Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WOYWW160 the right way up

Hi WOYWW ers and everyone else
If you visited last week you will have noticed the Learning Tower was leaning slightly more than usual.

The handyman has fixed the Tower,  I hope the Italians don't mind!!!!

Now it is straight again hee hee!
Well, I was blogging on my phone and believe me, it was not easy (for me anyway)  turning the picture  was beyond my adilities and hey, I was on holiday.

Sorry if I didn't visit you back last weeek, it was very slow on the phone and there was soooo much to do (mostly, walk, wine and ice cream!!).
Visit Queen of the work desks julia at  stamping-ground. to see what I am talking about.

Anyway here is my desk for this week. . . yesterday when Erin my GD was having her afternoon nap.

I have finally started the tiara for D2's wedding, I have drawn a couple of designs and I am playing with wire and pearls, it is very much in the early stages.

At the back are some new plastic labels for all the boxes on my shelves, I found them in Ikea the other day. The slide inside the box but hang down low enough so you can see the writing and don't spoil the box.
I do like to be organised and know where everything is.
I have only labelled a couple of boxes on the lower shelves. . .  I even found an empty drawer.. OOOO I have room for more stash!!!

Finally here are a couple more ATC's from the swap the other week, a big thanks to everyone they were all fab.
These  were from Princess Judy in Tuscon and Bridget Larsen in Australia.

I will try harder this week with my visits  so please leave a comment and your Mr linky no. so I can find you quickly.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

WOYWW159 somewhere different

Hi world I will be very quick

Here is where I was `working ` night . Nice work if you can if you can get it
Hope this works will add more later
Check out more inspiring desks at the stamping ground . . .don't think I can work out how to link here sorry Julia

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

WOYWW 158 all good things

Hi nosey people,
Happy WOYWW (I know it's tuedsday, but I have to get to bed early I have a long day tomorrow)
Well,  I have a desk full of 'all good things' this week, none of them made by me and none of them edible. Yes, I am showing my stash of fab ATC's from the swap the other week. Everyone is a little piece of art and so individual, I love them all.

It is all thanks to Julia over at the stamping ground, so pop over and have a peek at the creative world of  WOYWW

The only other thing on my desk is a big pile of magazines, waiting to be read! . . . . what can I say . . . .it's a harmless addiction :)

My biggest thank you goes to my PIF partner Belinda Basson, the piece she made was awesome... It is an ATC book,  there are so many elements, beautifully made as you can see in the picture.
She also made the lovely elephant card as well.
I have 3  of my ATC's left from the swap if anyone would like one please e mail me your address and I will post it off asap.

Now, last week I posted that I was just cooking fish fingers for my dog. I had a lot of comments about that. I know I said dont ask but lots of you did, so here's why.
 My poor Rosie has had a very poorly mouth lately with an ulcerated cheek, she finds it uncomfortable to eat anything, the vet recommended fish fingers  and pasta (with the crumbs taken off), she loves them, so here she is enjoying her breakfast, at least she is eating.

I haven't done anything crafty this week as I have not felt very well, so here is my Tuesday 'work'.

Cute huh!
Erin (my GD) is sat on the stool I painted a few weeks ago for her birthday, she is playing with her buttons, her favourite 'toy' at our house!
Not sure if I will get back to anyone this week as I will be out quite a bit, But I will try to visit you back.have a lovely week
janet aka fairy thoughts

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WOYWW 157 opps I forgot

yep it's wednesday again, with all the excitment of the jubilee celebrations and an extra 2 days off I forgot  what day it was when I went to bed. So here I am early, although i see Julia posted 2 hours ago.
A big thanks to everyone for last week, all my ATC swaps are in the post and should be flying around the world as we speak, I will show the ones I receive in a couple of weeks
(pop over to to see what it is all aboout)
Anyway  I will be really quick as I have to go to work  am writting this will cooking fish fingers for the dog's breakfast (don't ask!)

Not much to show really all the same as last week just in a different mess and nothingnew made, the jubilee got in the way.... wqasn't it briliant by the way!
craft stamper has been read and put back in the same place. The Union box has my supplies for D2 wedding but I'm not doing anything with that until after my holiday (next week)

here's my messy side ..... still messy with the addition of some jubilee stuff from Winchester 's street party I will do a LO at some point.
anyway fish fingers are cooked so I must go, Rosie wants her breakfast
PLease leave a comment and i woll pop back