Monday, 11 May 2009

Too Busy To Blog


I've been much too busy to blog this week i much prefer to actually craft.

This past week i have been doing a bit of everything.

My favourite piece this week was a clear stamp from a doodle of a flower.

Ihen I made a brooch in PMC silver using the stamp, I was pleased with how well the brooch turned out, the edges are quite irregular but I like that as it makes it unique.

I also made a couple more embroidered books. I enjoy the process of making the books. you start with really basic ingredients and finish with something lovely (hopefully) and useful too. l items, the leaf fabric is lovely, I didn't need to do much to it.

I brought a copy of crafts beautiful which had some lovely papers featuring Paddington Bear (who i love) so i made some cards with them . I sent one to my daughter at Uni, along with some emergency food vouchers (for Thorntons).

I also managed to finally get some beading done, I have started making a beaded box, this will take a while though they are quite complicated.

Finally I have been trying to learn a little bit of Spanish before my hols (failing badly)!

off to spain yey !!!!!
P.S just for Anne at work I have used capitals . . for 1 time only, it takes me too long to type, sorry anne

Friday, 1 May 2009

a handfull of fairies

today i made a handfull of fairy cards to hopefully sell in aid of breast cancer research. i love this stamp from butterfly kisses. the stamp comes in 2 parts, a front and a back, thus making it ideal to hang in an aperture. i have put pretty backing paper on the inside so that it shows through the aperture. there is a variety of embellishments, punched flowers and sequins etc on the outside. 2 of the cards have stamped flowers on the outside with some silver peel off highlights which are the same shape as the flower stamp.
the idea for these cards came about because i brought 11packs of 10 cards from smiths for 1p each pack. however the cards were silver wedding invitations so i had to cut out the middle and cover the inside invitation part. i knew this when i brought them but they are lovely square cream cards, too good to miss at that price. i have just used up the last 8 cards.
also today i made some more clear stamps using my image pack system, but it was a bit late in the afternoon , so they didnt work that well as i think it was a bit dark, i will try them out tomorrow