Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hi world,
Normally I write my WOYWW post on a Tuesday, and this week is no different. see all the good stuff     here    Julia assures us she is posting this week.... in between the mince pies and the mulled wine !
 I know it is Chrisdtmas day but this won't take long I'm keeping it short, while watching Downton.
Workdesks like to be included at Christmas too, so here is mine . . . .
This was taken last night.
There is table confetti, I had intended to use to decorate the festive table  . . . but in the end I forgot . . hey-ho I will use it for next years cards.
A  pre made calendar to add photos to

I still had one page to finish, but I couldn't until today. Decembers page!

A photo of Erin in her favourite present.... of course . . .  a cardboard box.

Well that's it for the writing..... except to say a very merry christmas to all my friends in blogland.
Peace and happiness to you all for the coming year.
I cannot promise to visit too many desk this week but will try and visit back.
See you on a workdesk very soon.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

WOYWW 185 pots of gold

Hi wednesday world
Desk hopping time again.. is there really only 1 wednesday in a week?

Before I show you my desk this week please spare a few thoughts for the families in the US who have lost so many loved ones at the school shootings.
It was a  terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to them.  So many young lives wasted.

Here's my desk! I am keeping it very brief this week ..... lots to do.

There is actually real work going on for the first time in ages.... a Christmas pressie for a friend,
 she doesn't read my blog, so it won't spoil the surprise.
There is a lot of inka gold on the frame it looks very lush.
Here's a close up

There are  alcohol inks, embossing powders, old baby (wipes for applying the inka paste) and grunge paper flowers. . .  oh and a photo .... see the finished piece at the end.


 I also made a card for D2 . . . I used my new cute bear die cut and stamp set from memory box .
 She loves polar bears. A simple design but hey... time is short.
Here is the finished frame.... remember the picture of GD Erin from a  few weeks ago?

Anyway, usual rules apply, see you on a desk sometime soon.
Please leave your linky no. so I can get back to you.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

WOYWW 184 back again

hi world
well last week I had a brief affair with wordpress. It didn't work out..... all those emails Aggggghhhhh!
So I'm back to blogger however annoying it is sometimes, it's like home .... Ahhh!
Thanks for all the advise about the photo space. I now know how to make my pictures smaller(digitally not size wise) so they don't take up as much space in picasa. I may have to tweek the size .. are these too small to view properly? looks a bit fuzzy to me.
 I will have to pay the money though, fairly soon.... Ah well 'the man' usually wins in the end!

I can  finally show you my desk this week...... but rather gingerly.... Doh!

Aren't they cute?

These fab little men arrived in the post today. They have been die cut for me by the lovely Jo at
thanks Jo, Erin loved them.
I am going to string them onto ribbon as bunting for her new bedroom when  they move house.

I have finally made some Christmas cards... quite a few (36) on Sunday, ok, they won't win any prizes but they do the job.

And finally some of the mess left behind after making, said cards.

Hey you all know why I am telling you this and if you don't, have a little look-see here,   stamping-ground.  carefull it's addictive.... but great fun.... we all love being nosey don't we? Our busy busy hostess Julia is no exception.
Usual rules apply.... please leave your number and I will get back to you (after work)
janet....aka fairy thoughts back on blogger:)

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


hi world
my WOYWW post isn't here this week.
Because of blogger limitations I have migrated over to  word press, so please visit me there
thanks fairythoughts2.