Tuesday, 29 May 2012

WOYWW 156 I've lost my crown !

Hi world
Yep that time of the week again, time for  the creative show  that is 'what's on our work desk wednesday'.
You must know what it is all about by now otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.
If not check out the madness here stamping ground

Anyway, it is the 3 year anniversary this week.
I first discovered the blog on week 80, I know this 'coz I looked back.... out of interest.
I also tried to track down the first post, which was a little sketchy I must say.
I don't think Julia knew what she had unleashed back then  check it out here  the first post   It is the same crazy Julia,  just with more chat (too little time now for much chat.... Please keep it short she says now... ok I will try so here's my desk

Not much going on, just the end of making my ATC's for the anniversary swop.
They are un-ashamedly patriotic (well it is  jubilee weekend )

It you would like one please e- mail me your address and I will send you mine for the swop.
They were all going to have the stamped crown on, but you know what those pesky clingy things are like...... they get lost, hence my ATC's are all slightly different.

The bracelets from last week are still waiting to be mended
 craft stamper is still waiting to be read ... before the next one arrives on Friday.
There is a book on making a Tiara...... for D2 's wedding.
 Oh, and  yes that is a bucket of Tim Holtz distress markers in the background....waiting to be played with. . .  but don't tell the handyman, but they were a bargain. . .  what's a girl to do !
I hope it was brief enough
Well, lets see how many desks I can get to this week, I know it won't be all of them, please leave a comment so I know you called by, I will try and get to everyone and some extras especially if you are joining in the ATC swop.
happy hopping ......janet

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

WOYWW 155 Can you guess what it is yet?

Hi world and wonderful wednesday peepers

I have been busy, busy, busy, this week, so I will be really brief .
On my side desk is the finished secret project from last week..... can you guess what it is yet?
 he! he! A clue is it is a first birthday present  for GD Erin

She is very fond of Noddy (so is her Mum), so I painted this 3 legged stool for her.

Anyway here is my main desk, all be it, slightly abandoned:

 I had a bit of a clear up so it is quite tidy, not even one pair of scissors! on view.

In the flat box is a set of alphabet stencils I used for Erin's name. 
2  button bracelets I need to repair and some note holders I altered for my craft stall in a couple of weeks.
Well, I'm off to do the ironing before bed :(
 It's tuesday night and I need a blouse for work tomorrow. Many of you may remember my on-going dislike of ironing!!!!!!

Like my desk? you will see a lot more interesting ones over at the stamping ground....... all organised by blog hopper in-charge   Julia dunnit
Hopefully this week I will get some more ATC's done for next weeks swop.

Thanks for all the lovely comments last week, they really are appreciated.
Please leave a comment and Mr Linky no. so I can find you and visit you right back.
night night
janet aka fairy thoughts

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

WOYWW I've gone all patriotic

Hi world,
 yes it's workdesk wednesday yet again. Crafty madness organised by head hopper Julia Dunnit at , stamping-ground.   she asks us to keep it brief so we can get around more, too true.

So, here is my desk, you can see I managed to have a bit of a card making fest at the weekend on top in the one I made for GD Erin's first birthday
Erin loves buttons ( that's my girl!) So the card has die cut buttons on it.

On the left you can see the hearts I started last week, very patriotic with Lord Tim's tattered pincone roses.
No apologies for the colour scheme there is a lot going on in th uk this year.

On the right you can see the beginning of  ATC's fest.
I am making a few for week 156 in case some of my regular visitors want to swop.
thanks for all the lovely comments last week.
Was that brief enough?
Please leave a comment and Mr Linky no and I will visit you back
 I'm off to bed  (it's tueday night) I am really trying to get some sleep this week.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I am just testing my ability. To blog on the go. Here is
Erin on the swing today

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

WOYWW 153 pink overload

Hi world
yep, it's Wednesday again already. Time once again to view the world's workdesks under the control of the chatty Julia at   stamping-ground  beware though it's very addictive:)

Big change on my desk,  this week, eveything looks pink.
My mouse mat on the right  . .  pink!
A piece of sprayed background paper. . .  pink!
A crafty Individuals stamped image . . pink!
Some cards I am making for a craft fair in a few weeks . . .  pink!
At the back is an empty jar which had blackberry coffee jam in, the jar is quite decorative , so I thought I would use it for 'something'. The jam had whole coffee beans in, unusual but delicious! That wasn't pink.

This is my AB desk.... with the AB abondoned for the time being, sorry Elizabeth, I will get back to it later. At least the Gesso is still there so thats encouraging
I'm painting handyman's MDF hearts (pink!), along with something else which I'm not showing yet, but here's a peek. It maybe pink too, not sure yet. . . nothing wrong with pink!

I will be able to blog on the go from this week, so I should be able to visit more of you this week, hope I don't forget to go back to work after lunch :)
Be seeing you, please leave Mr. Linky no. so I can find you. A big thanyou for all the lovely comments last week
p.s. a big thanks to GD Erin for having a sleep today so I could do some painting :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

WOYWW152 fun with buttons

hi world . . .  and nosey Wednesday people

Yes, it's wednesday again, want to see my workdesk?  wondering why I am showing it?
where have you been?  its the craziest, nosiest blog hop of the week, but you have to do it. Hop over to Julia's desk superstore to see more
Anyway not much happening again this week. (still decorating)

Here I am finishing off DD2's wedding invites. When did invitations become so complicated, 4 separate sheets of instructions/ menus etc. I was stapling the menu to the selection form, when I had a stapler malfunction, (as you do!) so I sorted it out with my trusty awl (on the right near the front) and then stapled my finger and got blood on some of the forms which are just behind the awl.... it hurt! :(

On the left are a couple of magazines: craft stamper (note to self: find time to read it this month) and Do Crafts Creativity, I made a small card with the free stamps for work... to sell the magazine . . .  great free gift as well as interesting projects (advert over, sorry Julia).
At the back are the hearts handyman made me ... still not painted

The handyman and I had a long conversation the other day about my Awl.
It was made by his uncle about 75 years ago and is one of my most useful tools.

 This is what I was working on yesterday..... how much fun can you have with a box of buttons . . . 

loads, but it depends how old you are !!

Regular visitors will recognise my chocolate box from a few weeks ago. I knew I would find a use for it. GD Erin loved them.
Anyway we are supposed to keep it short.
Please let me know you have stopped by and leave a comment, thanks for all the  lovely comments  last week, it's what it is all about, well that and just being nosey.  
Sorry if I didnt get back to everyone, time is short at the moment. PLEASE, please leave your Mr Linky number so I can find you.
happy hopping