Monday, 13 April 2009

embroidered book

well finally here is the embroidered book i made last weekend at the rsn at hampton court palace, it is a lovely venue for a workshop. the reacher was kelly aldridge, it was a very entertaining weekend.
kelly was very good at bringing out our designs, based on our fabric. mine was like cracked stonework.
prior to the workshop i had taken photos of winchester cathedral, i decided to do something different to my usual flowery/natural designs.
however when i was there i took some photos of the ceiling of anne boleyn's arch at the front of the palace and decided to use those instead.
i used the zoom on the camera to enlarge sections of the pictures and used those for my designs. kelly suggested we draw lots of thumbnails to develope our designs, it was a really useful way of doing it. i was please with my design, but i dont think the picture does it justice.

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