Monday, 27 April 2009

a very productive week

hi world

well last week was a very productive time for me , hense no blogging. i'd much rather craft than compute.

anyway i have made cards, silver, a watch strap, 2 knitted brooches, a rucksack bag and i even did some housework

i made a batch of cards for a friend to sell at work, i give the money to breast cancer research. here are some little bears made with a stamp i won in a magazine give away, lucky me, as it is rather cute. the bears are actually on the inside, there is an aperture on the front so the bears can be seen on the outside. they have been painted using letraset aqua markers, these are very versatile pens, when using a water pen.

the 2 silver pieces are made from pmc silver clay, they have been drying for quite a while, so i thought i really should finish them, so i did! silver clay is easy to work with but you need to be quite quick as it dries out. i like finishing projects it gives me a real sense of acheivement.

i finally got around to making a beaded strap for my new watch (brought because i couldn't easily read my other one, my age you know). i have had the blue beads for a while, brought because i liked them and not knowing what to do with them, i still have quite a lot left so maybe i will make a bracelet to match, the swarovski crystals between are gorgeous and have a wonderful colour name. . .padaradscha,

a few weeks ago i dyed a coat i have had for a while, it was brown now it is bluey green, i knitted a couple of brooches to go on the collar, the popular hairy yarns are good for this type of brooch as they look quite random, i knitted wire with the yarn to make the brooch flexible, then i embellished them with some beads and shell buttons.

i also made a new rucksack bag to go with the coat, the fabric is a curtain remnant i brought in a sale a while ago. the extra weight of curtain fabric is brilliant for making this type of bag as it is much stronger and hard wearing.

i painted extra areas on the flowers with dylon and stewart gill fabric paints (copper and verdi gris) , the copper colour has a lovely shimmer to it. the 2 areas at the bottom have been embossed with stewart gill glittery embossing powder, again it has a shimmery texture. i haven't embossed on fabric before but it worked realy well
and finally i did do some housework, well i had to hoover up after making the bag didn't i! anyway i'm off to paint some fairies for more cards, oh and eat a curly wurly, yum.

be crafty and eat chocolate

Monday, 20 April 2009

more atcs

i had another go at making some atc s at the weekend, the theme was birds. this was not that easy as i didnt have much to stamp with, or much time, it was a busy weekend!

i resisted the temptation to make a stamp specially, mainly due to lack of time. so i managed with the few choices i had,
nothing really complicated on these. the bird house opens up to reveal a little bird inside which is painted with sakura gel pens. the pink atc has some real feathers on the tail and glittery writing . the background on the time flies card was stamped using magic foam. this is a brilliant product which can be changed again and again using different texture plates or anything which can leave an impression on the warmed foam. i used a texture plate from my pmc3 stash.
anyway, i dont think they turned out too bad. what do you think?

by the way i dont 'do' capitals, does it matter? its just for fun!


Friday, 17 April 2009

finishing stuff.. . again

hi world ( not that anyone is watching)
this week i have been finishing more projects that have been on going for a while.

the butterfly is a gold work piece from an anne butcher workshop from the rsn. all i needed to do was mount it which i did on tuesday, it didn't take long, it's just getting around to these things

i also mounted the hat silk shading, this was from a shelley cox workshop from last year.

the beaded scissor case i started about 4-5 months ago. i reaaly pushed on to finish it as i have made a new resolution not to start new things until i have finished the current project. . . a bit harsh but it's the only way. of course i can still have several types of projects on the go at the same time!!!!

Monday, 13 April 2009

happy retirement julie


here is the quick card (coz it is late ) i made for my sister in law as she is retireing this week.

i dont think she will be spending very long in bed though.

the paper is from the forever friends series by papermania, i know its a cheat but they are really cute.

i cut out an extra bear and parts of the quilt, added foam pads and layered it to look 3d, then i cut out the letters with my sizzics sidekick.

i like the mix of lower and upper case, but also, it makes it quicker and less wastfull too. the edges of the paper have been inked with a brillience ink pad.

this has to be the quickest card i have made for ages

finishing stuff

i have had a really good go at finishing stuff this week, so far i have finished repairing my daughters bracelet, her phone dangley i made and i also made her a pair of earrings from bits left from the bracelet, (sorry no photos).
i also finished a knitted top for my hols in a few weeks time, a scrapbok page called sisters and a new watch strap for my bigger watch, so i can read it at work.

embroidered book

well finally here is the embroidered book i made last weekend at the rsn at hampton court palace, it is a lovely venue for a workshop. the reacher was kelly aldridge, it was a very entertaining weekend.
kelly was very good at bringing out our designs, based on our fabric. mine was like cracked stonework.
prior to the workshop i had taken photos of winchester cathedral, i decided to do something different to my usual flowery/natural designs.
however when i was there i took some photos of the ceiling of anne boleyn's arch at the front of the palace and decided to use those instead.
i used the zoom on the camera to enlarge sections of the pictures and used those for my designs. kelly suggested we draw lots of thumbnails to develope our designs, it was a really useful way of doing it. i was please with my design, but i dont think the picture does it justice.

Friday, 3 April 2009

weekend away

well this weekend i am on a jolly..... i am doing a weekend workshop at the royal school of needlework at hampton court palace, i am making an embroidered book.
so look in next week to see how it turns out
no cooking , no housework , just play : )

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

greetings cards


here are a few cards i made a week or so ago. a friend sells them at work and i donate the money to breast cancer research. i dont sell loads but it adds up to a couple of hundred a year which is good for the charity. i hope you like them, some are very simple as i dont like to spend too long on then as my time is limited and i only charge £1.50........i even charge myself.... bargain!