Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Hi peeps
peeps by name and peeps by nature..... time once again to peep at workdesks all over the world.
 It is a very addictive phenomenom that is taking the craft world by storm.... watch out Tim.....  Julia is after your crown hee hee! stamping-ground.
If you are interested here is my desk this week.....  before and after shot . . . 

before GD Erin went to sleep for an hour

Getting ready to cut out squares and shapes for my next    lillybo quilts.

This is just before she woke up..... mid cutting.

Last week I showed the finished quilt. I only had the bag to make  to put it in.
 I haven't had a lot of time this week but I did finish it on sunday.
The qulit had a nautical  theme and the normal shape bag didn't seem quite right so I made it into a kit bag for a little sailor.

 Not much else going on, in fact, I am feeling a bit uninspired at the moment, it has been a long winter.... time for spring I think!
 I am going to Farnborough's 'Make -It' show on Friday maybe I just need some new stash.... MMMMM! Perhaps I will see you there ............I will be wearing my WOYWW stripey badge.
Usual rules apply and see you on a workdesk very soon


Friday, 22 February 2013

friday smile

Hi peeps
I have been intending to join in with smile friday for a couple of weeks now ..... but keep forgetting.
This week was no exception until earlier today when I was out with a friend for coffee and went to show her a picture of GD Erin and found this on my phone.

Why are children so fascinated with glasses?
Take a look at some other stuff to make you smile over at   Annie/ Wipso's

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Hi peeps
Yes it's wednesday again and time to peek at work desks all over the world under the headship of the the talkative Julia over at the   stamping-ground.
Here's mine..... thankfully it looks a  bit different  this week. I am still sewing quilts, well, one  quilt anyway.

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday when I took this picture but sadly it isn't very easy to see anything. I didn't have much time for crafting as I had GD Erin and the handyman was home too..... so it still looks the same this morning.
Following on from last weeks peek here is the finished  stickles carousel.
I didn't decorate it, but I did squeeze a bit on the edge so I can see which  colour is which ( a little bit OCD). Maybe I should have made more of an effort but I couldn't see the point

Anyway do you want to see what I had on my sewing machine? No! well you can anyway.

As the LIllybo quilts are going to Liverpool I thought a nautical theme might suit an older boy.
Several of the early quilts were very pretty and girly. Take a look at the lillybo quilts. the idea of the wonderful Jo of  jozart designs.
I already had some of this material and some I brought in the sale at work, .trying to keep the costs down a bit so I can continue to make them
This one has a bound edge which I think worked bettter than the first one I did.

Also from previous posts...... do you remember the button cuff I finally repaired last week which had been on my desk for weeks..... I wore it the next day ...... and the grunge board cracked, dont you just live irony.
 so I have to make it all over again.... this time I am going to use leather.

Anyway that's all folks.... usual rules apply.
Thanks for sticking with me to the end!
I will visit you back if you leave a comment and your Mr Linky no.
ta ta and toodle pip!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

WOYWW193 button obssessed

Hi world
desk hopping time again. I'm going to keep it short ..... honest.
If you don't know what I am talking about ......check it out.... it's great fun, especially if you are a bit nosey
For all the info etc visit  the lovely Julia here  stamping-ground.

My desk .... not especially interesting........the usual stuff .......scissors, my old bradle, d/s tape, brads.... the remains of the Valentine's card I made for the handyman (my blog name for DH).

My messy desk is a bit more interesting.... can you see what it is yet?
It's a stickles holder.....posted  a few weeks ago). I am painting it
Regular watchers will remember the button bracelet I mended last week, well GD Erin took a shine to it, so the pink strip and buttons are going to be a mini one for her.
Talking of buttons... the most interesting area of my craft room this week is the floor.

Erin seems to be enjoying herself, all those buttons, there are probably more still in the jar if only she could get them out.

Who needs toys?, we played with those buttons all afternoon :)
If you have time for a few more pictures .... here is the Valentines card..... not traditional I'll grant you but my first attempt at Zentangles.

And finally the gift that was in the gift bag on my desk last week.

Nicki collects Russian doll........ so I beaded her one

Well, that was a lot longer than I intended so I'll sign off..... usual rules apply, see you on your desk real soon.
Please dont forget your Mr Linky number so I can find you..... Ta!
PS lent starts today so NO choc etc for 40 days *(and nights) so I may be  BIT GRUMPY!!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

WOYWW 192 finished it

Hi nosey peeps
Yep it's Wednesday again, time to show my desk to anyone in the world of blogging who wants a peek. Why?

'Coz Julia says so, that's why...... here are the rules, in case you don't know. For more info visit
1. show a pic of your tidying!
2. keep it short (failed this week)
3. visit others and leave a comment...... see you later
There is lots of assorted 'stuff 'on my desk this week..... small projects like some swap books for uksn.
I have just noticed the bendicks choc box is still there ... still empty !
The button bracelet in need of repair.... yes still, I promise to do it tonight... honest!
In the middle of my desk is a gift bag I have just finished, sorry I cannot show the gift.... it might spoil the surprise, please come back next week for the reveal ha ha!
Here is something I can show......

The Lillybo quilt I have just finished for Jo's new charity project.
I am very pleased with it. I managed to use up quite a lot of fabric scraps. The only fabric I brought were the panels. I wanted to make mine suitable for a boy or a girl, so it is colourful tather than 'pretty'. I'm looking forward to making another one.
I hope the little one likes it and in some small way helps get them through their treatment.
I also managed to get this book to go with the quilt too.
This is the bag the quilt goes in. It is surpossed to be simple so it can be used as a pillow.

The back of the quilt is lined with Red fleece so it is nice a cuddly. Jo asked us to add a label. this took a bit of thinking about but in the end I machine embroidered it (good learning curve)

Anyway as that wasn't very short I will go now .... usual rules apply..... blah blah blah