Friday, 17 October 2014

Smiley Friday faces .... Week ... Something

Hi folks I'm joining Annie for another Friday smiles .... It's a while since I joined in ....partly because I have been away .... That definately made me smile .... Want a taster

That was taken in Colorado on a brewery tour.... Very interesting don't you know. 
And this is somewhere very high 

Answers on a post card please
But what is making me smile today is this little chap I made him a while ago but only collected him yesterday 

My minion owl tea light holder
Cute huh?
Do join Annie for more of what makes the world go round .... Happiness


  1. I'm chuckling cos at first glance I thought you'd both got full face masks on in the first pic :-) Love that minion tea light holder...that really made me smile.
    Annie x

  2. Bwahahahaaa! Caught you drinking again! Lovely owl!

  3. Only you can turn an owl into a minion! He's such fun! Glad to see you were only looking through the glasses - no doubt just checking the beer, huh. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

  4. I've been to that same brewery, but I didn't get the smiley faces through the beer like you did.

    Loved the minion owl. Laughed at that, too.

  5. which brewery did you visit? I have visited several while in Colorado living. Always lots ot see and do there. Love the Minion. They are so interesting to say the least. Dear granddaughters love them but their mothers not so for sure she should watch them. I cry harmless! thanks for sharing. Vickie

  6. Hi Janet, like Annie, my first thought was that you both had masks on and were in space somewhere :) Your minion is adorable. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  7. Late happy Friday Smiles Janet....have to agree with Annie and Elizabeth...look like clear masks, cute minion too. Cheers Robyn

  8. Mad as a box of frogs the pair of you! I found the minion owl a little disturbing, but it did make me chuckle.

  9. Clever photo with the glasses. I too thought face masks at first glance! Glad you had a good time away. Kate x


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