Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hi lovely bloggy people

very quick post this week coz I have to finish what is on my 'desk' for tomorrow.
My good friend Lee is leaving our mutual work place for pastures new (boo hoo).
I left it a bit late to make her a leaving pressie.
I doubt if I will finish it unless I stay up all night . . . with the best  will in the world . . . . it's not going to happen!

This is the desk or tray I am beading it on.... it is a small thimble box.

Here is my normal desk  . . .  looking very abandoned but has a fab pressie from Elisabeth the silver scrapper      who has started  fab giveaway every saturday. . .  she is clearing out her massive book collection.

Lots of inspiration here so a BIG THANKYOU  to Elisabeth

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If you are wondering why I am showing this hop over to the stamping ground and see what     WOYWW  is all about . . . . the fab Julia keeps us  all under control (almost )
 see you on your desk very soon

PS I seem to hae deleted last weeks post . . .  does anyone know if I can get it back?

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

WOYWW 202 confessions of a magazine addict

Hi peeps.
Happy Wednesday.... time to blog hop around the world, see what it's all about here. WOYWW
Julia says keep it short, so I will (mostly as I have a horrible head cold).
Here's my desk this week
It would seem I am a bit addicted to craft magazines, time for a clear out.... I got as far as putting them into piles. oh well maybe tomorrow.
Here is a quck catchup from last week.
Remember the lovely MIni car fabric. I made a peg bag and 2 door stops with it for DD3's new house. forgot to take pictures.
This is what was left
Not much eh? not quite 2" like I said to Elizabeth....I am prone to exaggerating.
The next stage of my ATC journey .... I added a few haberdashery stamps.
more next week.
Well that's all, folks as this is written tuesday night I am off to bed.
Usual rules apply see you later
A big thanks to everyone who  comments I will get back to you.... eventually.
Feeling pretty rubbish actually

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Hi Peeps
happy wednesday everyone, what are you up to today?
If the weather  is rubbish (still) you can always hop around the world looking at lovely creativity on artists workdesk..... find out how  here  Julia is in charge so be nice and play along
Here is my desk this week... not much happening, I have been catching up with my spending journal....? what you ask. when I buy stash I like to log it for future reference. I went to the stitches and hobbycraft show at the weekend.. well a girls gotta buy a few things hasn't she?

Some dies, a ink pad, a lovely tree stamp, some fabric and an interesting book;

On the paper is the pattern for a box made with  pelmet vylene type stuff, we wanted to make it at the show but the class was full, the lady on the stall was kind enough to trace the pattern so we can make it at home .... so look out for that in future post. Flower pounding? well look out for that too. Yes I am a tease!
Talking of teasing, here are some more pictures of my WOYWW 4 ATC design journey

I wanted a stamp for WOYWW so I made one with my kit. I haven't had too much success with making these.

But luckily this one turned out ok 

More next week
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P.S I forgot to show you the fab fabric i got at the show here it is
with my hand to show how big the cars are !

Friday, 5 April 2013

smile it's friday

Hi Peeps
were does the week go?
Anyway here is a picture that made me smile this week.

My little GD seemed to be enjoying her easter bunny... she wasn't ment to eat it all at once... she didn't, but we needed extra 'distraction therapy' to get it away from her.
She is just recovering from the dreaded chicken pox so needed so I guess she can be forgiven
see ya and keep smiling.... pop over to Annies here for more smiley things

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

WOYWW 200 . . . . 200 no really?

Hi Peeps
Is it really week 200, doesn't time fly when you are having fun?
Yes! and it is fun and addictive. See what WOYWW  is all about here hostess Julia will guide you along the way.
 This is a sideways view of my desk this week.... I am hiding what is to the left.
What do you see?

I had a good idea for this weeks post ... something about being an artist, I'm not, that was the point. Trouble is I can't remember what it was all about. . . .  menopause memory strikes again!
I think it was something to do with the artistic process. I decided to make my ATC for the 4th anniversary over the Easter weeekend.  The process of how you get from




Well obviously I am not showing the finished one.
 I will post more over the next few weeks. . .  the artistic process if you want to call it that.
 I wanted this ATC to reflect some of my favourite things... well you knew buttons would have to be in there somewhere didn't you?
anyway pull up a chair grab a cuppa and treat yourself to a little blog hopping..... don't feel guilty, if you enjoy it .....DO IT!
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Monday, 1 April 2013

clean and simple

Hi Peeps
I have been trying to catch up on a bit of card making recently, my stock has been completely exhausted.  I had a little play the other day.... I dont often get the chance lately.

this one fits the bill for clean and simple over at the A Muse challenge blog  here.
very often 'less is more'.
Cant remember where any of the stamps came from,  Ah well menopause memory stricks again!