Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Hi Peeps
I had intended to write a review of  my favourite posts of 2013 but as the time came near....even the thinking about it took so long,  I couldn't be bothered,  he he.
It's best to look forward
So this is just my final post of 2013 and my first of 2014.... which ever.
Not sure if our head desker is posting or not but here I am anyway..... see what its all about here.

Start as I mean to continue for 2014 so here's my desk, lunchtime on Tuesday

Christmas cards in production..... yes sadly for next year..... I know, I know but there is a plan you see....
It takes me a long time to get in the 'C' mode, not until well into December then it is too late to make the 100 cards I need, so I make them now while I'm still in the zone.

Close of play Tuesday .....I made 32 .... I aim to make about 50 then start on the  new home and the baby card  for DD1
Then there's DD3 wedding invites to do (the last one yay.... it's ok she doesn't read this )
Look out for a lot of hot pink and black.....
Never a dull moment in  fairythoughts grotto.
A big  thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments and encouragement over the last year, they do mean a lot, it's been a very mixed year for me..... highs and lows, but this is not the place.....

Finally, a special thank you to Julia for putting this show together every week, I don't know how she manages it, maybe she writes a lot of lists .... Have a great 2014 girl.
Anyway that's all folks I'm going to finish watching Gary Barlow with Alfie Bow singing Queen..... awesome


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

WOYWW 238the Christmas edition

Well, here I am on Christmas morning joining in with WOYWW as usual, not showing my usual desk but my kitchen one which is rather busy. that was last night, I prepare in advance. 
 I'm actually still in bed at 7.30, 4 of my little chicks are still asleep too so no rush.

It's early so nothing is actually cooking yet.  Give me time!
Here is my desk from yesterday and the last pressie I had to do

Even though my girls and their men are in their twenties they still have to have chocolate coins at Christmas 

This treasure chest is from Santa for Erin to hand out the contents

Inside is this

And this........
Chocolate treasure.
Wherever you are, whether you celebrate Christmas or not I would like to thankyou for visiting and leaving lovely comments all year. I wish you a peaceful holiday season.
 If you get time visit Julia  stamping-ground.  and see what everyone else is up to. There may not be as many as usual so well done for joining in
Merry Christmas 
I will pop by when I can it may not be today.... chocolate to eat , dinner to cook. 

Friday, 20 December 2013

Smile it's Christmas

Hi peeps 
I'm sure we are all rushing around like mad things this week but take a minute to pop over to Annie's or more smiles, here's mine this week. 
My daughter asked to borrow a water based ink pad to make a Christmas card with GD Erin this was the result
And here's the card she made

Merry Christmas 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

WOYWW 237 Oh Dear. . . just push it to the side

Hi Peeps
I hope you have all your Christmas preparations done and dusted. If not why are you here and not doing them
Well this week my desk has seen a lot of action, with not a lot of tidying in between more, pushing to the sides.

In the true spirit of Christmas here's a list of  What's on my work desk this week c/o the hostess with the mostest Julia stamping-ground.
several pairs of scissors... well! aren't there always
My green notebook... with stitching ideas in
A brayer .... I have just carved my first lino cut
A drawer full of ink pads... I rarely use these, but GD Erin was putting them in colour order
At the back is a pencil with double sided foam pad wrapped around it ...strange but true.....ask Erin about that !!!
Bits of green felt from some stitched cards
On the right lots of tools ... toothbrush, lino carvers, ink pads etc, blah,, blah blah . . . . . .
any questions just ask, I will try and answer truthfully!!!
Here's some close ups

                                                                        Erin's drawer

Finished card

My lino cut, not very original ... but I have plans for this in the new year.
Time is short this week so the usual rules apply .
Not sure if Julia is going to post next week as its a busy day for some,  if not I would like to wish everyone a very
 HAPPY CHRISTMAS and peaceful new year

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

WOYWW 236 so sew sew

Hi Peeps,
time again for our weekly curtain twitching peek at the worlds workdesks care of our hostess Julia at  the stamping-ground.
On my desk this week.... not much it has been sadly neglected in favour of my sewing machine.
I went with a friend on a  lovely weekend to West Dean College in West Sussex.
 We learnt all about free machine embroidery.  We learnt and practised lots of techniques, there was also lots of gorgeous food, wine, chocolate and lots of laughs.
Here are my 2 final pieces

 This Painted one still has to be  embroidered and embellished

I am planning to do lots more, we all had a lot of fun and a big thanks to my mate Lee and Wendy Dolan for making it a great weekend. I will share my favourite tip with you ... I have been sewing since I was about 8 or 9 (a long time) and I never knew this  .... ever wondered what the hole in the top of the bobbin was for... this

It helps with the bobbin winding ....  hold the thread under tension as it winds ... brilliant.
The college is in an old country house with some amazing art in it.
Salvadore Dali lip sofa

stunning  spiral stairs with footprint carpet and turtle wallpaper

An amazing dolls house

the  outside of the  house

Sorry for so many photos and I haven't even mentioned the C word.
Its a busy time of year for us crafters so I don't expect so many visits but I will try to reply to all commenters.
Have a great week

Friday, 6 December 2013

Why am I smiling

Well today lovely people I am smiling because I am of to West Dean college for a weekend of creative machine embroidery. So looking forward to this I might even forget I have a cold. Here is some off the stuff I an taking 

Lots of lovely silks and threads. Yes that is a bag of chocolate truffles on the side, well a girl needs sustanence as well as creativity doesn't she.
Ok I'm off to paint my nails all pretty, well a girl needs a bit of glamour to go with posh chocolates doesn't she ?
I am linking this to Annie's Friday smile so do take a look there too.
Here's a little something that might make you smile too...... My winter hat, please remember I am a 55 year old grandmother ..... 
strangers often smile at this hehe 
Have a great weekend whatever you are doing

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

WOYWW 235 job done...... what's next

Hi Peeps
 well not only is it Wednesday (again)  it is also December and you know what that means ... yep time to start thinking about Christmas . . .  there I've said it  now, my desk certainly looks more festive.

Here is my list for this week.... I like lists .... keeps it simple
Last months Christmas Craft Stamper (almost unread)
Felt Christmas tree bunting (unfinished)
Orange felt (next project)
Small white rolling pin (why?)
lots of little stars (left over from die cutting a decoration)
Erin's spider drawing (from last week)
I never did do anything with the Pimms label.... back left (maybe next year)
Lots of other tools from making these

Ok so they aren't the best cards I've ever made but there is quite  a lot of them and they are all made from snippets. .
Any questions? . . .  just ask happy to tell all.
I've shown you mine, time to do the same, see here for the why's and whatever's.
Visit Julia here stamping-ground.
lots of inspiration and fun to be had.
Its a busy time of year so I guess there will be less blogging over the next couple of weeks but I will try and return all commented visits :-)
happy crafting

Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday smile

GHi peeps I am in desperate need of a smile today as full of cold. So here is my little GD with her new kitten Bruce  

 Bruce..... not a bad name for a cat until you add it to her surname which is Lees
I call him Kung fu makes me smile every time. It wasn't intentional!!! 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

WOYWW 234 what took me so long

Hi Peeps
I think this must be the second Wednesday this week I cannot believe it has come around again  so soon.
Time again for a legal snoop at the desks of some of the most creative people around.
Here 's my desk .... look away if you don't like mess or piles (of paper!)

On the left a big pile of Christmas paper snippets I am determined to use up this year on my cards, doing well so far.
A box of green ribbons and lots of other unnamed 'stuff' but nothing really interesting to show.
In case you are wondering about the title it doesn't refer to the fact that I have finally started making cards BUT every week I change the size of my photos so it is easier to up load them...... then this week I thought  why don't I actually TAKE them in lower resolution so I don't have to ..... a real Doh! moment I think.
On the up side I had my first sale on folksy this  week (yay!)  better than etsy so far.
Pop over to see Julia   stamping-ground and have a look at the roll call for this week.
 I will try and reply to all who comment, so please leave your Mr Linky number so I can find you.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WOYWW 233 finally started

Hi lovely peeps
Happy Wednesday one and all. Grab a coffee and a comfy chair and take a whirlwind tour around the globe, hopping from desk to desk. Julia is your personal pilot see her references here. stamping-ground.
My desk this week is a tale of 3 halves...... yes 3!

the right hand side
a button cuff for my Etsy shop, (see the button on the left side bar), ribbon, glue, some stamps and a random yellow ink pad (from my little Tuesday helper)
At the back you can just see the little box I made from an idea by jozart a ....mine is only a gift box hers is fabric and much better

 the left hand side
more ribbon, stamps, a paper pad and lots of snippets of Christmas paper . . . yes I have finally started, but they may not be for me.
 The far left 
Lots of finished Christmas cards, along with the envelopes from last week. . . .sorry Debs they are not home made.
some random sequins . . .  not sure how they got there.
At the back the new easel I brought to photograph cards for the blog.
My box of snippets is still getting smaller, the aim is to empty it by the end of the year. Fat chance!
Well that's me done, so come, on join in do, its great fun and very inspirational. You never know where it will lead you.
I will try to visit everyone who comments and some others too.
Please leave your Mr Linky no 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

WOYWW 232 happy birthday gorgeous

Hi Peeps
Every week we all say "where does the time go" and "Wednesday again?" etc..... and every week its true.
 Beware this is a photo heavy post.
Anyway my not much on my  desk this week. . .  there has been but I've finished it all. . .  no not the Christmas cards (still not started them yet). for all the WOYWW details visit Julia, the  hostess with the most-est. Hostess with the most-est

Here you can see some Christmas envelopes ready for the cards I haven' t made yet... Mmm
 My little helper has been at it again with the roller stamp thingy. Not much else.

 Yesterday was my gorgeous handyman's birthday so I was busy making him stuff.
This is the card I made him along with my little helper from last week (his age is in there somewhere)
I had some happy mail from a craft stamper giveaway this week,  it arrived a bit late for Halloween

our name is Batten  and he is also know as battman, so I made him this

Last week I mentioned I brought some amazing tape. Quite  a few of you asked about it so here are the details

This is a non sticky adhesive tape made from plastic a bit like very thick cling film that can be re used. It clings to itself. I have been using it on my threads to keep them tidy ....

 From this ...

 to this, much neater huh

Before I go I just want to ask everyone please take a few moments to send some positive energy to all the victims of  the terrible typhoon in the Philippines. hopefully help and supplies will reach those in need as soon as possible. especially thinking of  Patsy and Peggy who live there but are ok.
You can also help by donating even the smallest amount here or at any bank in the UK
world food organisation
red cross.
red cross.philipeans

I will try and return all visits where you leave a comment, please leave your Mr Linky Number so I can find you easily. Ta

Friday, 8 November 2013

Smile it's Friday

Hi peeps I'm posting for Annie's Friday smile again this week.
My picture this week isn't funny but i love beading and it's great getting back to it, so it made me smile. I went to my beading group again this morning and finished this. 

It's a poppy for rememberence day on Sunday. Each bead is sewn on seperately, it took me 2 evenings and a bit in the morning and I love it . . I may make another one in another colour to wear all the time 
Have a f great weekend and keep smiling

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

WOYWW 231 anyone need a hand

Hi Peeps
Happy Wednesday everyone. time again to hop around the world's desks, lots of inspiration to be found. Julia has all the info. see it here at the stamping ground      you could even join in if you dare..... go on you know you want to.

Anyway after all the snippet activity of last week there isn't much going on at my desk this week...
It looks like some other (little) person has been playing with my paints again, she left her finger prints though so I think I know who it is.
I think I may make it into a birthday card for Grandad next week LOL

I had a busy weekend with lots of other stuff to do.... Oh and I went to Threads.... a textile show in Farnham.  It was like the  Knitting and Stitching show but smaller.
I was a good day I didn't buy much, just some lovely buttons, new and vintage ( I may have commented on my love of buttons before), some fabric and threads and......

I brought this tape and it is amazing.
If you knit or sew and hate ends getting tangle you need this stuff!

 Finally I have  finally 'started' some Christmas preparation, I found some stamps out.... that's it,
 I haven't actually done anything with them yet..... maybe next week
Enjoy your crafty journey and have fun in your space this week
 If you are kind enough to leave a comment please leave your Mr linky number so I can find you easily and return the compliment

Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday smiles

Hi guys 
Happy Friday, did you all have a good Halloween.  I made pumpkin bat cakes for my folks at work, sorry can't show you they ate them all. I will show you the chocolate bats I made. I made them on Monday to save time, I put them in abox layered with kitchen towels and left them
On the kitchen work top, organised or what?
Tuesday  was a lovely sunny day in my world ... Post storm you know!
Anyway the sun was streaming through my kitchen window ... Yep you guessed it onto my choc bats this is what they looked like 

I had to throw the whole lot away  not funny really but ypu have to smile a bit
I'm linking this to Annie's Friday smiles 
Have a great weekend

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

WOYWW 230 snippets box, what snippets box?

Hi Deskers
Happy Wednesday everyone, time to be nosey once again, join in with this weekly ritual if you dare.
see the details  here at Julia's stamping ground.
Anyway here is my desk for this week, not much going on. but lots of photos to follow!

The cubes are a perpetual calendar I have just started, actually  nearly everything you can see is for the calendar, took me ages to work out which numbers to put on each cube, there is only one way to do it.
the boxes contains beads, I am also going to make a beaded poppy for remembrance day.
That will be my in front of the TV project.
You maybe wandering what all this has to do with my title, nothing, but on Monday I had an extra day off work.... planned, nothing to do with the storm.
This was my desk then;
My snippets box

Then looked like this;

So I made these

and these

 and these

Now it looks like this

It just had to be done didn't it, I had a lot of fun doing it.
Now I really must settle down and make some Christmas cards. . . . . soon
Have a great week and see you on your desk soon... please leave a comment and Mr linky no.
see ya!