Monday, 20 April 2015

WOYWW 307 ....... I'd like to say a pile of ATCs but I cannot

II peeps there is a small change to my desk this week.. The clock is gone ..... Yes I actually finished something .... I was driving handyman crazy  with my inactivity this week.. So he told me to finish something I had already started before I was sick. But first my desk. Which is probably what you have come too see.


 A high  shot with the I pad not standing on anything... I love this computer... Thanks handyman .. He brought it for me when I was first sick so I could keep up with things.. 

I'd like to say my desk is in full ATC producing mode .... But it's not..... I might try tomorrow as I'm not having Erin at the moment ....she's too much for me a t the moment .... Maybe next week when I hope to go back to work..
On the left is a pile of coloured mesh things I brought at the show a couple of weeks ago and not done anything with yet....nothing new there then is there.
Only 2 pairs of scissors .... Not bad for someone who is not doing anything
Anyway back to the clock..... It's not how I planned it at all ....not that I plan anything really..... But it has been painted, painted and painted again... And then .... Oh sod it, enough that will do


The cogs are just for show they don't more around..... But I think I quite like it now..
Anyway do hop over to see what other delights julia has for us this week.
I will try and return as many visits as I can this week being that I'm at home and all that but threre is only so much a girl can do in a day
Ps that was Monday ..... I lost a day and thought it was Tuesday 
This is my desk Tuesday evening I seem to have gained a day

I did start making some ATC s for the crop in a few weeks time. Wanna swap?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WOYWW 306 not much

There's not much on my desk different from a few weeks ago when I last posted....... I've been a bit out of it ... You see .....  Poorly sick. Nothing along the lines of Shoshi or Shaz Silverwolf. I had a bad reaction to some medication which affected my nerves and muscles ......  Scarily not pleasant. Thank heavens for handyman who even had to carry me to the loo. Anyway enough of that you've probably come to see my desk .... In which case here it is 

Not much to show for 3 weeks is it ... The chocolate boxes aren't new  ( oh wait, maybe one of them is ) yum yum ... My favourite chocolates . 
Last time I was here I showed this picture of something I was making for my GS birthday.... Cannot find the picture but it was just of a sheet on the floor. It was supposed to be a teepee but sadly it's was never finished in time and now I've lost the incentive so I doubt if it will be .... Even though handyman did all the sewing together  and even some of the painting. 
Anyway that's all I've got the energy for now .... Hop over to see julia at    For more interesting desks than mine ..... There's a whole world of crafty creative peeps out there you just need to know where to look. As I'm still at home I should have time to visit a lot of desks this week and return your visit if you leave me a comment and your Mr Linky no .... 
Now go visit before the phone rings.......