Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday smiles 111

Hi peeps I thought I would join in with Annie's smiles today as I had a lovely time last Sunday with most of my family

We all had coffee and cake at our local Neros. GD Erin had a great bag piece of cheese cake ( she will eat anything with the word cheese in ). 
My lovely mum is front right and my equally lovely MIL is back left.  I am very lucky to still have both of them and 3 lovely daughters too ( only 1 couldn't make it ... She was enjoying her first mothers say at home ... We did miss you Emma. 
Pop over to Annie's for more smiles .... Go on you know you want to


  1. Family times always make me smile Janet so thank you for linking your wonderful family this week. Life should be full of happy times like that.
    Annie x

  2. What a fab family trip - lucky you. x Jo

  3. How lovely to spend Mother's Day with the family. Happy Friday.

  4. Hi Janet, I agree what a lovely way to share Mothers Day and a lovely photo too. Enjoy your weekend Cheers Robyn

  5. I love to see people enjoying family days. I miss my boys on Mother´s Day even though I heard from all of them.
    When my grandson was quite young, his email address was themakerofchese..... He would eat it at every meal too if he got the chance. Kate x

  6. What a lovely time with family. How fortunate to have both mothers still with you. I lost mine at such a young age (she was only 55). How funny that Erin will eat anything with cheese. She's beyond me on that, but I do cheesecake!

  7. How lovely to be able to spend Mother's Day with your Mum and MIL, you certainly all look like you are having a wonderful time! Anne xx


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