Friday, 27 June 2014

Friday smile

Hi peeps 
I took this photo of these beauties yesterday and although not a purple person I love these huge aliums they always make me smile. 
They must have been about 10" (25cm) in diameter  and 4 ft tall.  But as I couldn't  manage to carry them home on the train I stole a photo instead. 

I'm having a chill in' weekend and I hope you have a good one too but first hop over to see Annie at
if you are feeling blue it might just cheer you up and go anyway if you're not guaranteed to raise a  smile. 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

WOYWW 264 just a quickie

Hi Peeps
This is going to be the quickest desk show and tell I have posted for ages.... its Tuesday night and I need to go to bed see....
 Julia   our blog hopping controller likes it that way too ... lots to get round, see.
visit her do........... its great fun and she's been poorly sick lately.
Hope you are feeling better Julia and enjoying the sunshine.
Anyway my desk......

It was a lovely sunny day today .... not good crafting weather with 3 year old GD.
So not much to see now... DLP journal at the back .....  with a very old recipe book I am going to cut up to add this week.

A finished page for the journal. stamping in a new way.... into thick paint over and over again.
Below is the most excited thing on my desk this week..... handyman surprised me with it for our Wedding Anniversary.... 35 years!!!!!

A new A3 wireless printer ... exciting. and he even fitted it up form me.... he's a lovely handyman!!!
 I will try and visit as many as possible when I get home from work ..... oh and after I have caught up with the tennis. See Ya

Friday, 20 June 2014

Friday smiles .. Don't worry be happy

I'm struggling to find something to smile about (poorly sick again ) but I'm determined to .... Here goes. 

Well that wasn't so hard someone posted them on FB this week, they made me smile so I hope they make you smile a little .. .... I don't think I will be making one anytime soon though, life's too short for that. 
I'm link up with Annie at a stitch in time blog where you can see more Friday funnies 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hi Peeps
I guess we are all hoping that Julia our  'beloved leader'  over at the stamping ground will be back at the helm this week after being poorly sick last week. Welcome back gal we did miss you. 

Hopefully she will be pleased that we still managed to hop around the globe without long as she doesn't feel redundant......I'm sure she knows we all missed her and are glad she is on the mend. Go on, join in why don't you .... its great fun.

Anyway my desk...... regulars will be glad to know that 'nothing' has been removed.
But I haven't done much this week .... dammed Bronchitis again.

There are Play things instead, like  scissors, stamps, (I think I put those away already .... how very tidy of me!)  inks, washi tape, a very useful bulldog clip (why are they called that)? and water pens which are about to be used. At the back is the new WOYWW sign I made for the 5th Anniversary.
In the middle is my lasted DLP page which is to use a rubber stamp in a different way.
See below for details.
 But first

These fell on my desk this week. 2 are from Peggy AplSEEDS ( she was my PIF partner) and the one on the right from Diane Baker Williams they are gorgeous thank you both.

I did some paint play today..... I had to make a card for my Great Nephew who's 17.Isnt that the worst demo graph to make a card for? Teenage Male.

I dribbled some paint on a masterboard and sloshed it around a bit and then stamped his name a few times in the paint ..... can you see it? 

This is the finished card.
Just noticed the 7 looks like part of a face with scruffy green hair..... just saying!
 If you are kind enough to leave a comment, please leave your Mr Linky no. so I can find you quickly and visit you right back ..... well later, as I will be back at work tomorrow ...wish me luck. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I Heard from LLJ that julia has been taken ill on holiday and is in hospital. You can leave her a message on LLJ post. Please pass this on so the word gets around and we can send her positive vibs or prayers etc. 
Hi Peeps
 There's nothing on my desk this week and I mean nothing, why am I telling you this?
 pop over to the  stamping-ground  where Julia the queen of the desks organises this weekly 'junket'  you can see lots of inspiring work spaces, better than mine anyway..... to quote Miranda's Mum ( British joke).... it's 'SUCH FUN'
Here's my empty desk 

Well, I did say there was nothing on it.
Sorry my painful attempt at humour.
Anyway I would like to apologise for not visiting  last week...I'm sure you will understand when I tell you why.
We had 3 year old GD staying with us while Mum and Dad were on honeymoon.
She had a bit of a tumble while she was with us on Wednesday evening and ended up in A and E having surgery the next day to sew her lip together, not very nice for anyone.
She is  healing really well, a huge thank you to all the staff at Southampton General Hospital, who did a fantastic job.
Erin is back at nursery now so I will be at work today but I will try and visit when I can.
Please leave your Mr Linky number (if we have one this week LOL).
Hope you had a good holiday Julia .... unless you are still there obviously.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Hi Peeps
this is a very quick post anniversary post (just spent 3 hours Tuesday evening booking a holiday..... yay .... anyone from Denver?)
Anyway what's on my workdesk this rainy/sunny/foggy/windy Wednesday (delete as applicable)

just my documented life journal...... with my favourite shoes page, scissors, pens and a few bits and bobs.... then I pushed all that to the side and added these:

My fabulous ATC haul.......... a huge thank you to
Julia, LLJ, Jo (twiglet), Caro, Annie
Jackie Payne, Bluebeard and Elizabeth, Maggie C, Mary Ann, Robyn Oliver
Shazsilver wolf, Helen, Christine bishopsmate, Kyla, Cardarian
Hetti, Alison Haselgrove and Tattered Rocks.

It never ceases to amaze me the  amount of creativity and love to be found on this weekly frolic around the work spaces of the world....... don't know what I am going on about check it out here.  where you will find the fabulous Ms Dunnit, Queen of the blog hops.
These also landed on my desk today (Tuesday) Another huge thank you to Jozart.

I may just wear them as earrings for a while before I cut them up!
I may be a bit slow getting back to you this week as we have our GD staying while her Mummy and Daddy are on their Honeymoon,..........wish me luck.