Sunday, 29 September 2013

Holiday Happy days

Hi peeps
I'm finally feeling better after my stinky cold ... Not what you need when on holiday. The handyman and I had a lovely day in Bournemouth ..  Who would have thought at this time of year we would have been sat outside looking at this 
Could be the Bahamas couldn't it. 
But then I took lots 
of pictures like this ...... So maybe not
There were 75 beach huts  . . . and everyone a different colour, it looked like an advert for Dulux

Happy days eh!

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  1. Super pics! Hope you enjoyed it and that the sea air blew away your cold. So many have had colds and coughs since our lovely Summer made a direct hit into Winter!
    Love those beach huts in all their many colours and shades.
    jo x


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