Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WOYWW116 or 117? little ray of sunshine

hi  wednesday world
I am a bit confused this week, by my calculation it should be WOYWW117 but maybe that's just me I will check later. Or check yourself at julia's stamping ground blog being nosey and looking at other peoples  workdesks

 I'm on hols this week and could not put up with the terrible blue colour in my craft room any longer, so we decided to paint it over the holiday weekend (even though we had all the family over for dinner.
Now the chap in the corner is very handy  (he even tried to explain the concept of dusting to me  lol) well the painting didnt go quite to plan either! (dusting is a strange concept too!)

Anyway covering up that blue with wild primrose wasn't easy it took 5 coats, yup! 5 coats, it took ages.
I think this was after the 2nd one.

Where did all the stuff go.



 And finally HERE, after all that painting and aching muscles  it took ALL day to put the stuff back, I even threw some away (not much, but dont tell the 'handy man')

This is my desk just before I started  this morning with a few bits I brought in Hobbycrafts sale. I might even decorate the word later and put it on my door

Anyway to sum up I'm never ever decorating my craft room again.
Well Happy wednesday hopping. The stamp I brought in Hobbycraft say


off to see your desks now (the computer is in 'my' room)
ps it should be 117 but thats julia for you LOL

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


 hi Wednesday peepers
Only just got time to post this today.
It looks like Julia has had a bit of trouble with todays post, (look but you wont see her desk LOL   What's on your workdesk wednesday Have a look anyway
I have been to a leaving do for one of our saturday girls who is leaving to start a proper job as a teacher.
She has been at the shop for 5 years, we will miss you Nat.

Anyway my desk is a bit of a mess this week, Tuesday is crafty day buy I didnt get the chance to clear up at all, just dumped stuff ontop of everything else. I made some cards for work colleges next month. You can just see one on the left hand side.
I also made a card for Natalie but had to give it to her. I know it was on yesterdays blog too, sorry!

 I have been sorting ribbons (dirty job but someone has to do it) into a thread box. I am wrapping them around the bobbins and fastening them with a paper clip . . .  sad I know.
In the middle is a photo album I have just started of my beautiful granddaughter (I'll show some next week)

Regular peepers might remember a couple of weeks ago about the stocking competition at work. Well here is the window...... it's fab, well done Karen. So if you get the chance come on down to Winchester and have a look (better still come inside and have a look).

I will be on holiday for  2 weeks so I wont be there, some of the other staff blog so say hallo.
 Can you guess which is my stocking (clue) it didnt win.... who did? .....natalie and it was the first thing she had ever quilted. 
Anyway I have just got time to peep at a few desks before bed
night night

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

loads of cards

hi world

now is the beginning of my  card making season, loads of birthdays and stuff. here is the first batch
the first card is a birthday card for my new son in-law (opps a bit late ) he is another cricket fan.
I have started to print greetings on the computer and adding glossy or crackle accents. I really like the look of the crackle, epecially when the paper shrinks too.

This next card is a welcome home card for the happy couple from their honeymoon. I used the same tweedle dee and tweedle dum stamp I used on their wedding card. The background is a colour chart card. purple of course!

The last card is for someone at work who is leaving to start a 'proper' job as a teacher. I thought it was time I had a change from all the grungy stuff and made a slightly cute-sier card. The stamp was a freeby from a magazine.

The papers are from papermania and the embossing from a Tim folder (well he has to get in on the action somewhere). The ribbon is a knitting yarn I brought ages ago and have not used much except for present wrapping, it is very silky but looks ok.
well I'm off to try my hand at grungy monday   but not sure what to do as I'm not really feeling very well! And I still have lots of other cards to make too

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


hi wednesday world
here is my desk for this week, not so much going on as the wedding is over and the (very) happy couple are now on their honeymoon in foreign lands.
We had a brilliant day and a good time as had by all (sunday was abit of a blurr . . . aghhhh!).

 the most' interesting' piece is the christmas stocking pattern .... yes I know I dont 'do' christmas yet, but it is for the display competition at work and I have to have it ready for thursday to be judged. There are some little snow flakes I made but didnt use
The stockings will be going in the window next week, it promises to be a good show. If you are in winchester over the next couple of weeks come on down and have a look. cannot show mine finished as it is top secret at the mo LOL
On the right is my NEW heat gun.... not going to dry my nails anymore though LOL

Instead here are the letters from last week for  the wedding. The dandelion design is from the painting on her dress and the snail is from spongebob squarepants (family joke!). They were worth all the work as the room and the table looked great.
Pop over to the chief peeper at  stamping-ground.  poor thing has shingles and needs support. Well I'm off to peep around the world now

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Hi world
Here is another grungy challenge set for us by linda ledbetter over at   studiol3.
This week it is all about distress stickles. Look here to see all things  Tim Holtz
 I only have 1 of these stickles so the piece was slightly limited and I only used it a little bit (actually it didnt show up as much as I thought it would, I think I prefer ordinary stickles)

Anyway I had to make a 30th birthday card for lucy at work.   (how did the italics appear?) her favouite colour is purple so this is a purple bling fest.

The stamp is ' Lady Audrey' from Octopode and this is the first time I have used it but I love it. I embossed it with shiney black (using my new hot gun ... not to be used for drying nails ) and then painted with aqua promarkers. I put the bling on then cut it out on the big shot ... forgetting about it, it crushed of course but I quite like it.
The bingo embossed background is from Lord Tim.
The stickles are on the word bingo and around the edge of the frame.

The greeting is sprayed with colour wash plum, cut out and covered with crackle paint to make it look older. It is fixed with a brad from papermania.
As this is quite blingy I have also entered it on simon says-stamp-and-show-some-bling

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Hi world and Wednesday peepers
Have a look over at the  stamping-ground
to see what Linda and the rest of the world is upto.
A very quick visit to my desk this week (I still have a necklace to finish for the wedding on saturday).
As you can see there is quite a lot going on here.

In the middle is the card I have just finished for the happy couple.
 It is a bit alternative and not your usual wedding card at all, but as emma is arty I think she will like it.
I think I am about done with wedding stuff! LOL.

I have blogged a bit about drying nails with the heat gun lately (yes I know it might be dangerous). Anyway the gun got it's own back as I was about to make the card. . .  it died ! No, not funny! I managed to borrow one from my mum now I need to get a new one.

Here is the card close up.
The stamp is tweedle dee and tweedle dum from Octopode, I have just brought 2 stamps from them and I love them already.
The backing paper is the same as the invitations but run through a tim holtz texture fade. Then I ran faded cordoroy and sapphire over the top.
The greeting is from papermania, so are the gems in the eyes.

Below is my messy side where I have been painting the letters for the wedding. . . . . . . . . nearly finished, I just have to finish the flower heads on the & and the G.
The table cloths are also white so I had to make a plinth to put them on (bottom right hand side) God I hope Emma doesn't read this before Saturday!!!!

This was supposed to be a quick post and then finish my necklace, so I'm off


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

doing it all again next year

Hi world
I may have mentioned a few times my oldest daughter is getting married at the weekend. We have had a lot of fun with the planning ( well maybe not all fun!).
Well now no 2 daughter has just become engaged while on holiday in Thailand and is planning the happy event next year.
 We are very happy for them both .... but they could have given us a week off LOL!

Here is the card I made them, they are both into reptiles so there is a pair of loved up geccos instead of love birds.
It is a real nightmare to incorporate the word congratulations on to a card as it's soooooo long!
The gecco's are a sizzix die cut with a gem for the eye, so is the heart
The backing paper is from the paper cellar wild asparagus collection which i put through a tim holtz texture fade and inked over the top with mahogany.
oh well must get back to this wedding and finishing my necklace for the weekend

night night

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


hi wednesday peepers.

 My, the weeks come around so quickly at the moment dont they (only 10 days to go to the wedding). Maybe that's just me, lol.
 Check out julia dunnit's blog to see what it is all about and have a peek all over the world.
Anyway lots of stuff on my desks again this week.
 In the middle of my desk sadly, is a nail varnish where I have used my heat gun to (very dangerously) dry my nails. I am verrry! carefull, but I really shouldn't do it lol.
On the left hand side is a pattern for a Christmas stocking. . .  we have a competition going on at work to decorate a stocking using our new fabrics.
 They are going to be use as a display in the shop.That is going to be a post wedding project, just enough time I think.
There is also stuff I have not put away from yesterday's grungy monday   project. well there's only so much tidying a girl can do in one day!!!!!

On my mucky side are some letter's for the wedding... definately a work in progress so call back next week to see (hopefully) them finished.

I am going to try and see a few desks but so little time at the moment so apolagies if I dont visit you this week.
happy peeking

ps dont know why or how but i seem to have posted this on last weeks listing . . . .muppet me !!!!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

grungy monday18

hi world
it's tuesday again so soon  ( but only 11 days and counting until the wedding) and time for my grungy monday piece. look here at Linda ledbetters blog  studiol3.blogspot. to see what it is all about and here  at Tim Holtz web site for  this weeks challenge .

Anyway I needed to make a birthday card for a friend and my challenge piece so I combined the two, fine I hear you cry, but jane is not very grungy, she is a girly girl so not so simple. but I think it is ok and hope she will like it
Here's my card. The background paper is from a 'Smirk' pack I brought at 'Make it ' earlier in the year. For those of you that think it's cheating this is what the paper looked like before I grunged it up!

This is what I used
Mahogany and lipstick DI
stamp from  papermania (3 for 2 big greetings! )
Aqua promarkers
Sakura pens
Brads and heart charms  -- from stash
think it is changed enough to call grungy but light and girly enough for jane
job done

PS here are a couple of cards I made at the weekend

well lets see what you have made
bye till next time