Wednesday, 29 January 2014

WOYWW 243 the answer to all those questions

Hi Peeps
Happy Wednesday one and all, but be warned this might be a LONG post. Well the longest I have ever posted anyway.... why? well, the other day Julia  ... yes that Julia.. the organiser of this weekly piece of nosey madness, see it  here. anyway she  asked a few questions in this  post
But before I go on.. and on... and on... here's my desk for this week. you can skip the last bit if you want or not interested.

Here I am busy cutting all the paper bits to go in the invitations for my DD wedding. They are quite complicated as there are 3 different types of invites ... you know registry office, Wedding Breakfast  and the evening... all with different instructions etc.... almost done!
Can anyone recommend a different cutter... Fed up with this one not cutting straight?

On my messy desk is this weeks page for the documented life project.... I am keeping going with this but not following everyone else as much on FB it's too time consuming, the page on the right is my doodled border.
Anyway back to the questions. Julia was interested to know why and how we blog. Should I make a list.

I had to think about my answers ... a bit. I thought about them but have forgotten much of what I thought.... and that answers quite a few of the questions  in itself.....If you have read enough please feel free to move on to more interesting desks...   In fact I have now forgotten most of the questions Julia asked... Oh well.
I started my blog to document my craft makes, that was before I discovered all the stuff that is 'out there'. I found challenges, tutorials, inspiration, but mostly I found people.... lovely people, helpful, generous, crazy, quirky, talented Arty people and so many of them.

I don't plan my posts, I sometimes think (but not often) about what to put in a weekly post but usually forget it when I start writing.

 I mostly only post on WOYWW now .... I love it, you are a great bunch of folks out there. Sometimes  I link up to Annie' s Friday smiles too.

I like to use pictures as they say 1000 words and its better than my typing... you'd never understand it without corrections.  I only use my own photo's. I have been told I write like a speak, not sure if that's good or not.

I don't do any of the clever stuff like scheduling.... I post when I have written it and link up when I wake up and Julia has posted ... I don't sleep much, not because I don't want to .... just cant.
 I now seem to be known as fairy thoughts.... that's fine..... the name comes from the first ATC I made....... funny how things turn out.

I don't post much about the family.. .. my hubby is known as the handyman..... mostly because he is a very handy man, and helpful around the house and very tolerant of my obsessions. He is my Mr. Darcy. I may have posted photos of bits of him in the past, not his face... he wouldn't be happy, he likes his privacy.
Here he is this week helping with the invitations..... yes really! he cut 70 little tags on the big shot


I don't think I have ever looked at a celebrity blog ( except maybe Tim's) and not really interested... don't really watch much TV either.
I have a list on my side bar of blogs I follow and look at them when I get time... I got my i phone so I could check blogs on the go... I travel to work on the train.... works quite well.
I wish I had more time to check out all the blogs that are recommended on posts, there are so many inspiring people out there. I think I discovered the Stamping Ground by chance from the Grungy Monday blog not long after I started blogging  and the rest as they say is history!
I don't think I could list 5 favourites there are  Soo many fab ones, you are all great in your own way and you know who you are because I will leave a comment.
Anyway that's enough  thinking for one night .... if you are still with me that is
If you are kind enough to leave a comment please leave your Mr Linky no. so I can return the visit.
I'm going to try a new system for visiting. I will always try and return a visit and then visit the first person  who has commented on that blog and so forth, we 'll see how it goes

janet aka fairy thoughts ........phew! I did warn you

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

WOYWW 242 more hot pink

Hi Peeps
Back for round 242 of  What's on your workdesk Wednesday ... so soon.
to find what it's all about go here  join in if you dare or just ... enjoy the ride!
Here's this weeks desks... two for the price of one again this week.
My main desk, more hot pink on the wedding invites .... not finished yet, had a few problems. Trusty heat gun broke so I couldn't do any of the embossing... thank you amazon for sending the new one so quickly. the green roll on the left is a 60m roll of masking (oil resistant ) paper which cost me 95p in Inexcess  .... bargain.

My messy desk has my page for my documented life journal. I am enjoying this challenge but there is such a lot of stuff on FB to look at that I seem to be neglecting my bloggy friends ... for which I am sorry guys, I will be better next week.

The purple tube (Pringles) at the back is a little project GD Erin is working on .... its going to be a pencil holder box.

Anyway that's all folks ... its late Tuesday and I'm off to bed.
 I will visit later after  work or sooner if I can get my phone  to work, so please leave your number so I can find you.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

WOYWW 241 piles of hot pink and a letter

Hi Peeps,
Wednesday again already, its been a busy week here in fairy thoughts grotto, so I'm sharing 2 desks this week, impressed eh .... don't be..... there are much better desks out there.
Hop over to chief desker Julia at stamping-ground. to see them all or even join in.... if you dare, beware it's addictive, but great fun.

The hot pink cards at the back are wedding invites mid production, lots of die cutting  and layering. On the left is my dry foam storage, I am using them on the other desk.

On my other desk is my page for  the-documented-life-project-112-challenge     I am joining in with.
The challenge this week is to encorporate an envelope. This page evolved rather differently than I planned, It is based on a letter I had to send last year which was very painful for me.

On a happier note I got these little beauties in Poundland.  These are packaged for nail art but will be very useful for paper crafting etc.... and, the little bottles will get used too.... Tim Holtz style.

Even happier at the end of last week was a package I received from Craft Stamper magazine and the Artistic Stamper

I was lucky enough to have won these in a free giveaway.
Thank you so much I love them. I have already used the calendar ones on my journal.
Anyway that's enough rambling from me ..... Go visit Julia and  many more interesting desks.
be seeing you .... If you leave your number that is :-)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

WOYWW 240 Feeling a little bit smug

Hi Peeps
Happy Wednesday one and all. Everything back to normal after Christmas.... no, me neither, actually not sure what normal is.
Not my normal desk this week as I am working on a lap tray. Why would you want to see my desk? pop over to    Julia's blog hop   to checkout what  the rest of the crafting world is up to this week.

I am working on my selfie for a new challenge I am working on the-documented-life-project art journal see previous post for my first page.
 Now I know it's not a proper 'Selfie' but I hate having my photo taken let alone one I took myself!
One of the other participants posted her hand with words on it (sorry cannot remember her name).
I aimed to do more Zentangling this year ..... so job done!
I hope to finish the rest of the page by Friday.
Would you like to see the remains of my card fest of last week ..... go on, it made me feel quite smug.

I've made 65 cards for next Christmas... Yes I know :-#
Many of you commented last week (for which I thank you :-)  ) about what a good it was but would forget about them by next Christmas... that's sorted too.

Top shelf of my craft room. See I said I felt smug.....
 but not smug enough to post a photo of myself LOL.
 That's all folks if you are kind enough to comment I will track you down and reciprocate... If you leave your number that is.
See ya

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Documented life project

Hi Peeps
I found this challenge the other day and thought I would have a go .... I must be crazy as if I haven't got enough to do,
Anyway the general idea is to add art journal pages to a yearly planner.

But me being me I decided to make mine a bit different .... don't like following a pattern see!
When I first found the link there were only 3 days to the first deadline.
 I made it but only just, the tea bag effect took over (you know before you can make the tea you have to wash up etc etc).

I had all the stuff (in fact I plan on using up a lot of stash)
I had to find 52 pages, not all the same, its more interesting that way.

As my book is going to be ring bound I had to punch holes in some of the paper, handyman found the noise annoying... It was really. Then I cut them to more or less the same size and added them to the ring binder I had.
The theme for the first page is 'my front door'..... so here it is

The background is inked and sprayed and stamped with samples of things and people who are important to me. Quite pleased with how it turned out in the end.

I am  making my own calendar pages which I printed   and stuck on the back of the page. I did a bit of journaling and embellishing. then I turned it over........ DOH!

Well its a learning curve isn't it I will leave it upside down.... this time!
The post are up loaded onto facebook.... there are about 2500 participants not sure if I will be able to keep up with it .... in fact I  know  I wont.
have a good week.. next week is to include a selfie ... at least I know what it is :-)