Tuesday, 11 December 2012

WOYWW 184 back again

hi world
well last week I had a brief affair with wordpress. It didn't work out..... all those emails Aggggghhhhh!
So I'm back to blogger however annoying it is sometimes, it's like home .... Ahhh!
Thanks for all the advise about the photo space. I now know how to make my pictures smaller(digitally not size wise) so they don't take up as much space in picasa. I may have to tweek the size .. are these too small to view properly? looks a bit fuzzy to me.
 I will have to pay the money though, fairly soon.... Ah well 'the man' usually wins in the end!

I can  finally show you my desk this week...... but rather gingerly.... Doh!

Aren't they cute?

These fab little men arrived in the post today. They have been die cut for me by the lovely Jo at
thanks Jo, Erin loved them.
I am going to string them onto ribbon as bunting for her new bedroom when  they move house.

I have finally made some Christmas cards... quite a few (36) on Sunday, ok, they won't win any prizes but they do the job.

And finally some of the mess left behind after making, said cards.

Hey you all know why I am telling you this and if you don't, have a little look-see here,   stamping-ground.  carefull it's addictive.... but great fun.... we all love being nosey don't we? Our busy busy hostess Julia is no exception.
Usual rules apply.... please leave your number and I will get back to you (after work)
janet....aka fairy thoughts back on blogger:)


  1. Glad the gingerbread Gang arrived safely and swiftly.
    My word they must have squashed in all together... it looks so many spread out like that.
    What an amazing array of cards you've been busy making... well worth the bit of mess!
    Love Jo x

  2. cute gingerbread daughter would love of her list for santa is a pink..yes pink gingerbread man!! trace x #9

  3. lots of gingerbread men on your desk , & you've been busy with the cards. Jill #30

  4. Oh, I love the Gingerbreadmen.... and your card production line is impressive too. Mine I am pleased to say, are in transit... Have a great day. Helen. 4

  5. Love the gingerbread men and wow you have been busy with the card making. Be careful the gingerbread men don't make a bigger mess and try and blame you for it, they are cheeky men.....

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 12

  6. Aw. Sad it didn't work out, but happy you found a new home that makes YOU happy. Can't wait to see the gingerbread banner. Bet it will be cute as can be. And all those cards! Jiminy you have been busy!

    Have a great WOYWW day!

    Mary Anne (15)

  7. Love the gingerbread men, isn't 'our Jo' a star?
    So many cards there Janet, you have been busy, only made 6 myself - must get cracking otherwise they will have to wait until next Christmas.
    Ann B

  8. Wow so many cards made, well done to you!!! Handcrafted cards are so individual and saved! Happy WOYWW! Karen 66 x

  9. Yay so glad to see you back, Jan. I did leave you a comment last week then it was gone! How is your cold? My sister came in the shop last week but didn't see you. Your Christmas cards look good and I love the wee GBM. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @64)

  10. How kind of your friend to send you a bunch of gingerbread men die cuts. I can see how you'll ribbon them together, it will be so cute.
    68 Carole

  11. All those gingerbread men look adorable, love their soft coloring! You have been a busy camper with all the card making ( I enjoyed mine and have a video showing all the cards today ) waving the #92 from the hills of North Carolina :)

  12. Your gingermen gave me a smile! So cute!

    Happy Wednesday,
    Nadia (WOYWW #58)

  13. I adore anything that hangs and those gingerpeople are delicious looking! Good on you for the card production! Thanks for coming my way..Sandi 5

  14. So looking forward to seeing the gingerman bunting!
    Happy WOYWW

  15. That's a lot of cards!! Well done on the production line of cards, that's some going - now all you need to do is write them all :)
    Hugs, LLJ #27 xx

  16. Great looking desk and I think the cards are more then adequate!! Love all the Gingerbread men too! I had a great time on my cruise but now I am so feeling the crunch of the holiday season. I plan on getting the tree and decorations up by Friday and leaving them till...?? I hope you have your holiday plans more in control then I do! Thanks for visiting my desk and leaving such a nice comment! Have a great week! Vickie #3

  17. Love the little gingerbread men! Your cards look great!,Happy WOYWW! Nan 14

  18. Lovely cute gingerbread fellows, love 'em and wow you've been so busy making all those cards, very good you!
    Thanks for visiting me earlier.
    Happy woyww
    Elaine #34

  19. The Men are taking over!!!! And you sure have been busy with the Card making. Thanks for visiting my Desk yesterday
    Silvia #54

  20. Yay! Welcome back! Funky gingerbread man bunting? Perhaps you could start a new movement within making bunting, that people start making it with characters instead of penants! The cards look fab:) Lucy x

  21. Those "cookies" are SO cute--and wow, 36 cards, too!!!

    late this week!

  22. Love those little men! Your desk looks like mine, so I feel right at home.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #11

  23. Lovely gingerbread men. Super cards and you made them, that's the main thing.

  24. Hi Janet,

    Wow! You've made a lot of Christmas cards. They look great, by the way. You made me laugh too, which is a double bonus! I'm glad I'm not the only one that makes a mess when making cards. That's one reason why I'm behind on the Christmas cards...... and may not get them out in time!

    Finally, the realtor came and took photos of my place. The flyers are done and now the waiting begins.....


  25. Lovely looking cards on your desk Janet. I have that Gingerbread die and it did not see the light of day this year!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Janet.


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