Tuesday, 29 July 2014

WOYWW 269 where to start

Hi dealers  blogger ate my post and decided to publish an earlier saved one ...... no time to do it again so just pictures grrrrrrr
OMG it's been a busy week here in the fairy grotto.... Grotty more like. 
If you are here to see my desk please be patient I've a lot to get through in this post. Don't forget to sign in at Julia's place the home of work space heaven. 
So .... This was me at 4.30 am Tuesday .... Couldn't sleep, it's hot you see.

now call me a bit OCD..... (really?)
I have been intending to sort these for a while. I lost count of the number of ways to fold a fat quarter. 

jug saw of Erin's shoes

Yarn bowl I made a few weeks ago
See below for before cooking picture

The fruits oft 4.30am start it all had to be re ironed

I made this bowl at a pottery class a while ago and painted it this week, this is before it's 'cooked

The original photo..... Printed onto safmat.   Man that stuff is good 
By for now please leave your name snd no and I'll get back to you 
Ps I hate blogger grrrr!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

WOYWW 268 Thats not my desk ... is it

Hi Desk hoppers
Happy Wednesday again .... how do they come around so quickly?
 If you don't know why please take a look   HERE  to see what WOYWW is all about..... its great fun. friendly and very inspiring. It's a race to get round and see how many desks you can visit...
Please be warned this is a photo heavy post, but not much chat .... no time.

At the weekend I did this to my desk...... yes it is my desk ... looks a bit sad and lonely doesn't it

Not for long..... some DLP pages and some card making in progress. Popeye is still there but I am going to use him this week on my DLP page....

 Tuesday evening...... the buttons are left from my usual Tuesday helper.... she does love my buttons.
I had a final push this week and have caught up to date with my Documented Life Project Journal...... which I am very happy about.
These are the latest pages

The trees from last week .... I painted  a big tree with a hidden picture behind the branch and stamped the bears.... not quite Winnie the Pooh but close.... I love this quote

An Instagram type picture  ( not even sure what they look like, but it had  to be small ) this photo is about 18 years old.... very instant!

Add a crossword.... definitely not my thing!  couldn't do it Ha Ha

 This is my wish list... the 'never enough' writing is printed on to Safmat..... which is a clear printable self adhesive film .... very impressed with this product.

My planner is getting very fat .... don't you think this would make a great scrapbooking paper.

I'm on a first aid course this week so I doubt if I will get to visit much during the day but I will try and catch up in the evenings, so please leave your Mr linky number so I can find you easily..... Ta see  ya

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

WOYWW 267 And this is the point at which . . . . . .

Hi Deskers
well happy Wednesday again, its been quite a week. But you don't want to know about that, you've just come to see my desk.... right? 
So this is the point at which Mr Mojo jumped out of the window and left me standing there scratching my head.

I have been catching up on my documented Life Project Journal. So the usual stuff is there as well as Popeye  (still) can you see him?
This page should include a book quote, mine is from  Winnie the Pooh ..... the trees are the 100 acre wood.... but then my head went completely blank so I left it.

Not sure what to do with it now.

Add a house
I have caught up with 4 pages this week which was great

 say what you have been grateful for..... over the week

Add embroidery floss...... pink running stitch around the lace flowers.... the week of my daughters wedding.

Use some book text...... I'm sorry, but I cut up an old recipe book, so it had to be cup cakes didn't it?
I have to say I am enjoying this project.

In case you are still wandering why I am showing my desk. . . . . .  because its the best blog hop in town that's why.
Julia  has all the details here...... go on, join in, you know you want to.
Please leave your number and I will get back to you later..... promise

Saturday, 12 July 2014

DLP week 22

Yes I know it's not really week 22 but  I'm still behind .... So here it is anyway.... catching up slowly

You know when you start out with an idea and it ends up as something completely different.... 

Well that's what happened with week 22. I was going to draw the front garden of a house and this is the back of a barn type building not sure how I got there thought processes are a bit strange at the moment.  I quite like it, it's sunny :-)

Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday smile No ???

Hi peeps 
No idea what number we are on but it doesn't matter ... Friday is Friday ... Right?
These made me smile this morning .... Just couldn't help it. 

My lady bug poppies. I brought  them at Hampton Court Flower Show a couple of years ago and they still flower every year. 
Still not smiling? pop over to Annie's place where you are bound to find something to smile about.
 I'm off to London for the launch of By Hand London .... The Fabric printing ladies
I feel some retail therapy coming on, wish me luck

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

WOYWW 266 normal service will be resumed........

Hi Deskers
Happy Wednesday everyone.
 Time again to view the workspaces of the wonderful, the creative, and ......... then me!
Here is my desk back to its normal state.

Except that nothing is actually being made at the moment, there just doesn't seem to be enough time know that old potato!
But you can see STUFF.... pan to the right....
Jar of bright pink buttons I am going to make into earrings (soon) a big pile of ribbons from the sale at work.... just because!
At the back are the silicon moulds I made a while ago to use with the air clay I brought at the weekend ( possibly soon).
My stash book (where I log all the stuff I buy.... top secret!) brought a bit of stash at the weekend.
Oh I've just noticed what is Popeye doing there? Why is he there ?
Pan left... the last 2 Anniversary  ATC's I received from Andrea and Eliza but forgot to show last week..... apologies ladies.

ATC and gorgeous matching card from  Elizabeth and Yoda

Lovely ATC, envelope and card from Arty Andrea.
Well. that's all from me, sadly nothing finished to show..... maybe next week.
If you pop over to Julia's stamping ground you are sure to see much more interesting 'STUFF' and lots more places to visit ... she has all the details and lots to talk about.
I will return your visit if you leave a comment and your Linky number... it may take a while but I usually get back to you  by the end of the week.
Have a fun week

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Hi peeps 

Well this week my desk has had a touch of 'push it all to the left- itis' but for a good reason. 
I am showing my desk  because of  the 'big idea' had by  Auntie Julia over at the     stamping-ground . . . . "Show us your desk "she says ...."and we will visit ".... And we do by the dozen. 
Anyway here is the push it to the left photo.

A paint mess, paper mess and piles of 'stuff' for my Art Journal.
All because I have swapped these; 

My foam board Distress Ink holders
For these;

My new wooden  DI holders made for me by my lovely handyman.... now these have been a long time in the making .... mostly because as we all know ... life just gets in the way.

To regular visitors it wont look much different but believe me they are Soooo much better.

Normal service will now be resumed.
I have even been getting inky, paint-y  and generally messy ...if not very productive...... give me time, that's all I need  ... Oh and life to stay 'normal' for a while.
Post some pictures and join in do..... its  great fun and very addictive.
Leave a comment and I just might even visit you back..... if you are very lucky.
Tennis anyone?  ( well.... watching anyway)
Newbury Stamp Show anyone ?
Have a great week
PS at  8.30am apologies to Andrea and Eliza I will show your fab ATC  next week as they are under the pile ... Thankyou I live them