Tuesday, 29 April 2014

WOYWW 256 a little fishy this week

Hi Peeps
What's on my desk this week? ...... Not a lot I can share. I may have mentioned a soon to be wedding !!!! nothing I can share this week.... sorry.
But you can see this
I brought this fabric today with GD Erin, she loves Finding  Nemo. 
 I will make a little summer top and hope to start it this evening (Tuesday).
I had better get a wiggle on and start it because I want to have a nosey at all the other desks. 
I have  also tried stamping on fabric with my new Indian fabric printing block, looks ok?
Julia has organised this little peep show so hop on over to stamping-ground.     and have a look.
This is my other messy desk .... slow progress on my Documented Life Project this week, now I am about 4 weeks behind. I hate that. The box on the right is for my glasses..... to be altered.
And just because I feel like it here is a different shot of my room for a change, looking quite tidy actually.
Have a great week, please leave your number so I can find you when I visit later in the day.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Pin it badge

I have been making these brooches to add on my folksy shop. The question I have is how much to charge? 
Theatricals don't cost that much probably about 40-50p but they take a while to make about 2-3 hours which with minimum wage would cost about £14 to me that seems a lot even though each piece is an original piece of art. 

suggestions on a post card please lol
I'm linking to Neets making challenge this week

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Hi Peeps
Oh my goodness ..... Wednesday again already? What happened to the rest of the week.... oh yes it was Easter wasn't it and that meant that I could eat chocolate for the first time in 61/2 weeks. goodness it tasted good.
Well as it is Wednesday its time to show you my desk, head desk hopper Julia has all the details so check it out..   here   .. you could even join in.
 so Ta Dah!
Not much crafting going on, most of what I have been doing is hidden until after the wedding... there are spies out there you know!

I'm sneaking a few minutes to work on my DLP journal. This challenge is to use mono chrome, I am using shades of red distress inks, there are 3 masked areas..... not sure what I am going to do on those.
At the back are the masks I have been using.
If you visited last week here is the finished pink leopard print box I was painting for DD3 wedding treasure chest.

I think It turned out quite well. It won't be easily missed anyway.
That's me done, short and sweet just how Julia likes it, so there is time to visit lots of desks.
Please leave your number so I can visit you back after work
Happy Wednesday

Friday, 18 April 2014

Friday smile

Hi peeps happy Friday
This is what made me smile last night. It was the second week of my pottery class  we made crazy birds..... There were a few there Ivan tell you and that's just the staff. It was a great fun evening with lots of laughs

I'm linking up with Annie where you can find lots more posts to smile about. 
Have some chocolate on me this weekend 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

WOYWW 254 elephants and pink leopards

Hi Peeps, Happy wednesday
Oh where, oh where, does the time go, is it really Wednesday again already?
Time to show the world the mess that is my desk. Why am I showing my desk see   Here    Auntie Julia is in charge, she has all the details if you don't know.
Actually my desk is not that messy and as I have learnt lately from a fellow WOYWW (sorry cannot remember who) Mess is More, so it's all good. I wish it was messier because that would mean I have been doing more on it......anyway Ta dah!

 This is my messy side where I paint and as you can see that's what I have been doing .... it will be hot pink leopard print when its finished ... for DD3's Wedding next month... sorry no explanations today.
the fabric on the left is some more stash from my recent trip to London.... not sure what I will make buy its shouting 'I'm a bag' at me, so we'll see.
That's it from me .... short and sweet this week. If you are kind enough to  leave a comment please leave  your number too so I can find you quickly, to visit you back ..... it might be later but I'll get to you eventually.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday smiles not sure of the number..... Really 64?

Well I had to do it didn't i .... The new man in my life is making me smile this week.... Already nearly a week old and giving his mum and dad the run around    :-).
Here he is in the swaddling blanket I made him
With all her non moving troubles she could do with a amok or two so hop over for a visit

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

WOYWW 253 Welcome to my world

Hi Peeps
Ok, so the last few days have been  totally crazy at fairy thoughts grotto.
I won't  bore you with most of it because you've come to see my desk ... right.
Julia says keep it brief because there are a lot of busy desks to visit and she's right, there are..... see the details  here
Anyway, My desk:

On the left some stash from Fridays  hobby show at the Excel in London.... a good day but took a while to get there! I love the Indian block print designs.... not sure when I will get time to use them though.

The brown roll thingy is bark fabric... check out these cute children's shoes made from it.

 On the right is the beginning of my next page for my Documented Life project, where we have to include our name, not sure where I am going with it.
In the middle is the little bit of actual crafting I did.... A card for  DD2 and SIL, they finally  moved into their new home at the weekend, it was a quick make, but I quite like it.

 Last, but definitely not least .... please meet my gorgeous new Grandson

Born Sunday morning weighting 8lb 13oz and 100% gorgeous.

 Thanks for visiting my desk..... If you leave your number I will visit you back.
Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

WOYWW 252 say hello to x cut

Hi Peeps
Yay I'm finally feeling better and I have  even gone back to work, no that's good too, there is only so much sitting around doing nothing I can cope with.
Anyway moving on .... you probably came to see what's on my desk, If you came via Julia's  stamping-ground.  that is. If you didn't.......well, hop over to see what it's all about.

Please meet Mr x cut, I have been having trimming issues for a while now so I decided I should invest in a proper guillotine and this one came well recommended and has good reviews...... so here's hoping.

On the left are some paints which need to be put away after my little helper had finished with them. If you visited last week you may remember my GD painting at my desk.
Do you want to see how she finished it this week.... oh go on....... its worth a look

For my Documented Life Project this week (or last week still catching up) I had to ask someone to draw in my journal so I could finish it.... I asked 'handyman'
This was the result..... not what I expected.

I think I look a bit grumpy... and old, but actually I hate to admit it's not a bad likeness.... not sure how to finish it, needs to be thought about.
There has been lots of other crafting on my desk this week but its wedding stuff and not for sharing yet... sorry!
So that's me done for this week, If you leave your number I will visit you back .... I'm nosey too, you see.
Happy Wednesday