Wednesday, 30 November 2011

WOYWW130 10 shirts and a hankie, share my pain

Hi peepers
I normally take my desk photo at the close of 'play' on Tuesday (my day off) just before my handyman gets home from work. I only craft in the afternoon.
This week I was a bit crafted out  so I did the ironing instead, yes that's right . .  the ironing !!!!! 
Normally I am a believer in smooth and fold. My mum thinks I am terrible for not ironing my handymans socks and pants etc !  . . . who does that?
Anyway, I have run out of shirts for work and as they pay me I thought I really should make the effort, so I ironed 10 shirts and a hankie.
 I remember it wasn't so long ago that I used to have at least 20  shirts a week to do so maybe it's not so bad for two weeks
Here is my desk just before. I'm not sure what Julia will think of my defection to housework, dont think she will approve, Why am I talking about my desk find out here  stamping-ground.WOYWW

Anyway it wasn't all work, work, work today, here is some other stuff I made this afternoon

A birthday card (I didn't do the cross stitch today that has taken a few weeks).

A grungepaper case for a make up mirror (Christmas pressie) the stamping doesn't really show up, it's the Eiffel Tower and a post mark.

8 Christmas cards similar to this one.
The snowflake is embossed on wood and the label is inkjed with DI and sprayed with water and cosmic shimmer and then stamped with Stazon............
So it wasn't a completely wasted afternoon.

I went back to my desk after dinner (yes, I did the washing up etc first)
I did some some inking on tags for some more cards.

Now i have really inky fingers for work tomorrow but at least I have a lovely ironed blouse !

Later this evening (after work)I am going to start with desk no 1 and see how far I get, sorry if I dont make the whole list. Happy WOYWW

Sunday, 27 November 2011

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS 10 lizards leeping

Hi world

It has  been a very busy but productive weekend. Yesterday, handyman and I did the dreaded Christmas pressie shop. I am still suffering with my cold (2 weeks !!) but we did very well until the crowds got too bad and we gave up and came home, heavily laden with parcels. I dont 'do' crowds!!

Anyway today I made quite a few pressie (cannot show for obvious reasons), but there are a few clues in the photo. A sort of whats on my workdesk Sunday!!
I was very pleased with what I made and I have crossed a few thing off my very long 'to do' list.

 I also made some Christmas decorations for daughter no 2 as it is her first Christmas in her flat with her fiance. She will have to buy  a tree to hang her 10 leeping lizards.
She loves reptiles, especially Gecko's, hers is called Tango, she has a orange pattern down her back like the ones I have made. I stamped onto felt with stazon, which actually worked quite well. the glitter is stickles and silver beads on the eyes.

I hope she likes them.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

WOYWW129 This is not what i intended to do today

hi desk hoppers
 Wednesday again, time to hop around the world with the chatty  Julia Dunnit
On my desk is the remains of my grungy monday piece for this week. studiol3.
 It didn't turn out as I planned at all, but not in a bad way.
I had intended to decorate one of the S M I L E letters I brought at Ally Pally.
The technique for this week was using  embossed metal foil and alcohol inks.
See Tim Holtz amazing altered pumpkin timholtz.-great-pumpkin-challenge.

I made a brick wall piece which I was going to wrap around the letter L (for leaf) and decorate with leaves.
I thought this would be quite quick and I would have time to make a couple of C pressies as well.
 I liked the effect but it was too big to wrap around so I decided to put it onto a canvas as an autumn collage.

 I die cut lots (and lots ) of small leaves using my new tattered leaves long plate, some are metal, most are yellow paper, which I inked with DI, some are sprayed with cosmic shimmer and some have crackle glaze on.
The word autumn is made from some old scrabble tiles with alcohol ink on.

Yes Vicky! the quote is from the birthday card you made me last year... it was just perfect so I took it off. Sorry!
All this took a lot longer than I intended (housework??)
 Christmas stuff will have to wait. I did manage to tidy up a bit,  This is TIDY(messy) side! lol

I must admit it was good to have a break from Christmas 'stuff'.
This is now on my desk as my next project (Christmas pressies). On the right are some fab Ginko leaves I found in Winchester at the weekend, love these leaves.
Housework will still have to wait, housework????? no sorry not yet!

Well time to see what everyone else (as many as I can manage anyway).

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WOYWW 128 I seem to have lost a week

Hi world
gosh is it really wednesday again so soon. Time to blog hop around the world under the leadership of Julia Dunnit. stamping-ground
Not much on my desk except mess. I am sorting my Christmas stamps, I seem to have lost my mojo!!
 Lst weekend was really busy for me as I had a family wedding to go to, my handyman's birthday and family visiting for the weekend.
 On the up side I had to work on saturday, so I missed the cooking marathon that was dinner for 9  (also known as WW3 as it happens) whoever would have thought my 3 daughters could cook a big meal together.
 (I think the answer is they couldn't). It all turned out ok in the end.
 All this activity didn't leave any time for crafting .
I had intended to spend my extra day off on Monday crafting, but as with all the best plans I decided to have a stinking head cold instead (actually not by choice!!). whats the next best thing to crafting?. . .  craft stash shopping.... I did that instead!! I brought some new masks and christmas pressies.... for me.
I did have a go at making some Christmas Papers. . . . .I dont think they turned out too bad, you cant really see the embossing in the photo.

Here are the said stamps, which to use? could not concentrate enough to decide.
I had a look at grungy monday but couldn't decide on that either. grungy-monday have a look it celebrates the techniques of 'lord' Tim Holtz 
tim holtz.

I did make a few very simple cards for my craft sale next weekend. I think I have lost the plot for that.
Still I think I have a bit of time to peek at a few desks before i look for my mojo!!
happy WOYWW

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

all sorts of stuff on WOYWW126

hi  world
I'm down to one post  a week now ..... too much to do.
This week i am going to my nephew's wedding and left the card making to the last minute as the wedding is on Thursday. I spent a long time designing and eventually making a fascinator to wear (not finished yet I still have some colouring to do !!! ). I will post another day if it works out

 I also wanted to make something for Grungy Monday and Mojo Monthly I decided to make them altogether. Also here is my desk too. What's that all about see here    Julia Dunnit is in charge of the worlds desks so  pop over and have a good nosey.  stamping-ground
On my desk is the last card I am just finishing (well, I have to make dinner sometime! and a girls gotta eat).
This is the first card I made .... for the grungy monday challenge studiol3.   which is all about masks and Tim Holtz wonderful masking techniques see here

I quite liked the look of this card, the heart is the mask. The heart stamp is from Papermania.
 I like the way it seems to 'pop' off the card, however I dont think the colouring is quite right for a wedding card so this fitted with the Mojo Monthly idea of changing faces.... ie using the same stamps for different styles. my-mojo-monthly-november-changing-faces.

This is the 2nd card.... much simpler. I simply embossed 2 hearts with copper powder, cut 1 out and then layered it on top of the 2nd.  I embossed the initials with the same colour and added the ribbon.

This is a tag I made a while ago ( another grungy monday piece I think), but it is using the same stamp and looks completely different.
This is the last card I made. The heart is embossed in red.

 I didn't intend to make it into a Christmas card .... it just happened, just by adding the appropriate ribbon and some green brads. I think I might give it to my handyman, it is quite lovey dovey !!!
This card is also suitable for the stampman challenge of collage the stampman challenges.

I just have sometime to look at your desks now Happy peeping on WOYWW .
I am also entering the following challenges

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

WOYWW126 and an addiction to magazines

hi world

At this time of year my desk is not going to be anything but busy. In the middle you can see my next batch of 'using up stash' cards. I'm doing quite well, not too much left now. . . . .  mostly ribbon.
Pop over to see desk moniter and general nosey parker Julia Dunnit stamping-ground.

I dont know about you, but at the moment I seem to be addicted to buying craft magazines, mostly for the wonderful free gifts. I hardly ever make anything from them and sometimes don't even manage to read them.
 But no more, today I decided I would make at least 1 item from each mag I buy OR I'm not allowed to get another one. There's no point in trying to use the back log so I am starting now. This is a card from Novembers issue of Craft Stamper (probably my favourite). Sorry the light is terrible so not a good picture.

I die cut the appetures on the big shot and backed the window with some 'snow flake' acetate that I brought at Ally Pally. Through the windows you can see lots of embossed snow flakes.

Also I am in the middle of knitting a shrug from knitter magazine and making a beaded necklace from the beadworkers guild journal from last month. Not doing too badly , don't know how long I can keep it up (especially as the knitting and beading are not going to be finished before the next magazine pops through the letter box !! oops. It's all part of the 10 year plan lol.
I have just got a bit of time to see some of your inspiring desks. Happy WOYWW

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Hi world
well over at studiol3. linda set us a hard challenge . .. well it was for me anyway. The challenge was to make a loving tribute to someone who has passed away. I just couldn't bring myself to make a tribute to my Dad who died about 4 years ago, I dont think I would concentrate or do him justice. It is too personal.
Anyway as it is November (the month of rememberence) I decided to make something involving poppies and the 'forces' in general. Then I remembered my Uncle Colin who passed away earlier this year, he had been in the Air Force in WW2. He was quite a guy, a very accomplished artist, with a great sense of humour, I hope he would approve of my simple effort. He would definately have approved of Tim

I used crushed olive, faded jeans and chipped sapphire DI on a Tim tag embossed with the brick texture fade. I stamped various words and a poppy type flower. I added some red tattered flowers with a black brad in the middle and finally die cut a ticket and stamped  it with remember. I may give this to my Mum (he was her younger brother) at the end of the month, or I may just leave it on my tag hall of fame!
Dont forget to buy a poppy and wear it with pride.

I am also entering the tag in the following challenges
craft-room challenge for men
come and get it challenges anything-goes