Tuesday, 27 January 2015

WOYWW 295 oh ... lots of things

Happy Wednesday desk hoppers, nice to see you, put the kettle on, grab a chair and head on over to Julia's pad at the  stamping-ground.   .
Anyway if you are here to see my desk there is lots to see..... but you will be pleased to know ..... no Christmas..... about 60 cards made so its all packed away for another 10 months or so.

See what I mean.... lots of stuff .... actually some of it is from the floor.... you know my handyman, well he lived up to his name earlier this week and hovered my floor.... bless him<3 and I haven't touched it since then ( a bit of a cold)

This year I am 'finishing' stuff .... I did quite well this week... if you are a regular visitor you might spy one finished UFO........ and some felt fairy lights I made ..... not just for Christmas.

 I finished the desk glasses box started a few months ago

A set of coasters these are for sale for Zoe's fundraising if anyone is interested  I made 7 

 And this page in my DLP journal. It doesn't show in the photo but it is very shimmery .... I'm pleased with how it turned out.
Well that's enough from me you have lots of other inspiring desks to visit ..... have a good week and if you leave a comment I will be able to come round to yours too
janet aka fairythoughts

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

WOYWW 294 good intentions

 Happy Wednesday Peeps
Work desk peep show time again..... Want to see my desk? . . . .  be warned it's still covered in Christmas stuff.
Good intentions ...... but not much done really ..... and certainly nothing worth writing a blog post about. I think I will finish one more session and then pack it all away....... had enough of it all and really want to get on with other things. (Brusho paints and sewing). Its that time of year I hate most ..... waiting for spring..... it feels a long way off at the moment. No real snow here but it's cold and dark  and 'yukky'.

So what do we have today: well lots of snowflakes, washy tape, ribbon, brads, ink pads and general card making 'schtuff' as some of you say,
This year I am aiming to finish ALL my UFOs (unfinished objects) and will try and log my progress.

Last  week I finished my journal page

A canvas for my bedroom from ages ago . . . . love this

So far this week I have  finished  this knitted cape  for Erin..... she wore it straight away ..... praise indeed from her.....It's  so hard to please the under 4s....
Okay ..... you know the drill and if you don't pop over to Julia's at the  stamping-ground.   for all the details ..... I wonder if she is planning anything for week 200
You've seen mine so I guess I had better see yours too.... after work probably so please leave your Mr Linky number.
janet aka fairythoughts

Friday, 16 January 2015

Friday smile

Hi guys how you all doin'
My GD erin has been a bit out of sorts for a couple of weeks now, tired, not listening, a bit distracted and .... Hungry. 
Yesterday her mum thinks she found out why 
She has grown 3 cm in as many months. Ha ha I think that explains a lot .. Little weed. 
 This made me smile ... For more smiles pop over to Annie's blog 
Have a fun weekend 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

WOYWW 293 .......REALLY?

Hi Peeps . .....On my desk  at the weekend this week I had . . . . . . .  Christmas ....... Yes REALLY!

You didn't think I would get to it did you?
I have been making my cards for next December .... I like to be ahead of the game, me!
I have made about 30 this week and will make a few now and again for the next week.... in between working in my DLP journal...... Of which I now have 2... an A4 journal and an A5 planner.

My messy desk Tuesday........ there was this a double page spread  ...A new dawn..... it went a bit wrong but I'm working on it with my new Inktense watercolour pencils..... I love these..... the colours are so .... intense... sorry!

My main desk on a cold, dark, damp miserable Tuesday evening ...My planner.
 This week's prompt is " the beginning is always today" a quote by Mary Shelley.
I think it is almost done maybe just a little black doodling on the green bits ... which look like toes to me ha ha.
Just in case you are wondering the chocolate boxes on the left contain pens ... sadly not chocolate.... but I did eat them..... yum yum! .... and there are more Minions hiding in the still unfinished glasses box at the back.... Mmm  what will I make with those?
Finally on my desk at the weekend was this lovely pile of new stash .... all from the lovely Jackie at  scrap bang wallop

 I was the lucky winner of her followers giveaway.... thanks so much..... I have used some of it already on my Christmas cards.
Anyway ..thanks for popping by..... I hope you enjoyed the peek  .... do visit Julia at  stamping-ground   ......head desk keeper and all round good egg for organising this weekly party.
If you leave a comment I will visit you back.... even if you are very messy.
janet :-)

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WOYWW 292 A sticky post and 14 pots of joy.

Hi Peeps
I hope you all had a fab festive season and are now back to normal desk duties..... I know I am. hopefully Julia at the      stamping-ground.     will be too after all ...........its her party.
Want to see my desk taken last night.... its looking a bit sticky.

I want to tell you a story .... I will be brief......
A while ago the lovely Shaz   silverwolfcards   posted about Aleene's Tack It over and over  for unmounted rubber stamps. I have quite a few that needed mounting ... but I never seem to get around to it. ... could this be the answer I thought...... OMG this stuff is fantastic... and very sticky.
After painting a couple of the stamps Christmas took over and I forgot about it ..... until Tuesday evening.
I had a little mishap and dropped a large pot of Decopatch glue onto the fairy grotto carpet.... Agh .....I was not a popular fairy especially as handyman ended up Vaxing it at 9.30 pm.... he would much rather have been asleep in his chair lol    ....... he was.... as always very handy to have around.
Anyway this sticky mess reminded me of the job I had intended to do ...... so I'm doing it.... well done me.  ha ha
Many of you will know I played along with the Documented Life Planner Project last year .... and intend to this year too. Although I don't like all the changes I'm going to see how it goes, I'm using a 2 page A4 spread this year...... different for me.
This is my first page and the prompt is  ..... Be your own goal keeper..... my goals.... guess

Finish my UFO's ( unfinished objects ) of course....
Oh yes ..... the 14 pots of joy...... these ( Helen you may have seen them already)

Cheeky Santa snuck in a couple of extra pots ... Thanks

Watch this space.......
Phew !sorry for the long post I'm off now but I'll be back after work, please your number if you are kind enough to leave a comment ..... they mean a lot.