Wednesday, 29 August 2012

WOYWW169 thanks

Hi world and WOYWWers
Yep! Wednesday again and  time to peek at the worlds' chaos and creativity again under the leadership of Queen of  blogs. . .  Julia Dunnit . Beware though it is very addictive.
Full of fun and inspiration..... except maybe mine, which is just messy . . .  again!

On my desk this week is the wedding album I have been making for D1's anniversary ( a couple of weeks ago... Ops). Yes those are ear defenders the groom is wearing!

At the back is the cut 'n' dry foam holder I have just made, I saw it on a post from Julia a few weeks ago.... brilliant.  Another brilliant idea
 Much better than keeping them in a drawer where they kept pinging out.
I  just noticed  the red button bracelet.... 'note to self', I must mend it.

 The purple sequins are still there, at least I have taken some out the packet even if I haven't actually stuck them in the album yet.

You might just be able to see some  die cut bats. The dies are from A muse in the U.S. Princess Judy Palmer blog this    sent them to me so a BIG THANKYOU  to her they are fab, she even sent this lovely card too.
 The bats  will  be used at D2's wedding in 4 weeks time ( it's a family thing! )

cut 'n' dry foam board
Bats and  cute card from Princess Judy

Anyway thanks for looking , please leave a comment, they really are wonderful to read, also your Mr linky no and I will get back to you sometime this week.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

WOYWW168 feeling smug

Hi world and WOYWWers
You know how sometimes you just dont seem to get any crafting done? . . . like  last week.
Then another week you this week.

 Feeling very smug! but I wont let it go to my head (agh still have to buy a hat !!!)
Mostly thanks to an extra day off work and not having GD Erin on Tuesday.
 I have done ..... a lot of wedding stuff.
Orders of Service . .  done
Table decorations . .  done
Tiara . . . .done, ok that was mostly last week
Menu stands . . . . done, so, I still have to print the menus
Mock up of the cravats . . . done, ok only the mock up and not the actual cravats, but I'm not making those.
Well I don't intend to, D2 is supposed to be... we'll see.
Amazing what you can get done when you are left to get on with it, hee hee!

table decorations..... the wedding geckos!

This is a different view of my desk this week, otherwise it always looks the same. So much mess! I have also been making a Wedding album for D1 first anniversary.

The spine on the  11" x 8 1/2" album broke.  I ended up buying a new 12"x 12" scrapbook album and starting again, what a pain that was.
Here is the naughty album.. shame it was pretty..... also, you can still see the purple sequins I haven't done that page yet.

 I had done 16 pages, (last weekend mostly).
I used the same layouts and just expanded them. Still a lot of work to do . . .. another 8 pages

With all this smugness I should have plenty of time to hop around the best blog hop in town and see what Julia stamping-ground.   has been upto this week. Haven't seen WOYWW yet? . .  where have you been?
As usual I will visit as many as possible, if you leave your Mr Linky no I will get back to you in the evening after work.
Another job done! see you later
janet aka fairy thoughts

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

WOYWW167 It wasn't me

Hi World and WOYWW ers
Time again to show our desks to the world, warts and all. See what it's all about at the stamping-ground  .  But be careful it is very addictive.
Julia says keep it brief so here's my desk

Did I really make all that mess, Yes I did. Actually I moved most of it before I took the photo.
  I am in the middle of making envelopes for D2's wedding  favours next month. . . . I am using a Sizzix die cut. We are going to put wild flower seeds inside.
I am determined not to leave everthing to the last minute..... yes, you read it here first folks!!  We'll see.There is still a lot to do ... But then when isn't there?
In the top right corner is a veil pattern.... see so much to do, at least now the Olympics have finished I can get stuff done, but wasn't it brilliant. Well done to everyone involved.

This is my normal desk, it has seen a lot of activity this week, but I didn't get time to photograph it. The sequins are still there I will use them this week to finish an album I am working on.
On the left are some labels for the wedding favours. On top of that is a card for a work collegue and a box I am hoping to alter at the weekend.
 Still haven't used those DI markers! Maybe one day
Anyway time to see what you have been up to. If you leave a comment I will call you back but please leave your Mr Linky no so I can find you. I have tried blogging on my phone  at work but it takes sooo long. so I wont be back until the evening
have a good day

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

woyww 166 LOTS TO DO

Hi world... and WOYWWers
Don't know what that means? hop over to the  stamping-ground  to see JULIA, Queen of the desks , you could even join in.... go on you know you want to. Carefull though, it is very addictive.
Anyway here is my desk this week.
I actually managed to get some crafting done today.. thanks to GD Erins' nap, XX cutie.

 I have just finished making a gift tag for a swap, for a change I made a more masculine tag.
 I had the stamp out for the other project I am working on.... under wraps till next week.
On the left is my mask folder, on the right are the DI I used.... 3 shades of Wee, just for Julia!!
At the back is a big bag of purple sequins.... for the other project,  Mmmm mysterious.
If the recipient happens to look in (no chance, me thinks) there are a few other clues too.
Here is my messy other desk in sharp contrast to the other desk which is just as messy LOL.

 Lots of die cutting here, you just cannot have too many of these can you?
I didn't get to many desks last week as we had visitors from the states, over for the Olympics.
We had a great weekend, talking, eating, drinking and watching the sport.
We went to Weymouth for the day, look at these cheeky deck chairs, there were dozens of them and they were all different .... a fab day, the town nailed it, there was a great atmosphere.

All that and sightseeing too. Oh and it was Tami's birthday. A gold medal weekend in fact!!!!!
I will try harder this week so I will see yours later now that you have seen mine. .So please leave a comment.
If we can drag ourselves away from the sport that is.
Have a good week........ Go Team GB
PS. Please leave your Mr Linky number or I may not get back to you as hunting through 180+ links takes ages.
Happy crafting

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

woyww165 a piece of cake

hi WOYWWers
happy Wednesday to everyone,
This is going to be a really quick post for me this week.... yes it is!

Not much time for crafting this week , it has been all cleaning and cooking.
I did find time to make one thing creative so here is my 'desk'

This was taken while Erin had her afternoon nap (thanks GD)
I had to make a birthday cake for a friend, so here I am decorating it.
I brought the leaves but I am making the flowers... Arum lillies are one of my favourite flowers, I have a big patch in my garden but they are just about finished now.... so am I.

Hop over to the stamping ground for the desk register under the control of head hopper   Julia Dunnit 
I will try to get to as many of you as possible this week but I have visitors for the weekend, Oh and there is some sport on so I might watch some of that too.

Did you watch the opening ceremony  . . . .  fab wasn't it, especially the Queen jumping out of the heliopter LOL Oh and Mr Bean and the lighting of the cauldron . .  just fab
Anyway 'That's all folks'. . .  except here is the finished cake

 happy WOYWW