Tuesday, 30 September 2014

WOYWW 278 I'm back with an apology

Hi peeps... some of you will know that I have been away on my hols, I did intend to visit you back .... honestly I did .... but well you know the  rest.... I didn't do much I was having too good a time .... but back to work today so I promise to visit everyone this week.... honest.
Anyway, want to see mine (desk) and lots of others over at the post office central aka stamping-ground  
My desk Tuesday eve...... after Erin had gone home  and the jet lag was finally beginning to go.
This is my main desk ...... not much change since 2 weeks ago, slightly tidier if anything. My documented Life Journal open at the last page I did. Ironically I had caught up...... now I am 3 weeks behind again... aghh!

Its not quite the same on the other desk.................................

I think I came home with a bit more stuff than I went with.  Oh, why didn't I buy more of the cat in the hat fabric.... now that I'm home I love it even more. Don't know what I am going to make with it, ha ha.
the little pile of stamps front left were from a thrift store for 99 cents .... bargain..... even on holiday  Handyman finds a charity shop LOL.
The pile on the right is all the leaflets and stuff I keep to make a smash type holiday journal with... along with my holiday diary which is almost up to date ... just the last 2 days to do.
All I have to do now is.... Yep find somewhere to put it all 
Anyway GTG to bed .... back to work tomorrow (Wednesday)
promise to visit all who leave a comment.... you know the drill
see ya

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

WOYWW 277 washi tape envy

Hi deskers 
No proper desk from me this week as I am on my hols .....but I wanted to share this with you ....washi tape envy coming up..... I will add it is in a hardware store ... Not mine.... Not all of it

There was much more than I could get in the photo and different widths and even a batman and superman one too. Oh  Sooo much to choose from. 
I will try and visit when wifi allows so do pop over to Julia's for the full desk list and more interesting desks than mine 
Sorry got to go see you later

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Morning / Afternoon / Evening Deskers .....happy Wednesday again...... so soon?
Yep!..... time again to check in at   Julia's   stamping ground for this weeks desk roll call of inspiring artistic places.
So do you want to see my desk... do you ... really?
Oh ok

It's ok, I'm not swinging from the light, just holding the camera high.
Ok what do we see..... left to right....some raffia I had on some flowers from a friend, some of which I have used already (see below)  various pieces of paper..... still there ready to use on my DLP journal......a few ribbons.... still there. .... the  yarn  is a new addition, its for the Tatting I am taking on holiday, the craft Im am learning so that I can take on the plane. scissors...... obviously. OMG no glasses!
My desk has been quite busy this week but with stuff I cannot show yet, except for these

A bag for a friend

A house warming pressie for a Sonia.... a  work colleague..... she likes red.
This weeks DLP journal page is a couple of weeks behind.... mainly because I kept putting off drawing a face.... in the end I did this as a joke to myself

I worked a bit of gelli plate and stamping magic on it .... until it looked like this.... I quite like it now..... its fun.

Finally an apology to everyone I didn't visit back last week .... I just ran out of time.... I did intend to.... promise to be better this week..... possibly.
Please leave your number as usual...
See ya!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Hi deskers 
Welcome to Fairythoughts Grotto .... Grotty more like. . . .   
Not much movement on my desk this week, where does the time go ?

In the interest  of variety. . . . . . . . The long shot

The close up

Not really much different to last week........... we had DD1, SIL and the little man to stay over the weekend. Painting at the crockery but nothing at home until Tuesday.
A little progress  has been made on the glasses box ... I added some tissue to the lid ... Wow !
The background is still there at the back.... I might try and use it this week in my DLP (2 1/2  weeks behind now ). so too are the craft stamper ... plus the latest issue I haven't read either.
Today I found time to do a quick make for a work colleague who has a 'big' birthday, she is quite new and we didn't realise until Monday so I had to get a wiggle on and make quite simple.

Just a small reference to her age . . . . . . she is a keen sewer and works in the haberdashery dept. . . . . where I work.

Anyway that's about it for me  . . . I'm going to concentrate on watching the new Dave Gorman programme on DAVE  (Tuesday eve) ...update! ... do try and watch the repeat it's very funny.

Don't forget to drop by Julia's place   where you will find this weeks roll call. . . to visit lots more interesting desks.

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment and I will try and visit you back if you leave your number, through the week .... if my spelling is a bit odd I am probably in the gym . . . .  its not easy to type while on the stepper or bike . ha ha.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hi Deskers

Happy Wednesday and welcome to anyone who hasn't visited me before and doesn't know what WOYWW is.. it's a happy band of bloggers who get together every Wednesday to show how and where they are being creative. The lovely Julia  at the stamping-ground   keeps us under control..... well sort of.....
Anyway .... to the desk....
Back to my usual desk this week .... not that there is much going on.
left to right .... basket of washi tapes.....painted circle background (still)....a fab new roll of Tim Holtz style ribbon..... a couple of craft stamper Magazines ... waiting to be read (still).... a box I am painting to put my desk glasses in....

While painting this box I did this.....

I broke the arm off my glasses.... (accidentally)........ and mended it with washi tape, it worked quite well because the tape is flexible so it still bends and goes in the box.... sorted.
The box is one of my UFO items, I showed a lot of these on my post on Monday for The Creative Blog Hop .... HERE    if you are interested....

or the just the photo....... here  if not.
I am going to try and finish as much as possible by the end of the year LOL
I Will be at work as usual during then day but will visit you later if you leave your number .... and you want me too. :-))
Have a great and see you next Wednesday