Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WOYWW164 the big reveal

Time once again to meander amongst the worlds workdesks and have a peep at lots of crafty-ness or do I mean crafty-mess, probably!!!
See what it is all about and join in with Julia at stamping-ground

Here is my desk this week...... the big Tiara reveal, well it's not that big LOL

On my desk is my stash book which I am adding my latest purchases too.... some stamps I brought today in Hobbycraft for £1 each, the bee is a replacement for the one I lost (probably threw away) a while ago.
Underneath the stash book is a scrapping project I am working on, top secret!
At the back in the tiara..... almost finished, it just needs 'tidying up' and finishing off.
Next to the tiara is the wedding menu, you may remember the easels from last week which I cut out and am using to stand the menus up.

Close up of the tiara, I still have to add the pearls and crystals on the front to hide all the wire. The design is based on the Russian tiara I saw at the Diamond Jubilee Exhibition at 'Buck House'.

I had a bit of help in my craft room today, Erin (GD) is helping sort through some boxes, I think she is just nosey, oh and yes she is sitting in the dog bed . . . . as you do. . .  he he.

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 I will try to get to as many desks as possible, you never know .... it could be you!
janet aka fairy thoughts

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

WOYWW163 mass production

Hi WOYWW ers and everyone else,
Yep, Wednesday again, so soon!
A big thanks for all your kind messages about my poorly Mums, they are both doing well now... hopefully no more fighting LOL.
Julia our chatty hostess on the desk hop asks us t keep it brief so we can get round more
Pop over to have a look at the stamping-ground 

OK, my desk.....Here I am taking advantage of my GD's afternoon nap and cutting out easel backs en-mass for wedding Menu stands.
When she is asleep I like to do things I can just stop when she wakes up. So much to do for the wedding.
Underneath the off cuts is my woodware paper trimmer, quite good but not perfect,  I am always looking for something better ...... any suggestions
On the right is a leaflet on Da Vinci's anatomical drawings which are on show at Buckingham Palace.
I went with a friend last week, the drawings are beautiful and amazing that they are over 500 years old. I took some interesting pictures to use in my crafting.

Not sure how I will use the pictures, I think they will work well with my Grungy stuff, sort of 'Tim does Leonardo'
We also saw the diamond exhibition, If you like bling and get the chance to, do go it was amazing. Lucky for my handyman none of the diamonds were for sale, hee hee

At the back is  my tub of ....still unused Distress Markers. I really want to get on and have a play with the 'seven shades of wee' sticks, may have to wait for that. I am still working on the tiara, hopefully will have it finished for next weeks post.

Sorry to anyone I didnt get to last week I did try. Well done to Princess Judy for a great post last week, very funny, check out the next installment of her soap.
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see ya janet aka fairy thoughts

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

WOYWW162 a different view

Hi WOYWW ers

 Well last week was very difficult here, my MIL was very poorly and was staying with us. 
 My Mum had a fall too and smashed all her face in, we had a 2 for I morning at A and E and  joked that they had been fighting, sense of humour is very important at time like that.
I  am glad to say they are both recovering well and MIL has gone home..

Sorry If I didnt get back to visit it you last week I should have more time this week.
Keeping it short as requested.
Do pop over to see head teacher Julia Dunnit at stamping-ground.

Anyway my desk this week is different ot the usual view..... I am still making my D2's wedding tiara.  This is my lap tray  taken last night about 11.00 as I am writing this.

You can see the wired elements I am making using Swarovski crystals and some coral coloured stone beads,  not sure what they are I think I got them at a car boot. I still have to get the pearls and make it all up... when I have drawn the design, although I will probably make it up as I go along.

There is only 1 pair of scissors, but do wire cutters count?
In case you are interested this is what my usual desk looks like ... messy and abandoned
Craft stamper.... still waiting to be read

Amazingly I am still receiving ATC from the 3 year anniversary. This one is from Patricia in the Philappines, the background colouring is lovely. thanks

Anyway I'll be seeing you asap, probably after work this evening.
I have tried blogging at lunch time but it takes sooo long and the comments do not always work.
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janet aka fairy thoughts

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

WOYWW161 I nearly didn't get here

Hi WOYWW ers
I wasn't going to post this week as I have had my mother in law staying, she has been very poorly over the last few days but seems a lot better this evening, so here I am better late than never

So anyway here's my desk...... very messy but with nothing made at all
There is something sort of started but is under wraps for the time being.
The pile on the  right is sale goodies from work... well when a girls gotta shop!!
Basically it's a pile of stuff needs putting away...... sometime soon.
And if like Julia over at stamping-ground   you are counting, there are two pairs of scissors.... as usua. Pop over to peek at hers and many othersl
As usual the new craft stamper waiting to be read, and my distress markers waiting to be played with ..... sometime soon too.

For regular visitors here's my tueday work space,  GD Erin learning to' washup'
I will try and get to some of you this week, but time is quite limited so sorry in advance if I donr visit back straight away