Wednesday, 27 July 2011


hi world
OMG is it wednesday again already?
Time to look at the worlds desks  HERE   I'm a bit late today, I've just been to see Harry Potter, very enjoyable film, but then I'm  fan of the books too. Anyway here's my desk, it's been a busy week for crafting.
I managed to make something for  Grungy Monday  but that's all  finished and cleared away so I could start to  make a count down card for my daughter who's getting married soon.
Cannot show too much in case she is looking (no hope really) too busy!!! There are tear off notes with funny and helpfull advise (hopefully).

My messy desk has been busy too, I am still experimenting with painting the blackout blind.
 The colour wash spray didn't work, I think it was because it wasn't absorbant enough, the colour washed out.
 I have tried several types of paint I'm just waiting for them to dry. I really wanted to use my Tim Holtz masks and I dont think painting will work as well. I will keep you posted (punn alert, sorry)

Oh I almost forgot have a look at Stampers Sue's blog she has some Candy up for grabs if you can name her beautiful beaded Wild Woman
 Anyway I've just got time to peek  at some desks before bedtime, just a few mind you.
night night

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

gungy monday17

hi world,

It's Tuesday again and that means time for  GRUNGY MONDAY17  Linda Leadbetter's blog  and all thing.  TIM HOLTZ
I missed last week.... lack of inspiration and time  I think.
This week I have managed to combine the two weeks together. What I started out to do and what I finished was completely differents, but that's art!
I have just changed the colour in my bathroom so I thought I would make a new picture to go on the wall.

Unfortunately I didn't have either of the products to use and I couldn't justify an 18 mile round trip to get them, I had crackle glossy accents so I used that quite thickly and spread it with a paint brush, it was a bit gooey, but I like it. Funny I can spend hours , weeks even, beading a small box but wait a few minutes for paint to dry.... I dont think so! LOL.
This is what is used
colbolt acrylic paint
crackle accent
trimcraft paper... wild asparagus..... Just brought on sale in The Range
stamp... wild asparagus lovely 20 stamp set for £6
navy embossing powder
grungepaper flower covered with silver pearl paint and alcohol ink ..meadow and citris. My homage to last weeks challenge.
acetate to protect the paper in the bathroom

 All I need now is for my OH to put a ring thingy on the back so I can hang it up.... well he likes to feel needed!
I'm off to checkout your stuff

Sunday, 24 July 2011

happy birthday ian

 hi world

I never did get my grungy monday piece done, well maybe next week . . .  ohh!  thats tomorrow.
Anyway I have had too much other stuff to do including this card for my daughter's future father- in- law.
 He has just turned 60 and a big Cricket fan. The stamp is  from Papermana . . a set with lots of men's sporty stuff!, the papers are from Basic Grey.
The greeting continues with the cricket theme and I used a Tim Holtz die cut alphabet, so is the sign.
The backing paper has been embossed in a brick wall texture fade again from Lord Tim.
  The brads on the sign are immitation screws.... You might have guessed, Ian is a carpenter/ builder, so it all tied in quite well.
There is just a little hint about time and age with the clock stamps and embellishment  which was stamped and embossed with UTEE.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


hi world
Is it really Wednesday again already, where did the weekend go!

It has been  a busy week so far, with wedding stuff, but nothing to show there.  But I have had a break this evening with something new on my desk, my grand daughter. Isn't she gorgeous? . . we're  baby sitting! Obviously she isn't on my desk but she is stopping me working this evening. But hey we all need a break sometime!
This  was my desk yesterday. Have a look at stamping-ground to see the worlds work desks via Julia's blog

Here I am starting to make my grungy monday piece, but it's not working out well so I may start again, I am using grunge paper, there is some embossing powder and alcohol inks.
On the right is my heat gun .... great for drying your nail vanish! opps. don't try that at home could be dangerous, but i can never keep still long enough for it to dry properly and I was really careful lol!

This is the  messy side of my desk. I am experimenting with colour wash sprays to see if they work on black out material.

 I don't have curtains in  my craft room, only a blind, but it is a  really boring plain white colour, so when we get a nice dry day with no wind (Mmm I wonder when that could happen!) I will  take it  outside and spray it.

It seemed to work ok, the colour bled a bit so I will have to make it quite a  random design. I am looking forward to doing that, it will make a change to work on something big.
 In the mean time I am off to look at your desks. Have a good week.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Well it's wednesday again and time to show and tell. Hop over to  to see the world's workdesks at stamping-ground.
I have just finished making my tags for grungy monday, see them at studiol3 .There are lots of inks and stamps about. . . .  all nice and messy.
 You should have seen my fingers! maybe we should include a picture of them as well. LOL
 On the left are my two left over tubs . .  they contain all the little bits of stash and things that are left over from each project, there used to be only 1 but it is so full I had to get another one, LOL
 I try to use 'stuff' up on the next project but usually fail miserably.

I have a confession, actually this was my desk last night.
Now that I dont have to tidy up after crafting I feel the need that I want to.
So this is what my desk really looks like this evening.

 Sorry but it's tidy  LOL.
BUT, ready to make messy again, another day
Right I'm off to be nosey at your desks

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

grungy monday I'm back again

I've had a couple of weeks off  from grungy monday.
I have been doing 'wedding stuff', but today I needed a break and had to do something different.
Have a look at this weeks challenge from Linda Ledbetter's blog

It's all about  the lovely Tim Holtz Technique see it  HERE
This is a lovely simple technique, one I will definately use again.
I decided to make 2 tags, 1 to sent to uk stampers and 1 to keep.
The first tag has a masculine feel .
I used dried marigold for the first embossing and then vintage photo.
The stamp is from papermania vintage cars.
 I used mustard seed a, rusty hinge and vintage photo.
 I added some die cut gears and stamped world traveller at the bottom. hey prsto .... job done!

The second tag has a more romantic feel.
 For the base I used lavender with a glimmer embossing powder (must admit the clear is best as Tim says).
I also used dusty concorde on the edges.
The heart is inked with spun sugar, lipstick and mahogany, the stamp is again from papermania.
I layered the paper flower with the  3 colours I used on the heart.
The envelope is a die cut (left over from wedding 'stuff' ).
The love sentiment is from the same set as the heart.
Oh it was good to get back to normal crafting  . .  but dont tell my other half, he thinks I have been doing the ironing (he should know me better than that lol)
I'm off to peek at all the arty stuff you have been doing