Sunday, 29 September 2013

Holiday Happy days

Hi peeps
I'm finally feeling better after my stinky cold ... Not what you need when on holiday. The handyman and I had a lovely day in Bournemouth ..  Who would have thought at this time of year we would have been sat outside looking at this 
Could be the Bahamas couldn't it. 
But then I took lots 
of pictures like this ...... So maybe not
There were 75 beach huts  . . . and everyone a different colour, it looked like an advert for Dulux

Happy days eh!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

WOYWW 225 still scrapping

Hi deskers
Firstly apologies for not visiting much last week.... lots to do..... which I didn't do coz now I have a horrible head cold.
Okay, I'm not looking for sympathy... it doesn't matter, coz the handyman and I  on holiday from work so that makes it easier.... yeh right!
Here's my desk.... I'm keeping it short as required by our head 'desker'  Julia  ( check it out) and the fact I cant really get my head round lots of typing

Double desk shot
Lots of wedding album scrapping

Close up of the album... the 'I pad' is a mock up the handyman had his speech printed on the other side of.
My fav page so far
 Yes, the bride is crossing a zebra crossing wearing her frock with black trainers with bright pink laces....  she was on her way to the church and didn't want to be late!..... genuine photo and not a stunt.
I will try and visit more this week ... well I'm on holiday and sick so I should have plenty of time LOL
janet .......

Monday, 23 September 2013

scavenger hunt

This is my first link up to   gallo organico. scavenger hunt..... and the final one.... I don't know where the time went... hey-ho!
Anyway here are some of the pictures I did find ..... not a full list.... but you know .... time and all that!

My gorgeous GD Erin.... it had been a long day and she loves her new slippers

A little baby terrapin at a garden centre

 A park bench in Eastleigh where I live

A climbing tower at a country fete..... I tried to turn it round!

sunset from my bedroom

Winchester guild hall

Winchester food market

 A day at the races.... lots of fences there

 a 21st century control centre in a 900 year old cathedral

Ok so I didn't take the original photo but I did take it on my phone ....and it is funny

Well I think it looks like a turkey

A lovely stained glass window in Winchester cathedral... but a terrible photo

Finally a picture of me holding a crafty tool.... my camera and that's as much of me as your gonna get!
I have a few missing but I hope you like the ones I have posted anyway


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

woyww 224 OMG

Hi Workdeskers
I think that word should go in the new words dictionary.
Definition: crazy craft blogger who shows the world their workdesk every Wednesday.
If you want to know more visit Julia she all the info.  Here
Anyway why OMG?
I have so many things on the go this week I don't know where to start..... my desk I guess!

I woke up at the weekend and had an OMG moment.... it is DD2 first wedding anniversary next week and I am supposed to be making her an18 page scrapbook wedding album.
This is my messy desk in mid 'panic'... the union jack chest contains lots of memorabilia from the big day. Underneath are the pages waiting to be embellished (I had over 1000 pictures to choose from)
It was grandma day yesterday, Erin and I went to Hobbycraft, well a girls 'gotta' shop hasn't she, Erin found an 8" high 12"x 12" black glittery spider .... happy Halloween?
I brought the stuff on the left .....bat chocolate moulds, stamps and a set of Promarkers which were on 25% off.
Before my OMG moment I started making another quilt for Jo  at Lillybo quilts but ran out of the right colour fabric so had to leave it. Then I saw  Elizabeth's fabulous patchwork cushion and had another Eurika moment as it gave me the inspiration for another patchwork canvas for my bedroom.
The first piece I did was terrible ... too many colours muddles together
The next pieces I liked much better, I have used all the fabrics before in my bedroom for other pieces.
The two pieces will be joined together .... somehow and eventually ....when I have finished the album

and the lillybo quilts.... Aghhh. its DD1 and DD2's birthday next week too I'd better get busy then!
I didn't manage many visits last week I will try and do better this week. How?
 If you leave a comment I will get visit you back.... honestly
See you soon

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Hi workdeskers
Yes! Wednesday again, time to show what I have loitering on my desk . . . . not much to show this week really.
 Why am I showing you? because Julia told me to that's why,  hop over to stamping-ground  . . . . she has all the info and Mr Linky so you can join in too.

It's funny what you notice in a photo that you don't see when you take it.
 I don't know what the toilet roll inside is doing there and I must remember to put the lid on the Versamark next time.
At the front are a couple of stamps I used with Versafine, I tried cleaning them with some homemade stamp cleaner, it didn't really work...... never mind it will just have to stay red!
The eagle eyed amongst you may notice a ( Christmas ) punch..... I don't know how that got there either and I promise not to mention it again, well not for several weeks anyway.
Last week I was sewing  something for GD Erin and was going to post it on Smile Friday .....but I forgot here it is now.

She doesn't really like spiders but thought this was fun, as you can see she has used it already.

A few weeks ago Sam Hettiecraft sent me some stampings of a stamp I admired, I made them up this week, they are for some work colleague's  birthdays (I work in a haberdashery).

Finally I have to share my pile with you ..... no,
 not that type, my pile of magazines ..... I really must sort out or throw out .... what do you think?

Please leave your Mr Linky number if you are kind enough to leave a comment and I will visit you back.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

WOYWW 222 Do I really need reminding

Hi Peeps
Thanks for popping by.
 If you came by my desk last week, you may remember I had been sorting through some stamps. Thanks for all your lovely comments.  Any philatelists amongst you .... especially Christine (Bishopsmate ) you may want to look away at the end.
 I managed to finish the project I was doing with them, you can see it above my messy desk this week.... here it is:

Can you guess what it is yet, it might make you smile!
I brought these letters about 18 months ago and painted them a base coat of yellow to match the walls in my craft room.
Just lately I really need reminding to do this, so I thought it was time to decorate them. Close ups later.
On my desk this week I have gone back to my sewing machine, I'm making something for Erin my GD.
 Also there is the cardboard top from another of those fab big bags of buttons from Design Objectives..... £2.99 for ... Oh, hundreds... which are  currently all over the floor .... guess who did that LOL.
I will post the finished item on Friday morning because it might make you smile too.
Anyway here are the close ups of the letters

S is for stamps..... obviously

M is for masking and music

I is for Inking and ice ... it ha s a crackle glaze

L is for lace and links
E is for enamel and eyes

These are a few of my favourite crafty things

Just in case you don't know why I am showing my desk pop over to see head of the  desks Julia at the  stamping-ground.  she has a list of fabulous desk owners only to happy for you to have a sneaky peek at their desk and what they have been up to..... you could even join in... they are a great bunch of folks. 
If you are lovely enough to leave a comment I will visit you back.... eventually
See you on your desk real soon