Friday, 31 May 2013

smile it's friday

gosh Friday already yay:)
after all the excitement on Wednesday's  WOYWW  anniversary.  time for a few quiet smiles  over at Annies  blog a stitch in time
here 's mine ;
I have features my little yorkie Rosie a couple of times here she is with her favourite toy! they don't last very long
sorry if it is the wrong way up .... didn't know how to turn it round any help always appreciated (seems to be ok)
have a great weekend .. I'm off to the  WOYWW crop

Thursday, 30 May 2013

WOYWW the day after

Hi peeps 
What an amazing day it was in blog land. Over 170 desks on show and most of them playing along with the atc swap. Well done julia, lots was said about what a phenomomon it is and all so true I don't usually gush about my feelings on this blog that's not what it is for but I have made so many inspirational friends over the last  3 ish years I have been playing along, so to you all a big THANKYOU and keep on blogging !

 Anyway Here are 3 of the atc s I have received already
From Annie, twiglet and jozart (sorry couldn't link on my phone)
See you all on a desk real soon

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

WOYWW happy 4th Anniversary

Hi Peeps
Well it's finally here the 4th blogaversary of the madness that is WOYWW     madness ? WOYWW?       dont know what it's all about .....where have you been ? It's not too late to join in the fun.
 A big THANKS to Julia  at the   stamping-ground.    for making it such fun!    keep up the good work girl.

Here is my desk for this week...... I will be brief....well  I'll try

At the back I am attempting to start some scrap booking in GD Erins album but the photo quality is rubbish, I think I am going to give up printing myself and go to Boots!

At the front and stage left are some of my ATC's for the anniversary swap. I have sent some already so if you have had one you can open it . . . .  . .now.... hehe.
If you would like to swap please e mail me your address and I will send it unless you are going to the crop in which case I can bring it along.


I posted the various stages a few weeks ago so here is the finished ATC, well one of them as they are all slightly different. 

I did make a couple of birthday cards this week, 

This one is for my Son IL .... he always reminds me of Tintin so I was thrilled when I saw this digi stamp from the Octopode factory.

The second card for my almost Son IL is also from the octopode factory and is perfect for him as he is a bit of an Iron man too.
Happy Birthday guys

Lastly another very handsome fellow working hard in my garden this week

He is a hard working single parent as sadly,  his mate has disappeared, there  are several hungry mouths to feed.

Usual rules apply, I can only return your visit if I know you have been here so please leave a comment and your Mr Linky no. if you have one.

Happy hopping.... dont stay up too late and if you are going to the crop on Saturday I will see you there.... I 'll be the one with bags under my eyes from staying up late . . . .

Friday, 24 May 2013


Hi Peeps
It's a bank holiday weekend in the uk this weekend so that is a reason to smile to start with.
but if you still need some help there are plenty more smiley post over on Annie's blog a stitch in time
Have a little look at this video I took on a trip to a local childrens farm with my GD the other day.

this poor female guinea fowl is having trouble with her mate.
 It might make you smile as well
janet..... sorry it's late ... I forgot

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

WOYWW . . . . not much

Hi Peeps

Why is it just when things are  starting to feel better you get knocked back again?.  . . . . just feeling better from my kidney infection the other week now I have a throat infection . . . . so fed up with this weather I want summer!!!!   Although after writing that last night my thoughts go out to the people in Oklahoma and I should stop whinging about the weather and a trifling sore throat so sorry about that and our thoughts are with you and hopefully no more terrible tornados.
Anyway  rant over, here's my desk.
If you are feeling nosey visit Julia at   stamping-ground  to see what is happening  everywhere else in the world  of  desk ....

Here you can see fabric scraps from GD quilt I am making for her birthday .... tomorrow oops, I mean today ... no chance of finishing now, oh well she wont care, my recently finished felted needle case, some new stamps and a pillow box die cutter I got today on the way to the farm for GD Erin's birthday treat... she loved the chickens.

On the wall at the back is the wall hanging I taught a class on at the  weekend. I  showed a peek of this  last week.
 It was a good day but sadly nobody finished, I think there was just too much for them to do in the time.
Next to the wall hanging is some happy mail I had this week.... two tags form a stamp swapping friend.

She has been doing Tim's Tags 2013 and was lovely enough to send me these..... aren't they gorgeous, the stamping  and colours are wonderful..... I love them.

Lastly my bargain of the week from poundland .... 5 sanding blocks suitable for papercrafting  a much better buy than the really expensive craft ones.
A big thanks to everyone who commented on my beaded box last week... Lee loved it

Usual rules apply, please leave a comment and I will get back to you, it may take a couple of days this week as bed early today I think
see you soon

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Smile it's Friday

Hi world
Welcome to Annie's happy world. She likes a smile on Friday so here is something  I saw this week that made me smile....

I  Love the colours and I'm not normally a purple person but what's not to like?  They are from my local park in Eastleigh  See more  smiles on Annie's blog . Trying to link this from my phone hope it works
Update the purple flowers aren't bluebells but little flowers I don't know the name of, here is a close up

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Hi Peeps,
Oh, is it wednesday again so soon?. I  really don't know what happened to the rest of the week.
Regular visitors will remember the box I have been making over the last few weeks..... well it is finally finished.... yay! it is only about 4 cm tall and is made from small delica beads....  but each bead is sewn on one at a time, thus, why it took so long. 

Anyway what else is on my desk this week...... not much really I have been busy, crafting but not at my desk, here it is anyway

At the top are fabric squares for a quilt I am making for my GD's birthday. Mess all over the floor.
 A basket of buttons I was sewing onto a hat, another bag of buttons. The boxes contain masks and stamps  I had just used to paint some mugs and cards for the handyman to give as  leaving presents......... see below.

  Goodness but it was tricky stamping onto the mugs, not only were they slippery but not flat either,
 I do like to make things difficult for myself!

The cards were much easier.

Lastly, but definately not least this landed on my desk this week.... it is a gorgeous hand dyed silk scarf made by the lovely Jo ....   jozart designs. just look at all those gorgeous colours.

 It is a thankyou pressie from the   lillybo quilts.   blog although not necessary it was greatfully received and I love it and the pen which came along with it. I was also lucky enough to win some stamps in a draw too.

Well, thats it for me this week,  if you like being nosey pop over to see Ms Dunnit   at the   stamping-ground lots more fab desks to peek at.
If anyone is going to the crop  next month and would like to swap an anniversary ATC with me let me know and I will bring some along.
Usual rules about visiting apply, please leave a comment if you like what you have seen or even if you haven't.

Friday, 10 May 2013


happy friday everyone
I have to say what happened to spring.... not much to smile about with the weather, but this may instead.

My little dog Rosie is a proper 'lady' she has a delicate tummy and will only eat if her dinner is just right.  She has  had several teeth removed so I cut up her bicuits and add a  little hot water to soften them and some flaked fish.
One morning a few weeks ago I was doing just this while getting ready for work and having my breakfast too.
I look down at her bowl to see how many biscuits I had done, when I noticed I was cutting them up . . . .  into my bran flakes :0
have a good weekend and visit Annie for more  friday smiles

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WOYWW 205 what a difference

Hi peeps
Cor! what a difference a bit of sun makes, makes everyone feel better doesn't it ? It certainly does me,
 Finally spring is here.  the trouble is the workdesk has been a bit neglected this week.

I am still playing catch up with my little beaded box,  remember it from last week?
Well the leaving 'do' has been and gone, I gave Lee her prezzie along with the instruction on how to finish it.... very funny.
Nah! I brought it home again and am still doing it. .. .  hopefully another couple of evenings and it should be done.
Here is a little sneeky look at something I am working on for a workshop in a couple of weeks.
I will show more after the day.

I really have the sewing bug  (or is it bee) at the moment. I have also finished my wall hanging this week, it is to go in my recently redecorated bedroom.
I didn't intend for it to be so big but, well you know it just grew (40" x 24")

If you liked my desk and would like to see others pop over to the stamping-ground. where julia the 'chirpy chippy' will lead you around the world from desk to desk.
I am surpossed to be linking up for my mate Lucy who is away but still wants to join in, so just in case I mess up please visit her   cat loves bear crafts   anyway.
please leave a comment so I can visit you back

Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday smile

Happy Friday . . .
 All ready for a lovely holiday weekend .
My GD is making the most of the weather to enjoy her new sand pit
Pop over to Annie's to see more smiles at
    smile it's friday
Ps I tried to link this on my iphone but coulsn't find out how to. .. . can anyone help, all this technology is great .... if you know how to use