Friday, 28 February 2014

Friday smile

I am smiling today because I am off to the make it show..... Lots and I mean LOTS of crafty retail therapy. 
My smile on the way home will probably be even bigger. 

Annie's happy hallo to the weekend
Well I'm off to go shopping :-))

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

WOYWW 247 . . . .or is it 248..... no its 247

Hi Peeps
I have just noticed that last week I put the wrong number for WOYWW ... always ahead of the game that's me.... haha.
Anyway back on track  and feeling much better.......Thank you all for your good wishes, I'm sure they helped.
Here is my work desk for this week. See all the whys and wherefores with the lovely  Julia   at the stamping ground..... join in  if you can

Not much different from last week.... centre stage is my DLP planner with its flap... last weeks challenge.
Next to it are the pens I writing in it with  staedtler fine liners .... these are seriously good pens for writing with , the colours are very vibrant ... although I seem to have 'mislaid' the blue one .. Agh!
Just out of shot on the right is a little bag of wooden flowers and hearts

I received these at last years WOYWW crop and I am planning on finally doing something with them....... watch this space next week .... or maybe the week after....!
That's all from me this week . . . quick huh! any questions don't be shy .... just ask
See you later and happy WOYWW
Ps anyone going to make it at Farnborough on Friday might see you there I will be wearing my badge

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Hi Peeps
Time again to visit the world of workdesks via  JULIA   at the stamping ground.
Join in if you dare.
Here is my desk this week ... not much going on I have a stinky cold so I will be brief...

Main desk
A little body (GD Erin) was here earlier playing with the ink pads.
On  the left are some old stamp handles that handyman brought home from his office. 
Various paintbrushes left from the weekend. Sadly the tube of milkybar buttons is empty.

Messy desk
My documented life journal and some gathering of 'stuff'  for a play date  on Friday.
 I hope I am well enough to go to.

My DLP page for last week... repeat a shape and colour.... life's a circle

This weeks page .... it is a flap over another page. I used some happy mail I received from another member, I did this page in a frenzied 10 minutes when I realised that that's what the happy mail was for.  its all splodged together with gesso.....Quite different for me
Any questions ... just ask
I will try and visit back if you leave a comment....when sneezing allows


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Friday smile ... Late I know

These made me smile .... A lot even after 35 years handyman can 
still surprises
Me ... With these
Love you too xxx
Linking to Annie's smiles

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

WOYWW 245 the one where she sews

Hi Peeps
Happy Wednesday to you all, time once again for our weekly hop around the worlds workspaces, c/o Auntie Julia    'queen of the blogs'.  workdesk fest
Not much on my desk this week .... there has been but I have finished 'stuff'.
Here's my almost empty desk, well not exactly empty.
everything you see here (except for the dandelion picture ) is left over and not put away from finished projects and not very interesting..... lazy me eh!

Anyway the  dandelion picture is last weeks piece for my Documented Life Project, which had to be inspired from an art piece on Pintrest or similar media site. This project seems to be taking over a lot of what I am doing at the moment..... but it is really making me re think what and how I do what I do ..... so that has to be good .... right?

This is the picture that was my inspiration, I don't know who it is by because it was posted on the DLP  buy another member of the group, who didn't know either....  Gorgeous isn't it .... this is obviously a painting but I decided to do a piece of machine embroidery. Here is my interpretation, it took a long time to do. Housework was sadly neglected in my house last weekend (no change there then says handyman hehe!)

The light is terrible here, but the white heads are very shimmery which doesn't show up.

I also liked the back  and couldn't decide which side to use in my journal so I made a window mount and used that so I could see both sides

close up of the 'flowers'

 This is the back .... one lovely member suggested they could be spring and autumn.... I thought that was a great idea.
It is late Tuesday night and  I need to sleep so I'll  see you later
Anyway usual rules apply
janet aka fairy thoughts

T is for nero 's

Tuesday is grandma day in my house, when Erin my gorgeous 2 1/2 year old GD is here for the day. Very often we have a wander around the town and  do some shopping. When I ask her where she wants to go she always says .... go for coffee. 

She loves going out for coffee and always asks for a man ( Ginger Giovanni) much to the amusement of the staff ..... Male and female. 
In neros they provide a free cup of milk for little ones and give great service, today  however they had run out of 'men' OMG. But the shortbread she had instead went down a treat instead so everyone was happy. Including me coz I love their coffee too

I'm linking this to Elizabeth's tea on Tuesday post so pop over for more beverage related stories

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

WOYWW 244 Be gone hot pink gone, well for now anyway

Hi Peeps
If you are visiting from WOYWW then welcome, you will be pleased to know that after all the writing from last week this weeks post is word light and photo heavy.
Cannot say the same about M/s Dunnit (not her real name) see her  at the stamping-ground. great fun and very addictive.
 So without further adieu here's my messy desk.

On the left 2  pieces I'm doing for the  doumented+life project     some machine embroidery and a painting waiting to be stitched. I have to say I am loving this new project it is really making me think and produce different stuff.
On the right the tray from last week with stuff waiting to be put away.
At the back my old etui box with needles and thimble in

Close up of the stitching.... done on a used baby wipe

A work in progress

Finally the end of hot pink ..... for a while
Invitations all done and on the way

Please don't tell Banksy we used his picture, but it's not like we are selling it is it?

I'm sure he would approve if he knew the happy couple.
Enjoy your journey around the hottest desks in the craft kingdom.
Please leave a comment and your number and I will get back to you, eventually. If it is  later in the week and the spelling is a bit weird I'm probably in the gym...... multi tasking...... phew!