Friday, 16 January 2015

Friday smile

Hi guys how you all doin'
My GD erin has been a bit out of sorts for a couple of weeks now, tired, not listening, a bit distracted and .... Hungry. 
Yesterday her mum thinks she found out why 
She has grown 3 cm in as many months. Ha ha I think that explains a lot .. Little weed. 
 This made me smile ... For more smiles pop over to Annie's blog 
Have a fun weekend 


  1. Bless her.....that's a lot of fast growing. Don't think I ever did that having only ever reached 5 foot at my tallest....and it's downhill from now for me lol
    Annie x

  2. Blimey, that really is a growth spurt isnt it! x Jo

  3. Wow! Like Annie, I don't think I ever had a growth spurt! I've heard kids that have growth spurts like that also complain of achiness in their bones. Can you imagine! At first I thought maybe a boy was involved (how old is your GD?).

    Happy Friday!

  4. They seem to sprout up all of a sudden. Keep feeding her!
    Jo x

  5. Hi Janet....oh yes I'm in the 'missed out' on a few growth spurt category too. Glad her mum was attentive, so many aren't paying attention to their kids - now off to buy some new clothes I expect. Cheers Robyn

  6. I used get awful pains in my legs. They said growing pains. I still get weird pains in my legs from time to time. I'm betting it is STILL growing pains, only now I'm growing sideways!!! hee hee

  7. Oh I can dream! I was in the food queue instead of the growing queue!

  8. That´s quite a growth spurt. No wonder she was tired. I can remember my boys eating extra just before they grew. Kate xx

  9. Being somewhat vertically challenged I don't believe I ever had a growth spurt like that ... I wish :) Hope Erin is back to her normal cheerful self by now. Elizabeth xx


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