Tuesday, 27 November 2012

WOYWW 182 back on track.... well I thought I was !

Wednesday again so soon ????
yep, it is an time again to have a good nosey around the workdesks of the world via head teacher Julia. stamping-ground.
Well I would love to show my desk BUT apparently I have used up my free allowance for photos. This is great because I didn't even know I had any. I'm not going to pay for more space as Google gets enough money as it is, so there.... not sure what to do now .... can anyone help?
 I tried to delete some picture from old posts but it didn't help. Is Google+ like facebook and is it safe? will it help?

Here is an old and 'strange' photo from my picasa album which I am obviously allowed to still use.

Needless to say my desk doesn't look like this at the moment.

It is FULL of stuff I have finally started to work on for Christmas.
But as I cannot show it I might as well go peep at some pictures of your desk
Me thinks the easiest thing to do would be start another blog 'fairy thoughts2' or would someone from google track me down and cut my hands off!! please watch this space and don't leave me

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hi wednesday peepers back again so soon!

Well having had a continuous cold for the last 7 weeks I am fast loosing my sense of humour but I did see this at my Dr surgery.

Is it a relation Julia ?
Pop over to  stamping-ground.  to see what the real Ms Dunnit is upto.
Anyway you aren't here to read about my cold.... here's my desk, such as it is.

Lots of 'stuff' but nothing being made.
 At the front are some cute little polar bears, a die cut and stamp set from memory box. I plan to make some cards.... soon!
The pile of cards on the left are the ones handyman had for his birthday.... being recycled.
I am keeping the top one.

Too cute, eh! it makes me smile everytime I see it.

Well that's it for  this week.
See you on your desk later, if you are kind enough to comment please leave your Mr Linky no. how's that for brief.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

WOYWW 180 mojo, mojo, where for art thou mojo?

Hi world,

Desk noseying (is that a word?) time again, on my desk this week is . . . . . . junk, well not junk exactly but nothing creative and stuff that needs sorting and putting away.
Mr Mojo hasn't returned since my bad cold/ torn rib ligaments thingy.
On the left is a bag of shopping from my local craft store . . .  some memory box dies (watch this space for when Mr Mojo returns).
The cards piled up in the middle are all the lovely cards  I had for my birthday waiting to be recycled and sorted.
2 pairs of glasses?

This is the other desk I sometimes show.
 I am trying to get ready for a workshop at the weekend.
Still not sure exactly what they will be making. But it will be Christmassy, well it has to be doesn't it.

It was my Handyman's birthday on monday, I did manage to make this card for him late on Sunday eve.  Don't you just love the Octopode Factory?
Oh I have just noticed the chocolate medal from the crop how did I miss that ?
 note to self . . . eat chocolate.

Thanks for all the lovely comments last week, especially about the ribbon . .  and yes I was wearing the jumper when I cut the hanging ribbon out!!!!
Anyway off you hop to see what other  inspiring blogs Queen Julia  stamping-ground.   has signed up this week.
Thanks for stopping by, have a great crafty week
Ps lucy at  work has been trying to join in with WOYWW but has encountered a few linking probs please look her up if you have time  here
than ks  j


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

WOYWW 179 not much to see really

Hi wednesday peepers
Oh my, wednesday again sooooo soon! Queen of the blog hops Julia says keep it short so here it is. Dont know what I am on about, check it out here stamping-ground.

Not much going on here I'm afraid..... no mojo,  still recovering from my cold a few weeks ago.
Most of  the 'stuff' has just been dumped here today.
The big box of pencils is there because I wanted some wax crayons for GD Erin to draw with today, she prefered the red one . . .Mmmm, very tasty . . ..  so we stopped that game he he!
The green ribbon I had just cut out of the  jumper I am wearing today, I always do this . . .  very useful for cards, dont you know!
 Finally the pretty wrapping paper roll is from work  . . . .to make some display cards with.

This is my desk later in the afternoon while Erin was asleep, I did managed to make  some  cards, I don't really use peel offs but these black trees  are quite interesting, they are layered over some holographic paper.
Well thats about it.
You may have heard this before . . .  but please leave your name and no. and I will get back to you after work.
Have a great week and happy crafting