Sunday, 29 March 2009

atc challenge

here are the other 2 atcs' i made today, why did they take so long to do, maybe because they are so small, i am used to making greetings cards.... i sell them to friends and family and give the money to breast cancer research.

the castle is my own design and made stamp. the foreground has cards layers with glitter along the edge. the sky is inked and stamped with tiny flowers from a tapestry set.

the fairy is by butterfly kisses, it is my favourite stamp, i stamped on shrink plastic and coloured it in with sakura pens (they are fab!). the flowers are punched out and stuck together with a sakura glue pen. the edge has foam pads between the layers, to give the card a frame effect. i added some peel offs and gems. i know lots of crafters dont like peel offs, but they can be effective, if used in moderation as an accent.

why fairy thoughts?

well this is my first proper blog, i don't know if it will be any good or even if anyone will read it but here goes;

p reading about atc; artist trading cards ;i thought i would have a go, it's only a little card after all. i am quite fond of fairies so it seemed a good choice to make a couple of stamps with my image pac kit and use those, i have just got that sussed so i am making all sorts of stamps.i made the picture on my profile too. anyway, how hard could it be, everyone says i always say stuff is easy.

well this time i don't think it was .... how could be making a little card be so difficult?

anyway after lots of attempts this is what i did

the image was one that came on the software included in the pack.

i used a brayer to get the background colour and then stamped the image with a black brilliance ink pad. i then stamped the same fairy onto green vellum and cut out the wings and stuck the inner edge on top of the stamped area on the card, so it looks 3d. this is a bit long winded so basically i decorated the fairy with sakura pens and glossy accents. the fairy looks a bit pensive so that's where the title comes from.

this is the first project i completed since deciding to start a blog hence the name....magical musings or silly nonsense, what do you think?

i managed to make 2 others as well but couldn't work out how to put the pics at the end of this post so will put them on a separate one! anyway

watch this space

well i have finally 'gone blogging' so watch this space for stuff i have made recently.