Tuesday, 30 December 2014

WOYWW 291 its party time

Hi Peeps ..Its party time .... no.... not that  type............. desk hopping party time as usual on Wednesday ... down at   Julia's place
Well that was a quick and eventful year wasn't it?... it was for me anyway... 52 desk shots... all the same .. yet all so different..... want one last one? ....okay then ... but this one is a bit different because its my dining room table.... I'm spreading out you see.

I've been sewing and there isn't enough room in the fairythoughts grotto, so I moved it downstairs.
 I'm making the cover for my Documented Life Project journal which some of you will have seen throughout the year.... its finished  and I love it .... its been an amazing project and I cannot believe that I actually finished it ... on time. the cover is a mixture of fabric painting, embroidery, applique and lace.

This is my last page  something with the same initial as my name ..... Jam Jars it was the first thing that popped into my head ... I love this stamp set.

I haven't posted a lot of Christmas stuff this year  because of time.....but I will share this little chap..... now that he has a new home with my mate Lucy from work....

a little 'pinion'...  I made him from clay at my local Crockery'
Anyway  that's all from me so I'll sign off for the year and wish each and everyone of you a
very  HAPPY NEW YEAR where  ever you maybe.
If you leave your number I will do my best to visit you back, I may be late I have visitors until Sunday
janet........ 2015....... Bring it on!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

WOYWW 290 Tick, Tick, Tick

Hi Peeps
Merry Christmas  one and all. Thank you for popping by on this very busy day ..... although if you haven't done your christmas crafting by now...... you probably won't..... but hey ho !
Anyway are you here to see my desk? ..... if so..... here it is

Did you blink?   .... well then you missed Christmas stuff on my desk, that was  Sooo last week lol.
Here I am finishing the last page in my DLP journal..... your Christmas traditions...... I have had such a blast with this project.... And learnt a lot too. 
Every year when my girls were little we would hang their stockings up and read the poem  'the night before Christmas'. 
They are all grown up and married now so  I don't read the story  anymore... but they do still have a stocking.

The finished page..
Anyway that's all folks ...  Its late Tuesday and  I've been cooking  (tick) shopping  (tick )and wrapping ( tick) and stuff all day and I'm a bit tired. 
Do pop over to see more desky stuff at Julia's place       where I'm sure she has all the 'desks decked with holly' fah la la la la la la la la.
I'm working today but I will try and pop by later if you leave your number.
Anyway whatever you are doing over the next few days I hope it is happy and peaceful and filled with joy..... and maybe the odd present too.
So as the poem says;

Merry Christmas to all
And to all a goodnight

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday 289 .....GUESS?

Hi Peeps...
Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..... regular visitors will know there hasn't been a lot of Chrimble stuff on my desk of late ..... well you will be pleased to know  this week I've finally got in the zone and here's the pictures to prove it .... in fact just about every surface is covered.

Early Tuesday afternoon

Something hiding underneath? Oh yes!
Late Tuesday evening..... time for dinner

Of course nothing is actually finished. . . . . . but at least I'm trying. Want to see who else is a busy body.... check out Julia s role call at the stamping-gro
And finally just as its wednesday ..... Earlier this morning 

If you leave a comment I will try to visit you back  .... just leave your number.. It might just be a smiley face .... but I know you'll understand....... I'm still doing Christmas

T is for too grown up

Oh my where gave those 3 years gone. GD Erin and I often have coffee together on a Tuesday, she usually has a baby chino milk but now she's all grown up and has moved on to hot chocolate.... How happy is she. 
Linking up with Elizabeth where she has move beverage related posts
Ha ha maybe not so grown up .... She is now dunking her popcorn in the chocolate .... And why not?

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

WOYWW 288 still no cards, but......

Hi Deskers
Here to see my desk? ..... then read on.....

What do we have here then; on the left is a new journal I brought for the bargain price of £2.99.... yes really .... in the works. Not sure if it will be right for next years DLP .... I will practise with it first. Plus I have to finish this years as well.
Under the journal is a bag of goodies from a play date last week.... happy mail type goodies.
At the back .... 2 journal pages.
Easter chicks and Minion card...... still  there.
That's about it
I know I should be 'doing' Christmas stuff but I am really enjoying the journal at the moment.... so that's that! I met up with some amazing ladies last week .... fellow DLP members.
One of the ladies taught us how to paint faces..... I did this

Really pleased with it and plan to paint more ASAP.

This page is a brick fabric background with machine embroidery, paint and sequins. the prompt was to use fabric

The latest page..... about gratitude, including some happy mail tags which I finished when I got home.
Soooo! still nothing Christmassy.... maybe next week.... cannot say that for much longer can I.... might be saying next 'year' though LOL.

Usual rules apply please visit hopper in charge Julia at the  stamping-ground for all the details.
Thank you for all the lovely comments they do mean a lot and I always try and visit back.
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Friday, 5 December 2014

Smile on Friday

Happy happy Friday 
I'm really smiling today as I'm on a play date with some lovely ladies from my documented life project. 
This is what a have just drawn it is the first paper face I have drawn/ painted. It was intended to be a lady but the others said its a man ..... Opinions. 
Linking upto Annie's smile on Friday

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

WOYWW 287 Finally .... a card

Hi Deskers
Regular visitors might be surprised at finally seeing a Christmas cards on my desk..... sorry I'm telling  porkies..... no cards have been made during this post..... sorry to disappoint it will be at least until next week before that happens...... nothing like leaving it to the last minute. What's this all about visit the lovely .... If busy julia at she has all the details. 
Anyway without further adieu here's my desk: 

There is a little Christmas on my desk..... centre stage......a tree in the making from flower pots which I saw on Pintrest.
To the left is a 'pile' and some clay buttons (you all know I love buttons) I made and painted at my local crockery.
At the back...... DLP journal as usual .... I managed to finish a page this week.... well time is running out to finish at the end of the year.
Also at the back are some scrabble tiles to add to a card  ... ( see I'm nearly in the zone) but there's no L.... boom boom!..... get it N O E L ...... a long  running joke at work.
The  minion card is still there........  awaiting inspiration.
Finally a tube of fabric paint which I am going to use on my latest DLP page..... more next week.... hopefully.

This is the latest page in my journal ..... I quite like it and pleased how it turned out....... a plan of my local park..... not completely accurate .... but not bad.
Finally a couple of weeks ago I posted about a training session I had to do at work........ a mixed media canvas in 45 minutes ..... here are the results ..... they did pretty well.

Our staff room looks so much more cheerful now too.
Thanks for visiting .... it really makes my day to know you popped by .... I will call back later after work..... if you leave your Mr linky number so I can find you.
Bye for now

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

WOYWW 286 and in the green corner.......

Hi Deskers
Well that was a quick week.....blink and its gone. please check in with Julia .. stamping-ground.. the hosted with the mostest and the lady who started this desk showing show.
anyway  my desk ..... there isn't much on it this week.... no really.... let's see shall we. ..... Warning .... photo heavy post..... but not a lot of chat :-)

Oh ok maybe not so empty..... what do we have....?
Peel offs (shock horror) these are from my crafty beginnings..... but I'm going to use them on some crockery painting ( cannot show yet)
At the back.... (and the front WIP)..... DLP as usual ....
The yellow blob is a set of Easter chicks.... I'm so current me! LOL
New glasses and the still undecorated case..
A new box of alphabet stamps.... sadly not the font on the front
Minions.... regular visitors will know I am a big fan.... these are labels from some JP's from Primark.... too good to throw away ... what shall I make with them?
Finally below is  the fairy grotto at the beginning of the  weekend,

It has been getting steadily worse for a while now.. I didn't want too..... but it had to be sorted 

After much huffing and puffing this was the state of play on Sunday night... Ready for action.

This is what I am actually working on today.... I had a request  from 3 year old GD Erin for a sparkly 'Frozen' scarf which she wanted to help me knit...... well you can imagine how that went on Tuesday morning can't you !!!!! (Erin even took the photo).

Please leave your Mr Linky number so I can find you.... I'm often on my phone during the day and its quite time consuming to look through several blogs for the right post.... ta
see you later

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

WOYWW 285 alternative space

Hi deskers 
Happy wednesday all....
Back for another desk feast all thanks to the lovely julia over at.
This week I thought I would share another work space with you as my real desk is a bit boring......  Warning there is a lot of mess. 

This is taken at the end of my Sew Christmas workshop on Saturday .... They were a lovely group of ladies and they made some great decoration this little chap. It was a great fun day. 

Oh .....ok so it doesn't count if I don't show my desk so here it is 

Maybe less boring than I thought here I am sorting out stamps for a  training  session at work ..... To make mixed media canvases with colleagues who aren't particularly crafty.....should be an interesting 50 minutes ( yes only 50 minutes) maybe I'll show and tell them next week
Eagle eyed regulars might notice the new glasses at the back. I finally gave up with the washi taped broken ones ... I  still haven't  finished decorating the box I keep them in yet though. 
Anyway ..... Happy snooping .....I might just pop by your way this evening ..... If you leave your Mr linky number that is. 

Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday smiles 93

Hi folks 
Just a quite post today as lot to do but I had to share this with those who haven't seen it on face book or you tube .... This guy is So funny I had tears rolling down my face. It's 12 minutes long but well worth it ..... Enjoy
Joining in with annie for more friday funnies

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

WOYWW 284 rapid hand movements

Hi Deskers.
Its late Tuesday eve ... but  later than I usually write this post so I will be quick. My desk will still be the same in the morning so it still counts .... right?
Here' s my desk early Tuesday evening.

I have been busy sewing but cannot show yet (yes its for Christmas ..... there I've finally said it )
I had some unexpected crafting time on Tuesday evening while handyman was out.... so not to waste time I was like a mad woman (some might say that's  normal) trying to do a page in my DLP journal.
The prompt was add a tab.... I was just grabbing whatever was to hand..... sometimes it works .... sometimes it doesn't.....time will tell. Not sure where it is going.
What else can we see... lets do left to right shall we:

Brick wall fabric I am going to use on my next DLP page.
Drawer full of labels.... DD bra tag showing ... Mmm!
Mad page with stuff glued on and painted.
The only pair of scissors I could find and a funny post card ....not sure where that came from!
The left over tissue paper I used on the page ... it says Fossil ... not sure where that came from either.
The rest is the usual 'schtuff'.......... you know what I mean!

Lastly this is my latest page which was about including leaves... I used a fig leaf which reminded me of Adam and Eve and as October was breast cancer month I included a pink ribbon. No fig trees were hurt in this process ... the leaves fall off anyway.
Anyway that's it from my desk this week.... do pop over and see what the rest of the crafting world is up to via Julia at the stamping-ground.
I missed a few of my visitors last week.... sorry I  will try harder this week ... promise .... but it may not be until later in the week as its handyman birthday  today and I am out Thursday too.
please leave your linky number so I can find you

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Smiley Friday no. 92

Hi peeps
Happy friday, how are you all doing. I'm really smiling this morning because I'm in the gym .... You may think Aghh at 8.30 in the morning.... But let me tell you that is great progress for me .... It's the first time I have felt like getting here at this time for nearly a year .... I must be feeling better 😀. 
If you came by last week I showed  a piece of sewing I was doing no correct answers arrived in the post so here is the answer .......not especially funny but might make you smile. 

This is the  original picture in case you missed it

This is the finished article...
And this is what it is used for.....

A baby's swaddle blanket .......for my niece who is due to 'pop' any day now.
No babies were hurt in these photos.:-).
I'm joining in with Annie's smiles again today.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

WOYWW 283 changes ?

Hi deskers 
my desk is a mess..... No ....really. 
Do you care ?.....if you do may want to visit blog hopper in charge .....Joinery Julia at
if you don't care ....visit anyway to find out why you should. 

Anyway I had good intentions    ( remember those?).... of tidying it all up..
Did I ? not sure .....what do you think?

Nah! .....A little thing called 3 year old GD Erin happened so nothing got done except more cutting and sticking. 

Erin loves using my big shot so at the front is a pile of shapes she cut earlier. Next to that are her felt pens and a star shaped dish we decopatched between us. It was quite a productive morning. 
At the back some of you will be pleased to see a pile of Christmas stuff. It's Preparation for a sewing workshop in a couple of weeks .. Well You knew I had to give in eventually didn't you. 
Have a great week I hope to see your desk later ..... If you leave your Mr Limky number that is. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

Want a smile on Friday 91

Here's an 'Annie ' for you today .... Guess what I am sewing.... I made a small mis calculation on the amount of fabric I need ... And I'm using the wrong type too so I am having to line it ... Hence the miscalculation .... Anyway can you guess what it is

It made my work mates smile when they saw the pattern pieces ... Naughty ladies
Happy guessing. 
If it made you smile pop over to Annie's for more  fun 
Have a good weekend 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

WOYWW 282 minion mnadness

Hi Happy deskers
 ..... and the unhappy ones........ hopefully visiting a few desks will cheer you up. See them here    stamping-ground. Head hopper Julia will be sure to put a smile on your face.
Anyway I hope you are here to see my desk....... I wonder what's on it..... lets see shall we.

This is taken just as I have stated working on my latest journal page the prompt was to.... draw where we are.... I'm drawing my  journal being worked on..... Mmm very original !
Under the lid .. top left is some wool I have been knitting with, but cannot show yet.
Bottom right .... the green glasses box ... still unfinished .... and likely to stay so as I have because I have started making for ..... you know what!
Under the DI foam pad thingies is a pile of poppies to sell for  British Legion........ Talking of poppies ... 

Handyman and I went to the Tower of London.... so beautiful they have to be shared.

Finally on my desk  ( well it was...... but now removed) is this .............

This fantastic x stitch was made for me by my mate Lucy at work.......  cat loves bear crafts. we have a shared love of all things Minion............ but this takes the banana..... she even designed it herself.
Anyway that's enough gibberish from me (minion speak)
Please leave your Mr Linky no. so I can find you ...... I am often on the move  when blogging( that explains the strange spellings)  so it can be difficult to find you without it.
Have a  good Wednesday 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Smiling again week 90

A bit late in the day but this was worth it .... Smiling all the way around the moat
Pop over to Annie's for more smiles and giggles 
Here's some more
And more .... The arty shot

Had a great day .... Thanks handyman