Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WOYWW 143 where's the shoe horn

Hi world
Well that's what my handyman said to me when I arrived home from 'Make It' last week.
 I didn't buy 'that much'. No really I didn't.
Anyway my desk; 
I didn't get much done yesterday  so my desk is looking very abandoned. I am in the middle of making Fimo buttons, not sure I like the design, they were supposed to have flowers in the middle but didnt quite work out right. instead they look a bit like pieces of meat LOL
Pop over to the  Julia at the stamping-ground.    to sign in for the world's weekly workdesk hop.

Back to 'Make It'
One of the best things I got was free when I took out a subscription to simply handmade magazine, these fab chests.

I did get something else very, very exclusive and I know all you wednesday snoopers out there will want one too, Thanks Laura and Kelly, nice to meet you.

I did one of the workshops amd made this concertina book, obviously it's not finished yet.
The construction is ingenious but quite simple.

Well Iv'e shown you mine, now I'm off to look at yours. I will try to visit as many as possible but it takes ages..
 One reason it takes so long is word verification. . .  now its two silly words. Please consider turning it off.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WOYWW142 Now for something completely different

hi all nosey people out there
Well there's my desk as instructed by the fab JULIA over at the  stamping-ground.
But  I'm not telling you about this desk this week,.it's a bit boring
 I am going to show you my kitchen table and something very, very special, well it is to me and all my family.
These my friends, are going to be an amazing piece of edible art. (please note my tongue firmly in my cheek)
Have you heard of 'the marmite effect'.. . . .  love it or hate it.

These are a huge family tradition, my 3 girls grew up on them, I have been eating these since I was the same age as my Granddaughter Erin (9 months) , so I thought it was time she tried them.
Above is the first stage; shortcrust pastry rolled out quite thinly, spread on marmite. (veggiemite)

Sprinkle with grated cheese and roll up like a swiss roll. Then cut into slices, lay them on a baking tray and cook for about 20 minutes (gas 5-6). If you like marmite you'll love these, If you don't, well..... you'll hate them

The only problem we have is waiting for them to cool down enough to eat.
You know how we all push stash to the side out of sight, well this is what's on my left this week.

I think the jury is still out don't you! LOL.
Anyway here is some stuff I made earlier in the week.
The first card is for an American friend, just to show we can fly the flag in 2012

I made this frame at the weekend . . .  just because I had time.
The frame is covered in Croco paint. The acetate is inked with alcohol inks and the image is set back from the frame using sticky pads.

Well that's enough from me, I will pop by to look at your work space later.
I think blogging and WOYWW has the marmite effect too. . . . .  . . .I think you all know what I think!
See you later
Janet aka fairy thoughts
ps Congratulations  to ADELE you 'done good girl' love, love, love the album

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

WOYWW 141 nothing here

Hi world
Well I have a very sad desk this week, in fact you could say it's  been abandoned.
I'm fed up with having a cold. I hate to moan  but I've got another one. I really dont feel like crafting ... yes that's what I said!
Here's my desk anyway. Pop over to the stamping-ground. where head desk hoppper julia is in charge of lots of inspiring desks.

Anyway nothing interesting on my desk, the only thing there is the book I brought to use on Elizabeth's altered book tutorial. altered book lover blog
 I didnt want to spend too much on it as it seems a shame to alter an expensive old book. I found this one in a charity shop..
Look at the title of the book . . .at  only 60p it was 'just right'
You still have time to 'sign up' as the second lesson isn't until next week. It promises to be very interesting.

EDIT .... The first line in the book is "Now that it is all over, now that nothing can be altered or undone" . . . .  I think it might be altered slightly LOL
I did manage to finish one project at the weekend;
 A Christmas page in Erin scrapbook

Cute Huh?
Have you all heard about Tim's 12 tags I'm sure  you have but if you haven't take a  lookie here;    12 tags of 2012
Anyway I'm off to work now so I will see you later.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Grungy Monday 36 Happy Valentines Day

Hi world
An extra post from me this week.
 I have yet another cold and have been feeling pretty rubbish all day at work.
didn't feel like doing anything this evening. But if I go to bed now I wont sleep so here I am

Blogland seems all loved up this week so here is my Valentine card for my handyman, (that's the blog name for my husband of 33 years not just any random builder who happens to be passing !!)
I think it just about fits in at Grungy Monday this week. The background is done with DI and the mask is one of Tim's so I guess it qualifies.

Sorry its such a rubbish picture, but hey ho!
The heart has been put through an embossing folder and the raised areas have Inka gold on them, that has a lovely sheen but it doesn't show in the picture.
I wonder if he will get me a card. . .  last year he 're- made' the card I gave him last year  LOL
I am into recycling!!

There are lots of challenges with hearts this week here are a few I have seen
the artistic stamper
the craft barn blog
rainbow ladys challenge blog

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WOYWW 140 not much here

Hi world
happy WOYWW to everyone, especially everyone I didn't get to visit last week. 
There were lots of us, but  I think I managed to visit more desks than I have done in the past.
You have to be careful it doesn't creep into actual crafting time !!!....... then there would be nothing to show would there?
Hop over to see 'what's up'  at the stamping-ground.   

Not much going on on my desk this week.This is the first week I had been looking after my
 granddaughter all day (you forget how tiring it is don't you, Zzzzzz!)
Erin very kindly had an afternoon nap for about 1 1/2 hours so you know where I went don't you ?

Anyway .... the desk is left mid ATC-ing for Gungy Monday over at. studiol3.
This is a weekly challenge with all things Tim Holtz.
On the right is a little tin containing Tim Holtz film strip tape . . . . I have been looking for this in my room for about a month.... I eventually found it in a ribbon drawer, where else????

As I had found it I thought I should use it on my ATC. The inked background is stamped with a Tim steampunk stamp  (embossed with shiney black powder). Around the edges and on the ticket I have used Inka Gold. I had this for Christmas and not had time to use it yet, it has a really wonderful sheen.
The keen eyed amongst you will see a ghostly image on the film strip. . . . guess who?

This second ATC (well you cant make only 1 can you !) has the same inked background but I have used a Haby theme., I  used the inka gold as well and actually did some sewing on it too.
I like sewing on papercraft projects but never think about it until I have finished. Doh!

I did finish a little display piece at the weekend (I posted plan box this a few months ago before I finished the stamping).
This little box comes with wooden flowers in and was too good to throw away so I painted it and then stamped 9 little bird 'inchies'.

Well I have shown you mine so now I'm going to peek at yours. Looking forward to seeing all those inspirational rooms / deask/ floors / tables / closets etc, etc
janet aka fairy thoughts

Friday, 3 February 2012


I have finally finished my tag for Linda's grungy monday challenge.
This technique turned out to be a bit of a real challenge for me.
Firstly I only have 2 colours of crackle paint ..... rock candy (clear) and peeled paint (aka sludge green).
I used the peeled paint first but didn't like how it turned out as it was a bit dark with the pink.

The second tag was better,  here I used the glittery rock candy with pink underneath and mahogany on top.

I made this into a card for my daughter's 21st birthday card. She is a bit of a pink Princess.

Following a comment on my   WOYWW  post I decided to have another go at the first tag and inked the life.... into it .

I quite like the way it turned out in the end. All the embellishments were left over from other projects. yeh! recycling.
The bird is die cut from shiney silver card and inked with alcohol inks
The flower is die cut leather.

I am also entering in the following challenges