Sunday, 15 April 2012

gesso with everything

Hi AB lovers and anyone else 'just visiting'

I have finally finished Lesson 4 of my book.
It took some doing to find the time to play with all that glue. It certainly made me think about how many glues I own . . . many more than I realised.
But not nearly as many as Elizabeth our wonderful tutor. See her collection here.  altered book lover.

Here you can see I did some experimental gluing on spare pages before gluing my book for real . .  just in case I messed it up. I still have some work to do on these pages ( lots coz they are just glued and should be decorated as well and stuff ).

I made the tags from a collection of train tickets I have been saving to use in my book.... I like the train! I used a Tim Holtz die cutter.
When you travel (my book's theme ) you have to have transport and the train is one of my favourite.
I inked and stamped the tags and wrote a brief note about each glue . .  then  forgot which page was which so I glued them to the first page and made it my 2 page spread using Gesso.

 I glued almost everything on with the Gesso, except the tree which was much heavier, so I used Anita's tacky glue.
This page shows where I live now, a town in the south of England.
This page shows some of my thoughts about the town.

NOTE TO SELF: I must remember that this is not a scrap booking project, so should be more experimental with my techniques.

The pictures are not very good as they were taken in the evening with the flash.
Anyway, the next lesson might prove difficult as I dont usually plan I just 'do it', like many of us I suspect.
There is a lot to read and take in and think about, I will try.
thanks for visiting, please leave a comment and I will visit you right back.

janet aka fairy thoughts


  1. I think you are too funny Janet for making the tags and forgeting which page they belonged on, but I love how you put them all on one page! Your right, it's not about scrapbooking but about learning some new techniques! I think for the next lesson, just do it and see which technique it applied to! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. Oh I am loving your pages!!!! Your book is going to look wonderful when its finished :-D x

  3. Hi Janet,

    Your comment about the glue cracked me up! I needed the 6000 glue this weekend and when I went looking at where I THOUGHT I kept all my glues it wasn't there. Oh, but there were so many others to choose from! hee hee

    Your altered book page looks great! I'll have to go over to Elizabeth's to see her stash of glues.


  4. I also meant to mention. I've been trying to get my friend who has horses, chickens and geese to get a goat. She won't do it because they eat everything! haaa

    That darn goat, stealing the whole bag of feed!


  5. I'm glad we are sharing a similar theme! I think your spread came out really nice--I love that tree! I haven't done much train travel, mostly cruise ship & tour bus. Thanks for visiting my blog & for your nice comments.

  6. Glue is my nightmare.....I tend to stick to one kind for most of my stuff. I just can't afford to experiment at the moment.

    LOVE what you have done with your pages so far. Your book is looking good!

    Thanks for the lovely comments.

    Take care

    Jackie x

  7. I am loving your pages, they are gorgeous :)

    Hugs, Karen xx


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