I remember being the same 50 is not funny when you hit it). Anyway I took her a present I made, when she opened it there was just an empty box . . . I had forgotten to put the pressie in, DOH! But  she thought I did it on purpose, it was very funny!!!
Poor Christine I will give her the real present on Thursday, hope she likes it.

Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend showing some sneak previews of some Christmas presents I have been working on, can you tell what they are yet

This is how my handyman left my messy side desk on Sunday. It's not so much that he left his tools here, but more that he left them on top of my mess too.
He was making up my wooden letters (they will be decorated later, probably much later lol) so I had to forgive him. But I might 'borrow' the odd tool that looks useful.
Anyway I might pop by later so here's lookin' at your desk too