Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WOYWW 151 oh dear, whats happened to blogger

hi world
and what a horrid wet day it is here in the uk. Those of you from sunny climates 'lucky you'
Don't you just hate it when blogger changes itself, why does it have to do that, I only just got used to using the old format.
Oh well here  goes.
My desk this week looks the same as last  week..... neglected  and forlorn with nothing to show really.
Even the AB desk is the same I haven't done anything to my book this week no, nothing, ziltch, nada or to put it another way 'bugger all' (language Janet!!!!).
So I thought I would show a different angle to the usual one.
In the forground is my AB book, underneath the large pot of Gesso.
Way in the distance you might just be able to see my button box left out.

I was looking for buttons for the dress I have just made for my GD Erin. I have quite a lot of buttons and luckily found just what I was looking for.
Behind the buttons are some MDF hearts my 'handyman' cut out ready for me to paint. . .  sometime.
The rest of the 'stuff' is just dumped here for use later. Probably much later to be honest.
I haven't been completely idle though, I did manage to finish the dress
Oh dear I got this far and then accidentally hit a button and everything disappeared, took me ages to find it again, i thought Ihad lost it all. Aggggggg!
Anyway here is the dress, it is ages since I did any sewing , but I am quite pleased with it.

There are much more interesting desks out there and lots of fun to see under the leadership of head desk keeper Julia so pop over to  stamping-ground   to have a good nosey, you might need a few days to get to everyone.
Thanks for all the lovely comments last week, especially as I was very late posting, sorry if I didn't get to visit everyone. If you leave a comment please leave your Mr linky no. so I can find you quickly.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Hi world,
Wednesday again so soon, where does the time go?
 Opps Julia says keep it brief!! want to sneek a peek at other people's workdesks?
So here's my desk

 I have just finished some work on my AB from Elizabeth's   Altered book lover lesson 5   free on line Class so there is lots of mess.
In the middle is one of my Octopode  stamps, I love them !! Not sure how it fits in with my travel theme.

The observant members out there may notice the big box of Bendicks Bittermints on the left... they were a Mothers Day present from DD1.
 But as it was also lent I couldn't eat them, but now . . . . .

Yep! all gone.
Here is my AB desk with the page I been adding to.
 It is supposed to be about balance, Mmm not sure about that. 

I will post more about it later, when I have finished the other elements, one of which is harmony.

This is the small piece of harmony that allowed me to do some crafting today.

GD Erin . . . . .  Asleep
Julia posted last week she was taking a break from midnight posting so I'm off to bed soon,
thanks Julia.
Why not pop over to see all the other desks, they are always amazing :D
There that was brief wasn't it?
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Sunday, 15 April 2012

gesso with everything

Hi AB lovers and anyone else 'just visiting'

I have finally finished Lesson 4 of my book.
It took some doing to find the time to play with all that glue. It certainly made me think about how many glues I own . . . many more than I realised.
But not nearly as many as Elizabeth our wonderful tutor. See her collection here.  altered book lover.

Here you can see I did some experimental gluing on spare pages before gluing my book for real . .  just in case I messed it up. I still have some work to do on these pages ( lots coz they are just glued and should be decorated as well and stuff ).

I made the tags from a collection of train tickets I have been saving to use in my book.... I like the train! I used a Tim Holtz die cutter.
When you travel (my book's theme ) you have to have transport and the train is one of my favourite.
I inked and stamped the tags and wrote a brief note about each glue . .  then  forgot which page was which so I glued them to the first page and made it my 2 page spread using Gesso.

 I glued almost everything on with the Gesso, except the tree which was much heavier, so I used Anita's tacky glue.
This page shows where I live now, a town in the south of England.
This page shows some of my thoughts about the town.

NOTE TO SELF: I must remember that this is not a scrap booking project, so should be more experimental with my techniques.

The pictures are not very good as they were taken in the evening with the flash.
Anyway, the next lesson might prove difficult as I dont usually plan I just 'do it', like many of us I suspect.
There is a lot to read and take in and think about, I will try.
thanks for visiting, please leave a comment and I will visit you right back.

janet aka fairy thoughts

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Hi nosey people (only on wednesday)
Julia says keep it short as we all have a lot of desks to get around .... so here it is
My desk :

It doesn't look much different to last week, mostly because I haven't done anything, except pile more stuff on top.
In the middle is a new book I have just brought by Heather Kingsley Heath on beading Albion Stitch . . . .  very gorgeous stuff, I will show when I have done something from it.
The Michael Powell stamps are still there, here is a closer look as Julia couldn't make them out last week.

at the back in the envelope is the one and only crafty thing I made this week a card for  for DD2's partner's nephew's birthday. I cheated, the meercat is a download from a magazine, but DD2 liked it.
I  coloured him in, made the waistcoat and gave him glossy accent eyes (a bit scary really).

Even my AB desk has been neglected this week . . . .  no time.
Handyman and I have been decorating our bedroom, how do you choose between the 350 different colours of cream emulsion. I bet Tim never has that problem

There, that was quite short.
If you are wandering what I'm going on about, where have you been?
Check it out here       and join us . . .  if you dare.
Many thanks for all the  lovely comments last week, you will be seeing more of the wedding Gecko!!!
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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WOYWW 148 just a quicky

Hi Wednesday Snoopers
Just a really quick post from me this week as stupid internet has been intermitent all evening and couldn't get on line.

Anyway here's my desk , a  bit messy but not very productive.
There's a couple of new stamps from papermania featuring the drawings of Michael Powell. I have been a fan of his wobbly cross stitch designs for a while.
Wondering what' in the box on the left? Scroll down to see.

I have finally finished D2's wedding invites, can you see the Wedding Gecko?
She is stamped  inside too.

Finally here is a picture of D1 just after she ran the Olympic park run at the Olympic stadim on Saturday . . . how cool is that ?

As it is now gone Midnight  I'm off to bed, see you later at stamping-ground. That was quite quick... for me!!
 If you dont know what it is all about . .  where have you been for the last ???? years.
I see Julia has had a good rant about the petrol, dont blame her either... go girl!
janet aka fairy thoughts