Tuesday, 31 January 2012

WOYWW139 Thanks Dotty and a busy desk

hi world
 This week I received a very nice  award from     dotty The Leibster Award. Thanks Dotty I'm touched you enjoy my blog (just touched some would say!)
The idea is to highlight 5 blogs (with less than 200 followers) that you visit regularly and find inspiring.
Mmm that's hard! so many to choose from
I dont usually 'do' chains , but I thought this one is for sharing, so here goes ( also  I need something to do while I'm sat here waiting for my crackle paint to dry on my grungy monday challenge piece he! he! )
  So, in the spirit of good fun I am passing this award on to five other bloggers. Please stop by and visit them.
The Rules:
1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

2. Reveal your five picks for the award and let them know.

3. Post the award on your blog.

4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogshare-other bloggers.

5. Finally and the best rule of all..........have fun and spread the love!
 Here are my choices

Anyway that done back to my desk.
Why? visit   JULIA to find out  out why and see more fab desks and inspirational people.

The handyman and I are on holiday this week (staying at 'our gate', lovely but coldddddd out)
So I have time to play.
I finished a couple of projects this Monday
First from a couple of weeks ago a memory book from my nephews wedding.

Some of the embellishments in this book were 'stolen ' from the wedding, so was the table plan at the end. I didn't think they would mind.

This card is for my friend's her birthday today, she loves purple and flowers. But no fear of her seeing it before I give it to her...... she hates blogging!
On the left of my desk is a little bag with a silver tag in it.

On the left is a foot print from my Granddaughter when she was only a week old.
I made a stamp using my imagepac kit (I've had mixed results with this system, but this one turned out ok).
On the right is the silver tag I made with PMC silver . It turned out ok and is a birthday present for her Mum (daughter no 3).
Talking of Erin, I had her for the morning yesterday, here she is playing with her new favouite toy


Cute Huh!
Oh my this is a long post
Finally on my desk is the (almost) finished piece for Linda Ledbetters Grungy Monday. studiol3
 challenge is all about Mr H (you know..... The Distress Guy!) TIM HOLTZ

This is the first tag I started . . .  it's a bit (very yuk) yuk! So I started again. I dont think I have really 'cracked ' this technique!

This is also for D3 she's a bit of 'Pink Princess'.
 I think I still have a bit to do yet
Anyway I've shown you mine , now it's time to see yours
Hopefully blogger will be kinder this week and bin the white screen.
Someone put a link to fix that, but I forgot  who. Doh!

janet aka fairy thoughts

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WOYWW138 Nothing going on here

Hi world
this week Wednesday seems to have arrived a day earlier.
Julia Dunnit over at the   stamping-ground.    blog says show us your desks, so here it is.
Beware if you pop over to look, it is very addictive!
Quick apologies to anyone I didn't get back to last week, especially Elizabeth (always like to congrat first past the post... stupid blogger and that white screen, just couldn't get past it

I normally have Tuesday to play at my desk, but this week I had to change my  days and work. ( But I do get to play with crafty stuff at work , so it's not so bad ).

Anyway consequently there is not much going on my desk this week,
It is not so much Stamping ground. . .  more like dumping ground. The C & H bag has some lovely pink bamboo yarn I have just started knitting for my Grandaughter.
There is a big heap of craft magazine to sort through,  (I have read some of them!) and hopefully make something from.
I decided this year to try to make at least one thing inspired by every magazine I buy. It is not going well, maybe I should buy less magazines (said out loud by my handyman!!!!!!)
At the weekend I started a small memory book for my nephew who got married in November.... I've done the front cover. . . .  well done, well done!!!! ( slight touch of sarcasm).

The wedding was at the Clock Barn so it seems fitting to use that as a theme.
I also made this bracelet at the weekend; Haberdashery fans out there might like it. I can't claim it as my design, I saw something similar in a mixed media jewellery book.

In my version I have cut the tape measure in half lengthways, so there were more pieces to weave. It took almost a whole tape. I also used the metal end as a focus for the fastening, a popper on the inside.

The only problem with it is it is a bit scratchy!! well can't win them all!

Ok now I'm off to see lots of other, more inspiring desks than mine, see ya !
janet . . . . aka fairy thoughts

P.S since I wrote that last night I cleared the desk at 2 am and made 4 tags for a craft swap. . .  ah the menopause so good for creativity and midnight crafting. Dont have time to put piccy on now ... off to work, happy days

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

WOYWW 137 So thats what colour it is!

hi world
Happy Wednesday.....again so soon
Tuesday is my day off, I love to craft on my day off, but sometimes I just have to do housework. What is wrong with me ? I mean I had that completely clean desk the other week!!!!!!
Today I had to hoover, so why not do my craft room as well.
I had a carpet there somewhere underneath all the 'stuff'.
Yes, there it is I had almost forgotten what colour it was..... even my handyman commented when he came home from work.
Anyway the desk is the thing on a Wednesday, isn't it. Why? find out from the lovely  JULIA DUNNIT    what's going on.
This is my desk after I finally did a bit of crafting today.

Most of  the mess is from making my piece for Grungy Monday. studiol3
This challenge celebrates the techniques of the wonderful Tim Holtz, you know that guy who loves to share and inspire! This week we are using alcohol inks.
I din't get time to finish it, I had to go to Hospital after all that housework.
No, not for a brain scan an x ray on my poorly foot.

Well now I've shown you mine I am going to look at lots and lots (hopefully) of yours ... when I get home from work that is ! be see-ing you happy WOYWW
PS As a felt lover a friend sent me this , so I thought I would share it, it is amazing please take a look

Wednesday pm 10.00 I seem to be having blogger problems and getting a blank screen instaed of comment form .... so sorry if I dont get back to you this week

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

WOYWW 136 and an apology

hi wednesday peepers.
How's your desk this week?. . .  busy I hope, pop over to see Julia at stamping-ground   to see what's happening on desks all over the world, but beware it is addictive.

I have to apologise for my desk at the weekend, I hope you don't find it too traumatic, it's not for the faint hearted LOL
I got a bit carried away,  it became a little over loaded with 'stuff'. 

Yes I know, they look a bit like Christmas cards, 'coz they are Christmas cards.

I decided to get ahead start for next year!
 Actually I really enjoyed making them, I think because there was no pressure,......just playing . .   I made 36.

I wanted to use some stuff up before I put all the Christmas crafty stuff away for the summer, especially the raffia as it is very messy.

I love these little gingerbread people, they were free from simply homemade. I coloured them with aqua promarkers. I am going to pack everything away now, so no more Christmas yay!

Anyway back today's desk.  This was taken at the end of 'play' yesterday.
I have not taken part in Grungy Monday for a while (Christmas got in the way), so now it's catch-up time.
LInda at  studiol3  asked us to make our favourite tag from this years 12 tags of Christmas.

 I didnt get time to play along (although I did watch the first one) so I'm going to start with that.
 I brought the pinecone die  with some Christmas money (lucky me).

I said earlier no more Christmas so here is my Spring tag. See how it is done by  Tim Holtz

The roses (made with the pinecone die) are fab, although, it took me a while to get the hang of the technique and when Tim says' use CARD stock'. . .  he means use CARD stock..... NOT thick paper. Also, I didn't have  a glue gun so I used glossy accents and waited ages for it to set!

Anyway I will try to get to everyone who visits this week.... promise and to see as many of you as I can manage

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

WOYWW 135 never to be seen again

Happy New Year wednesday peepers

Well  now all the festivities are over Its down to some new year crafting and maybe use up some of the stash you had for christmas, let's see what you are upto on your workdesk. Pop over to Julia's  workdesks to 'play along' with the nosey stuff.

I decided to have a tidy up  (I know, I know ... boring!). So here is the tidy desk. . . take note , it will not look like this again for a long time. Note the DI pads randomly stacked up under the shelf.

Ah!! look that's more like it. Writing  new stuff in my stash diary. Handyman tried to start my car (which I had not used since Christmas). The battery was flat so he had to jump start it. "You had better go for a little run" says he. I went to my fav local craft store who had a sale on. . . It would have been cheaper to buy  a new battery LOL.

 Well It didn't last long I had to make an engagement card for daughter no 3 who became engaged on Christmas day.

 I also made a card for D no 1 and her hubby who stayed and  we had a lovely time with them.

I'm also feeling a little bit smug this week. I made something I was very pleased with.

Can you tell what it is yet !!

For a while now I have been stacking my DI on top of each other, but the one I need is always at the bottom and it's a painwhen they fall over. 
I saw something similar on   sunshine girl 's  blog.last week.
 So I made it my New Year Mission. I  made mine from foam board.

The pads can be removed singularly without the others falling down, they are brilliant.... If I say so myself  . . .  I made 4. Im going to make some to fit the stazons next!

Anyway that's enough about me, I'm off to see your place now . .  well later after work  
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take care and happy crafting
janet . . . .  aka fairy thoughts