Tuesday, 25 September 2012

WOYWW173 the menu is

Hi wednesday peepers
this is going to be really quick ... 'coz I nearly forgot to write this
If you haven't heard of WOYWW then where have you been?  pop over to   to find out and maybe join in.

That done, here is my desk, this was taken tuesday evening.
In the middle  (actually they are all over the place) are some swap books i am doing ... time flies.

On the left is a pile of beading magazines, I am looking for ideas to make a necklace for Saturday's wedding..... yes this saturday ..... mad or what.

This was my desk earlier when I had just finished the menu place settings for said wedding.
The easels on the back can be removed so they can be used as a bookmark afterwards.
D2 and Matt are huge book lovers!!!

They have geckos and hearts stamped on the back.
Anyway I may not get to too many desks this week .... necklace to make !!
see ya.....! if you leave a comment thanks
p.s. dont you just love the writing on the mug? ... that's me alright
bed time !

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

WOYWW 172 Happy christmas?

Happy Wednesday everyone

Time once again to go leaping around the world looking at lots of interesting crafty places 
Julia Dunnit started all this silliness, take a look and join us if you dare!

I have two desks to show  this week, first my messy desk is ...well messy, masks and painted bats and pumpkins ready for a halloween display at work.
not sure I have seen many bats with wobbly eyes!! first time for everything.

My main desk is a bit boring as I am still doing wedding stuff but cannot show it  yet.
There is just a few bits.... oh there  are a couple of dorset button things I am working on for a workshop / display, it's getting towards the 'busy time' at work.
 Now that reminds me.

Can I ask you all a question? 
This is not intended as advertising, call it market research.
When is it too early to advertise Christmas crafts in a shop window?
A couple of weeks ago the store I work in had such a window, it was fab, it looked like a work room with lots of sewing and crafty stuff going on.
Our windows are well known in Winchester . . . .  this is last years very similar window. Someone wrote to the  local paper  complaining that it was ridiculous  and far too early,  what do you all think? 

Anyway that said  I've shown you mine, time to look at yours.
 If you are kind enough to comment  please  include your Mr Linky no. so I can find you.
 I wonder how many desks stuffed full of Christmassy things I will see on my travels. Agh! who cares anyway, I made quite a few of my cards in January (sad or what?).
see ya
janet aka fairy thoughts

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

WOYWW 171 active X filtering grrrr!

Hi nosey people of the world
Last week I had real issues with my blog... not being able to see my followers, or anyone elses.  thanks to everyone who commented about it.
WOYWWers are wonderful people, to join in see here at the   stamping-ground.    where Queen of the blogs Julia keeps us in line
My handyman sorted it out, eventually but it was very time consuming .... and frustrating.
It all came down to unticking a box on active X filtering in the address window of my new laptop.  While trying to sort it out  I even lost my blog design and will have to re- design it when I get time.

Anyway my desk this week for a change isn't full of wedding stuff  .... I haven't finished yet  but I needed a change  or I will go madddddd!
On the left is the notebook I have just covered with some papermania's new fabric paper.

I have been trying to make some christmas cards for display at work, but I seem to be lacking inspiration. (no, sorry still can't 'do' Christmas yet!)

At the top is a piece of background made from stamping with rubber bands. Interesting!
On the right is a lovely piece of netting from a bag of runner beans which will make a great mask.

At the back you can just see a small white paper bag with a flower on.

A present for someone at work

Look away now if you think it might be you!


A small beaded box I made. It has taken about 3 weeks and each bead is sewn on seperately to make the shape. Vicky has always had problems with lack of storage ... maybe this will help, hee hee!

Anyway I have shown you mine so I'm off to look at yours
see you later.
Thanks for taking the time to visit
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janet aka fairy thoughts

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WOYWW170 is it just me

Hi Work deskers of the world

Now is it just me or has everyone lost their followers list?
I don't even seem to be able to add myself as a follower either..... does anyone know why this is and how to fix it?

Anyway back to my desk.
Wondering why I am showing my desk if you are feeling really nosey visit the stamping-ground and have a good peek at lots of messy crafty workspaces. Julia Dunnit keeps us all under control, well sort of.
This week it is looking a bit boring. I have just spent about 2 hours trying to get The order of service printed for the wedding.... not going well, what is it about printers and me.
I even had evil thoughts about throwing it out of the window!!!!! (I have those quite often, but don't we all)?
I am trying to print a 6 page booklet but the only way I can is by printing separate A5 pages and scanning them together.... Doh!

It was really sunny yesterday when I took this picture and there is a lot of shadow.
There are a couple of magazines... craft stamper as usual (not read yet of course) and DO craft creativity magazine which I sell at work and needed to demo the stamps.
I Finally took the lid off the distress markers even if it was only to colour in the stamps.

As I said it was really sunny yesterday, so I took this picture in the garden.

My lovely colourful sunny corner, don't you just love the ladybug poppies.

As usual I can't back to anyone until later in the evening, but get back to you I will...... if you leave your Mr linky no.
If you are really good I will even leave you a comment, he he. Actually I always do!
why don't visitors leave comments, I would love to know.