Monday, 11 May 2009

Too Busy To Blog


I've been much too busy to blog this week i much prefer to actually craft.

This past week i have been doing a bit of everything.

My favourite piece this week was a clear stamp from a doodle of a flower.

Ihen I made a brooch in PMC silver using the stamp, I was pleased with how well the brooch turned out, the edges are quite irregular but I like that as it makes it unique.

I also made a couple more embroidered books. I enjoy the process of making the books. you start with really basic ingredients and finish with something lovely (hopefully) and useful too. l items, the leaf fabric is lovely, I didn't need to do much to it.

I brought a copy of crafts beautiful which had some lovely papers featuring Paddington Bear (who i love) so i made some cards with them . I sent one to my daughter at Uni, along with some emergency food vouchers (for Thorntons).

I also managed to finally get some beading done, I have started making a beaded box, this will take a while though they are quite complicated.

Finally I have been trying to learn a little bit of Spanish before my hols (failing badly)!

off to spain yey !!!!!
P.S just for Anne at work I have used capitals . . for 1 time only, it takes me too long to type, sorry anne


  1. Hope you had a good holiday in Spain! Lovely work as usual. The flower brooch looks great.

  2. Lovely work, Janet. The beaded box sounds interesting- I can't wait to see a photo (beads are my new cross-stitch! Very addictive :D). Your image-pac stamps are brilliant- you think up some great designs for them.


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