Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Woyww 309

Hi peeps

Sorry I'm not at my desk today the reasons will be obvious. 

I will now had over to my DD1. As you can see mum is a little bit poorly so I will be posting for her as she wishes. I made her an impression of my sons foot print in salt dough.

That's all for now.

Janet's Fairythoughts 

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Monday, 20 April 2015

WOYWW 307 ....... I'd like to say a pile of ATCs but I cannot

II peeps there is a small change to my desk this week.. The clock is gone ..... Yes I actually finished something .... I was driving handyman crazy  with my inactivity this week.. So he told me to finish something I had already started before I was sick. But first my desk. Which is probably what you have come too see.


 A high  shot with the I pad not standing on anything... I love this computer... Thanks handyman .. He brought it for me when I was first sick so I could keep up with things.. 

I'd like to say my desk is in full ATC producing mode .... But it's not..... I might try tomorrow as I'm not having Erin at the moment ....she's too much for me a t the moment .... Maybe next week when I hope to go back to work..
On the left is a pile of coloured mesh things I brought at the show a couple of weeks ago and not done anything with yet....nothing new there then is there.
Only 2 pairs of scissors .... Not bad for someone who is not doing anything
Anyway back to the clock..... It's not how I planned it at all ....not that I plan anything really..... But it has been painted, painted and painted again... And then .... Oh sod it, enough that will do


The cogs are just for show they don't more around..... But I think I quite like it now..
Anyway do hop over to see what other delights julia has for us this week.
I will try and return as many visits as I can this week being that I'm at home and all that but threre is only so much a girl can do in a day
Ps that was Monday ..... I lost a day and thought it was Tuesday 
This is my desk Tuesday evening I seem to have gained a day

I did start making some ATC s for the crop in a few weeks time. Wanna swap?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WOYWW 306 not much

There's not much on my desk different from a few weeks ago when I last posted....... I've been a bit out of it ... You see .....  Poorly sick. Nothing along the lines of Shoshi or Shaz Silverwolf. I had a bad reaction to some medication which affected my nerves and muscles ......  Scarily not pleasant. Thank heavens for handyman who even had to carry me to the loo. Anyway enough of that you've probably come to see my desk .... In which case here it is 

Not much to show for 3 weeks is it ... The chocolate boxes aren't new  ( oh wait, maybe one of them is ) yum yum ... My favourite chocolates . 
Last time I was here I showed this picture of something I was making for my GS birthday.... Cannot find the picture but it was just of a sheet on the floor. It was supposed to be a teepee but sadly it's was never finished in time and now I've lost the incentive so I doubt if it will be .... Even though handyman did all the sewing together  and even some of the painting. 
Anyway that's all I've got the energy for now .... Hop over to see julia at    For more interesting desks than mine ..... There's a whole world of crafty creative peeps out there you just need to know where to look. As I'm still at home I should have time to visit a lot of desks this week and return your visit if you leave me a comment and your Mr Linky no .... 
Now go visit before the phone rings.......

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

WOYWW 304. . . . . . WIP .....Still

Hi Deskers
I know we say this every week but it really is amazing how quickly the week goes by and it's Wednesday again. 
My desk doesn't really look much different to last week ... low MOJO .... I need sleep.

I have done a little work on my clock ..... mostly stencilling and stamping..... its still a work in progress and likely to be for a while....

Its looking a bit the same all over.... it needs something else.....I will leave it for a while to see what I come up with ..... other stuff to do ..... 
It's my GS first birthday at the weekend ..... I was asked to make him  something. This is the start......

I will post the finished item next week....... any guesses? not much to go on is there ?
Short post this week just the way we all like it....especially Julia  our  crafty desk controller   she has  the list of where all the best desks are ..... there are a lot to get round..
Please leave a comment so I can visit you back. They really mean a lot.
Thinking about  Shoshi   this week who finally had her operation on Friday  and is doing well, do visit her for the latest news.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

WOYWW 303 Time!....... thats what

Hi deskers 
 Is it really Wednesday again .... so soon. back for another happy blog hop around the world.... you never know where it might lead c/o the inspiring Julia at the  stamping-ground .
Here's my desk this week ... late on Tuesday evening .... but  will be the same on Wednesday as I will be at work all day.

I'm back on track with the UFOs this week .... this is the cog clock I brought at Make it .... 2 years ago. I am  finally getting around to decorating it .... it has been MDF on the wall since Handyman put it together when I brought it. 
 You can see gesso, paints, stencils and a paint pallet.... I never seem to remember to clean these ... they just get more layers of dried on paint.
Not really sure where I am going with it ... grungy, floral, pretty or weird? .... maybe a mix of all 4 ... now that would be weird.
Talking of weird here is the finished DLP page from last week complete with creepy/cute (delete as applicable) Blythe Doll faces.

Lots of layers, gesso, inks, stamps, papers, doodling and a border which was the theme.
I was quite pleased how it turned out in the end.
That's all folks I'm off to bed ... long day tomorrow.... see you on your desk later..... please leave a comment and your Mr Linky number if you have one..... Ta

Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday smiles 111

Hi peeps I thought I would join in with Annie's smiles today as I had a lovely time last Sunday with most of my family

We all had coffee and cake at our local Neros. GD Erin had a great bag piece of cheese cake ( she will eat anything with the word cheese in ). 
My lovely mum is front right and my equally lovely MIL is back left.  I am very lucky to still have both of them and 3 lovely daughters too ( only 1 couldn't make it ... She was enjoying her first mothers say at home ... We did miss you Emma. 
Pop over to Annie's for more smiles .... Go on you know you want to

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

WOYWW 302 not much

Hi Deskers
Is it Wednesday again . . . . so soon? yes I guess it is..... so time to show and tell.... here's my desk. Julia at the  stamping  says keep it short .... there are a lot of desks to get around, but as  there isn't much to see, it won't be difficult . . .  even for me.

Front left is a big pile of magazine ..... waiting for me to sort through.... not sure when that will get done  (note to self.... stop buying magazines)
Front middle is a painted paper bag with ..... 'bits' in..... you know the type of paper pieces. I will use for 'something' probably in my DLP journal.
Front right ... the glass worktop saver I use with my heat gun.... I must have used it recently but cannot remember why.... oh well.
Just above that is a half painted box... one of my UFOs ... passed over to GD Erin to finish.... so now its her UFO .... sneaky eh? another one done LOL.
At the back are a few stamping supplies left out from a card I made but didn't photograph.
I did finish a page in my journal this week.

 I think the prompt was something to do with the elements.

This is the start of this weeks page .... I started it at 2.30 am this morning  ... I forget the prompt.

I'm not sure where I am going with it..... the face is a bit scary isn't it?
Anyway ....That's all folks.... please leave a comment so I know you popped in.... and I can visit you back.
janet aka fairythoughts

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

WOYWW 301 lots of balls

Hi Deskers....
How you doing? ... back for another peek at my desk ... and why not, I like to share.
Julia likes us to keep it short (so do I normally ) but I think this will be a longer than usual post....... sorry.
Julia at the  stamping-ground  has all the names you need for an entertaining peek  at the worlds crafty desks do visit ..... and share its great fun.
I have a different desk to share with you this week (ok so this is from Sunday, but I did finish the project today).
Ta Dah ... my kitchen table

Some polystyrene balls, ephemera and a dish of something that looks like melted chocolate.... but definitely isn't...its the Powertex I shared last week. I thought I should use the bottle I brought at the show ... while I can still remember how to use it.

I had a lot of fun making these strange ornaments to put in the garden..... mind you it was VERY messy and I'm glad I had gloves on.
3 sizes of poly balls, a vase and a brooch.

This was originally a boring cream and brown coloured vase. I think I'm going to adjust the face and make it a bit less green.

The brooch...the light is terrible here its a much nicer colour IRL 
As this is WOYWW I should show you my real desk as of Tuesday evening.

 I brought some Dylusions sprays at the show last week ... only 3 colours.. Oh my are these fabulous? ... you bet they are ... they blend so well together.... cant wait to get more colours...... ASAP. 
This is my DLP journal along with stencils, paints, DI pads, sprays and some clear Gesso (amazing stuff). and other stuff.......blah blah blah.

Finally  a  humble attempt at a Mothers day card.... ( I make 2 the same ). I must admit I'm not spending as long making cards as I used to..... well there are only so many hours in the day..... and I need them all.
Have a fun week  and if you leave a comment I will see you on your desk very soon.....
 A question about comments..... if you take the time to visit why do you not leave a comment..... don't know what to say? ... just leave a face ... smiley or not I wont mind .....its just nice to know you've popped in.
janet aka fairythoughts

Friday, 6 March 2015

Friday smiles 109 simple pleasures

Hi peeps life can be full of simple pleasures. ..... Like the sure signs spring is on the way ....
A long line full of washing ... Well it made me smile .... As I said it's the simple things. 
I'm linking up with Annie  share and visit more happy blogs ... Have a look ... Go on ....You know you want to 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

WOYWW 300 Really ......Sunshine and new stuff

hi peeps
OMG is this really the 300th week we have been showing off the contents of our desks...... all thanks to the lovely Julia at the   join in do .... its very addictive.
On my desk this week is ..... some afternoon sun...... and new stuff

Don't be fooled..... 10 minutes earlier hail stones were bouncing off the window.
Lots of Stuff but not much being done..... back to work this week.
So what can we see?

New stash from the 'Make it show' at Farnborough.... some stencils/ masks... pads..... key embellishments..... stamps and a secret in the white bag.... I will show at a later date. At the back is something called Powertex .... see below for more details of this fab product.
On the far right is my night time sketch pad (lots of waking up at night at the moment ... so I am doodling in the dark to cool myself down ( I'm a lady of a certain age  you know). This has proved quite interesting!

This is on my messy desk ..... the latest page for my DLP...... yes I know the eyes are too close together..... but I don't pretend I know how to draw properly.. I just need to add some letters ..... Take a peek ... at the world outside! A  reflection on my inclination to hibernate this winter I think.
Anyway back to powertex.... I did a work shop at the show with this new...ish product.... Oh my..... it was interesting ..... I made this.

The base is a Budweiser beer bottle. We  covered  different fabrics with the liquid Powertex which was the consistency of melted chocolate (but strangely cold).
It took a while to work it into the fabric.... lots of squeezing and squishing..... but it was easy to position it around the bottle and add the face.
We dried the bottle for a few minutes  for it to go hard and then  dry brushed on metallic paints for a shimmery effect on parts of the fabric and the face.

It sticks to almost anything .... except plastic so I intend to make some decorated polystyrene balls to put in the garden..... watch this space, I may have said this before, but hey ho!
Anyway that's mine.... can I come round to see yours.... please..... just leave me your number and I'll be around after work.
Oh I nearly forgot to include last weeks finished item .... The skull I had been painting ... Ta ... Dah

Finally a huge THANK YOU to Julia for organising this blog hop every week .... HIP, HIP HOORAY. .....HIP HIP HOORAY..... HIP HIP HOORAY.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

WOYWW 299 there will be coffee and flapjacks

Hi Deskers
Happy Wednesday everyone ready for some serious snooping.... well maybe serious isn't the right word.... funny, amazing, awesome, inspiring, messy, organised.... blah blah blah  ..... that's more like it. Hop over to Julia's  stamping-ground. for all the details.
Anyway my desk this week is seeing some action.... I'm on holiday from work .... so there's time to get to grips with the UFOs

Lets see what we have shall we .... Day of the dead style skull being painted I am going to add some paper flowers along the top too. 
A beach hut money box will be blue and white.... tomorrow possibly.
Water pot with brushes and the  mini sprayers on the right have just been cleaned out and now spray properly.
Not sure what the scissors are doing there ..... only just noticed them. 
Can you tell I like Bendicks Bittermints .... the boxes are a very useful shape for storing pens. I can see at least 2
So  with spare time and lots of UFOs to do what  any compulsive crafter do..... 

Start something new of course..... well a girls got to do vary things a bit . Lots of work to do me this space........ now it qualifies as a UFO doesn't it ... he he. 
Here's something finished from last week.... the MDF holder from last week....

 I think it is intended for remote controls but Handyman keeps his glasses and memory sticks in it .... but not his memory .... that's somewhere else!
I also had a little play with my Brusho paints, the colours are amazing.

 I love the background on  this card for my Niece....    HOTP die and matching stamp (free in a couple of magazines last month). 

Handyman is on holiday too, so not sure how much more playing I will do.
There is bound to be a bit of  sitting around chatting..... coffee and flapjacks might feature a bit too.... and why not?
see you at your place later........ Ooo if anyone is going to Make It at Farnborough this Saturday ..... I may see you there .... you'll recognise me...... I will be carrying a bit bag of future UFOs.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Friday smiles 107

Hi peeps feeling blue .... Need cheering up ... Then this might be for you or pop over to Annie's for more stuff  to make you smile.
AnywY my contribution this week is this photo I took at work of some stock I had delivered or rather the container it came in. 

Yes I know it's just a box ... But it had this sticker on it 

Not sure what it had been revised from
Lol..... Another box maybe 
Have a fun weekend 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Hi Desk hoppers
Back again for another episode of the weekly blog hop that is........ 'what's on your workdesk Wednesday' ..... well it is Wednesday isn't it ? Julia at the  stamping-ground.  has all the details.... as usual.
Last week I was a little poorly so didn't visit very many desks so apologies if I didn't get back to you.... I will do better this week..... Promise.
Anyway my desk......

This is my 'messy' side......... back on track with the UFOs ..... handyman's glasses holder, its been unpainted MDF for a year now.... time to change that I think.... but still a work in progress, hopefully it will be finished for next week.

My main desk ...... I had some help with this ..... regular visitors may recognise GD Erin's colour choice for the gecko.
 On the left is the lastest Love sewing magazine....we have a sewing bee competition at work again this year so I had better get my sewing machine out again and get sewing.... but what to make?
Last week I did finish one thing ...... a tapestry door mat I started about 10 years ago..... don't be too impressed.

It's not that big........ dolls house you know!
well that's mine for this week........ I will pop over and see yours if you leave a comment and your Linky number. Have a great week. Its the  first day of lent today so no chocolate or sweets for me for the next 6 weeks, wish me luck!
janet......... aka fairythoughts.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

WOYWW 297 oh what have I started

Hi deskers welcome back for another peek at my desk .... Curtesy of the lively Julia at
So what is on  my desk .... This little lot I started gesso-OMG some UFO s for alteration and got a bit carried away. 

Julia please look away now ....because  I have a little advert .... DD1 Emma is a finalist in the By Hand London fabric design competition..... And needs your votes 
Here is the link ... It only takes a few seconds so please have a look
if you leave a comment I will pop round to your place later

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

woyww 296 Snow ... what snow

Hi Peeps..
Well this morning was exciting ( I know..... in southern UK  we are easily pleased)
we had snow ..... not much but enough for Erin to throw a few snowballs at Grandma (me).
Ok I have just realised ... that was Tuesday ...... I am writing this Tuesday eve (working all day Wednesday) but I will be  doing the rounds as usual in the evening via the stamping ground and head desk hopper Julia I hope you are keeping snug and warm. Me I feel like hibernating

Not much activity on my desk this week ...even if there are 3 pairs of scissors.... you can see my journal pages for this week..... using underpaper and the prompt is 'what lies beneath'
it would take too long to explain my prompt page .... so I wont! intrigued.... don't be its not that interesting.
 The  sewing machine has seen some action ..... I finished the dress I stared for  Erin a couple of weeks. but she didn't want to model it. I also made a beads of courage bag with the spare fabric.... these bags are for child cancer patients to put their special treatment beads in.

For those of you who visited last week .... here are my fairy lights..... they aren't just for Christmas you know....... and are cheap on electricity too.

 Anyway that's all from me for this week so please leave a comment so I can visit you back,
janet aka fairythoughts

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

WOYWW 295 oh ... lots of things

Happy Wednesday desk hoppers, nice to see you, put the kettle on, grab a chair and head on over to Julia's pad at the  stamping-ground.   .
Anyway if you are here to see my desk there is lots to see..... but you will be pleased to know ..... no Christmas..... about 60 cards made so its all packed away for another 10 months or so.

See what I mean.... lots of stuff .... actually some of it is from the floor.... you know my handyman, well he lived up to his name earlier this week and hovered my floor.... bless him<3 and I haven't touched it since then ( a bit of a cold)

This year I am 'finishing' stuff .... I did quite well this week... if you are a regular visitor you might spy one finished UFO........ and some felt fairy lights I made ..... not just for Christmas.

 I finished the desk glasses box started a few months ago

A set of coasters these are for sale for Zoe's fundraising if anyone is interested  I made 7 

 And this page in my DLP journal. It doesn't show in the photo but it is very shimmery .... I'm pleased with how it turned out.
Well that's enough from me you have lots of other inspiring desks to visit ..... have a good week and if you leave a comment I will be able to come round to yours too
janet aka fairythoughts

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

WOYWW 294 good intentions

 Happy Wednesday Peeps
Work desk peep show time again..... Want to see my desk? . . . .  be warned it's still covered in Christmas stuff.
Good intentions ...... but not much done really ..... and certainly nothing worth writing a blog post about. I think I will finish one more session and then pack it all away....... had enough of it all and really want to get on with other things. (Brusho paints and sewing). Its that time of year I hate most ..... waiting for spring..... it feels a long way off at the moment. No real snow here but it's cold and dark  and 'yukky'.

So what do we have today: well lots of snowflakes, washy tape, ribbon, brads, ink pads and general card making 'schtuff' as some of you say,
This year I am aiming to finish ALL my UFOs (unfinished objects) and will try and log my progress.

Last  week I finished my journal page

A canvas for my bedroom from ages ago . . . . love this

So far this week I have  finished  this knitted cape  for Erin..... she wore it straight away ..... praise indeed from her.....It's  so hard to please the under 4s....
Okay ..... you know the drill and if you don't pop over to Julia's at the  stamping-ground.   for all the details ..... I wonder if she is planning anything for week 200
You've seen mine so I guess I had better see yours too.... after work probably so please leave your Mr Linky number.
janet aka fairythoughts

Friday, 16 January 2015

Friday smile

Hi guys how you all doin'
My GD erin has been a bit out of sorts for a couple of weeks now, tired, not listening, a bit distracted and .... Hungry. 
Yesterday her mum thinks she found out why 
She has grown 3 cm in as many months. Ha ha I think that explains a lot .. Little weed. 
 This made me smile ... For more smiles pop over to Annie's blog 
Have a fun weekend