Wednesday, 24 June 2009

everyone is moving

well ok, not everyone, only 2 people i know

my hubby's cousin has just moved into a new flat so good luck we hope he will be happy, here is the card we sent him (a good way to use up those left over colour charts

the other 'card' is a tag ( inspired from one done by work college vicky)
maggie gave me a lovely farewell card from paperchase, which she really liked.
i scanned the card and printed it on to white card. this i then taped to a chip board label and decorated with sakura pens and perfect pearls.
next i covered it will my new best friend ( UTEE) .
the hanging letters are made from shrink plastic and highlighted with glossy accents. the fairy is my favouite stamp from butterfly kisses (you may have seen it before on my blog!).. the window is from a stamp i made from a photo of one of the windows in Bath Abbey.

this is a different style for me but i quite like it , i hope maggie and her family do too.

its amazing what you find at the bus stop

hi world,

here are some earring i made with something i found at the bus stop in spain. the bus stop was next to a pine wood. i thought these large pine nut cases looked interesting so i picked several up, you know as a crafter, as you do !

when i got home i intended to varnish them and make them into earrings, a tricky fiddly job i thought.

then i remembered vicky had given me some UTEE to try. brilliant, it was so easy.

i drilled a small hole in the top to put a ring through then i brushed on embossing fluid. i then dipped them in the UTEE, shook off the excess and heated them, i dipped them 2 more times and i was really pleased with the results. the first one was a little bubbly (i think i over heated a bit) but the second was better. they have a lovely shine.

now i love UTEE too

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

M for maggie

hi world

maggie, a lovely work colleage is moving on to a new life in newcastle. i will miss her as we share a similar sense of humour and have had lots of laughs at lunchtime.
as a crafter i prefer to make gifts rather than buy, so i made her an M initial in pmc silver.

some necklaces i have made in the past have had quite small bails to put the chain through so this time i made it larger and decorated the join with tiny flowers. the back has a slight pattern on so she can were it either way. i hope she likes it


Sunday, 14 June 2009

back in business

hi world

well it is a couple of weeks since my hols ( we had a brilliant time, good company, food, booze weather and places, what more could you want), so i thought i should start blogging again.

so here goes;

i have been busy doing lots of crafty stuff lately, here are some pictures

the top 2 pics are greetings cards
the flowers are stamped and coloured in with sakura pens. the lady picture is a bookmark which can be removed and used. the fairy is from butterfly kisses and my favouite stamp at the moment
the bottom 2 pictures are covered books. i am really into the books at the moment, the blue one has beads sewn on in spiral patterns ( cannot see in picture) and the purple one has irridescent flower sequins sewn on. the 3 smaller ones are just fabric covered.
i have been persuaded to have a table at a local craft morning, so they will be for that, if they dont sell then i am all set for christmas (what a thought and much too organised for me!!!)