Tuesday, 29 October 2013

WOYWW 230 snippets box, what snippets box?

Hi Deskers
Happy Wednesday everyone, time to be nosey once again, join in with this weekly ritual if you dare.
see the details  here at Julia's stamping ground.
Anyway here is my desk for this week, not much going on. but lots of photos to follow!

The cubes are a perpetual calendar I have just started, actually  nearly everything you can see is for the calendar, took me ages to work out which numbers to put on each cube, there is only one way to do it.
the boxes contains beads, I am also going to make a beaded poppy for remembrance day.
That will be my in front of the TV project.
You maybe wandering what all this has to do with my title, nothing, but on Monday I had an extra day off work.... planned, nothing to do with the storm.
This was my desk then;
My snippets box

Then looked like this;

So I made these

and these

 and these

Now it looks like this

It just had to be done didn't it, I had a lot of fun doing it.
Now I really must settle down and make some Christmas cards. . . . . soon
Have a great week and see you on your desk soon... please leave a comment and Mr linky no.
see ya!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

WOYWW 229 noddy and other animals

Hi Peeps
happy Wednesday, time for another round of  what's on your workdesk Wednesday, see here for the details. what it's all about
here's my desk

Actually its my dining room table, where I have been sewing squares for Annie's children in need project.
At the back is a collection of other stuff which just appeared there.

A bag of red buttons, well why not? headphones (why?), a pin cushion, a roll up shopping bag (why?), nail varnish ( I painted GD Erin's nails earlier in the day), a suffolk puff patch (why?), a scruffy notebook, a purple Toblerone  (really my glasses case), a new daylight bulb, and a finished jumper for Erin, she refused to try it on and wouldn't take it home until I sewd the buttons on.
I don't know who put all this stuff here but I'm sure it wasn't me !!!!!
Any questions ... just ask.
Last week I lost Mr linky from Julia's post on my laptop so I found it difficult to find people.  If I didn't return your visit I beg your forgiveness, I will try harder this week.
see you on your desk soon

Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday smile

Hi it's awhile since I have posted on Friday smiles bit here is a pic of my GD that is guaranteed to deliver 

I think she was posing as a model for pumpkin carving hehe
Pop over to Annie's to see more ... Not just other peoples kids
Happy Friday 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

WOYWW228 its only Tuesday

So here I am in the gym catching up with the blog .... I'm a multi tasker!
The photo I took on the bike was all blurry so I stopped and took this one. 
Then up pops Julia all the way from sunny Spain keep us all on track .
Not quite my desk but I am working. 
Not being one to waste time I might as well post now.
I have been busy too making stuff for my Etsy shop  ... See the button on the left 

A little girls hair slide 
Regulars will remember my pile of magaZines
It's much worse now ... I plan to sort it tonight ... Well maybe

Any way gotta run ... Literally
Please leave your number and I'll get back to you.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Hi Peeps
OMG its Wednesday again ... well almost as I am writing this Tuesday evening, trying to anyway.... while watching Dave Gorman (very funny).
Now that's finished I can write this post. As it's late I will be brief ( our leader likes it that way) so extra Brownie points for me. see what it's all about here join in the fun
Here's my desk

So many little things on here I'm not sure what they are all doing there... the Pimms label is still there
I'm working on some Dominoes for my new Etsy shop (No apology for the self promotion), I have spent a lot of time ... and confusion on it, its still a bit of a mystery to be honest, how do I get more viewers?
Please have a look if you get time.

Some samples of the dominoes
I thought I would share this next picture of my bathroom with you, because I know you will understand ...... unlike my handyman! He kind of does, he's lived with me for long enough......

A brayer, a painters pallet knife, Paint brushes, an old toothbrush, old scrubbing brush, mixing pallets, craft mat. Don't be fooled  by the little ones bubble bath .... its for making stamp cleaning liquid.
that's all folks .... any questions just ask! and I'll get back to you, just leave your Mr linky number.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Hi Peeps 
I almost forgot it was Wednesday, holidays do that to you don't they, make you loose track of the days. 
Anyway here I am at 11.45pm Tuesday evening writing a quick post on my phone 'coz the laptop is playing silly beggers again.
See all the details here.  
Even though I have been off work there hasn't been much happening ( I have made a lillybo quilt for Jo).
Top left is a large mug overflowing with used baby wipes .... Not used on a baby! They are very useful as I'm sure you all know. I intended to start an art journal with the book I won from Jo ( May still happen). Not sure how the Pimms label got there or why!
The green mould at the front is from Lakeland and is an icing mould to make buttons ..... Obviously I'm not going to use it for icing ... That would be silly, well it would be for me.
I had hoped to show some of my wedding album LO but they are on my laptop . . . Obviously, oh well another day, another post. 
I will share a couple of pics with you ...... I love beach huts and these babies are on Bournemouth beach
All 75 were a different colour , it was like a Dulux ad.

 I will try and visit everyone who visits me and some random blogs .... ta ta