Wednesday, 16 January 2013


hi peeps
happy wednesday everyone, how you doing?

It's been a busy week this week, the desk has been messy, tidy, then messy and now relatively tidy again... it is covered in boxes... nothing new there then.
I'm showing my desk 'coz Julia told me to..... see why here 

This is what is in the boxes..... beads, lots of beads!

 I have just finished a couple of christmas presents.... no not for next christmas, I struggled a bit last year and I have only just finished these necklaces for 2  very patient ladies.

Julia wrote a post the other day about keeping stuff and what to do with the art we cannot bear to get rid of.
This prompted me to re- assess my notice board which hold some stuff I have made and stuff I have been sent.

Maybe I should clear it and start again. . . . .  so here's the thing, If you would like something from above that  I have taken down..... you can have it, ( sorry not a very good photo didn't notice before).
If you would like to swap it for something for me to show on the noticeboard that would be lovely but not essential. Just e mail me your address.
You dont have to be a follower and all that stuff but please leave a comment and tell me what you would like.

Sorry but I ate the chocolate medal!
Usual rules apply, Mr Linky number etc. etc. blah blah blah
Have a great week, see you on a work desk very soon
janet :)


  1. Boxes must be breeding ! My desk is also full of them! I'm clearing out too so won't take you up on your offer but that's a lovely gesture!
    Love Jo x

  2. Hi Janet ah tidying up how I need to do that and well done on the tidying up,
    Julia is not up yet so out checking those who are up :D and wow love your journal work very pretty and some more necessities!!.. how luffly!! thanks for sharing and Happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x # 4

  3. Mm, I should clear that up! Julia's blog came up up half way through typing my comment and dopey forgot to correct the beginning of comment der!

  4. I spy a Tida doll on your notice borad did you make her as well. Happy woyww. jill #40

  5. Wow, that is a box of pure green!! Love all those beads and the necklaces are intricate. Clever you!!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xx

  6. Wowzer to the bead boxes - have you counted them? (The beads, not the boxes... and I'm guessing no is the answer!) Fabulous necklaces, and well worth waiting for. Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  7. Love the beads and the boxes, and such gorgeous necklaces! Helen, 10

  8. WOW organizing! Love the bead boxes and the awesome necklaces. Have a great week. Vickie #43

  9. Great clear out for the new year to start all over again with new inspiration..
    Sandy :) #25

  10. I think we've all been bitten by the 'must tidy & sort' bug over the last couple of weeks. I think its putting the Christmas stuff away that triggers it!Have a Great Wednesday, Hugs xx Shaz #64

  11. so many beads! gorgoeus necklaces good luck with your clear out

    Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #46 {i think?!}

  12. My room is simply crammed with art that either I made and kept or I have been sent. Problem is most of it is 3d not flat. I think I need to hang it all from the ceiling as that is about the only available space in my room :)

    Have a happy (and tidy) WOYWW

    MA (1)

  13. Love all your storage. Makes me want to look inside.

  14. Do you think you have enough boxes Janet? Bet you get some more, that's if you're anything like me. The necklaces are both stunning and very different, not seen anything like them. Before.
    I'm having a clear out too, must be the time of year.
    Have a good week.
    Ann B

  15. Great desk. Love those necklaces. Very jealous of your skills. I don't have the dexterity for that. Wonderful work.

  16. Oooh great boxes and the necklaces are gorgeous. Humpf I would have liked the chocolate but I see you've already scoffed it LOL! Good luck with the tidy up. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@104)

  17. What amazing necklaces it has been worth the wait. I like the bead boxes you have they look easy to store.
    Ria #114

  18. Look at all those beads. Wow. I really need to get all my jewelry making stuff out and have a go at it..

    Brigita #125

  19. Seems to be a box trend going on! Beads and lots of them! Wow. Hope your notice board is soon full of new lovely things. Take care Zo xx 80

  20. New Year and a new start for the notice board! I have a feeling it's going to fill up quickly again! ♥ waving hi from the soggy laden hills of North Carolina :)

  21. Hi I tend to put cards up around my room that other folk have made me....I can't put them out. Here's hoping your notice board doesn't stay clean for long!
    Happy crafty Wednesday, hugs Erika.

  22. wowo that's a lot of beads the jewellery is fab. i love your new look notice board well done for taking theplunge to restart it .looking forward to seeing how long it takes to refill it I imagine it wont take too much time happy crafting and have a fab week Andrea #22

  23. Great idea Janet! Thenecklaces are amazing, bet the lucky recipients won't have minded one bit that they're a few days over the Christmas worth the wait, and actually, something to cheer one up on the long haul through January! Amazed that you managed to slog through December at all, hope you feel more and more like yourself.

  24. Such wonderful necklaces!!! Love your bead boxes too. I don't have a display board like that - I saw them when I went to the States last month, but had no way to bring one home, lol!

    Jeannie #47

  25. I have the green baskets like you!! I love to spot things on people's desks that I have - we have the same trimmer too but I don't get on very well with mine! Those necklaces are worth waiting for - beautiful! I've just cleared my beads out - how do we manage to get so many, I'm sure I never bought that many, they must multiply when we're not looking!
    Love the Tilda dolly - have never seen one other than in the books!!
    Happy WOYWW

  26. Oh it looks so empty!!
    I would love to exchange something with you. I need a board. May have to put that on my list of things to do this week.

    Sorry I am a day late. Fighting the nasty flu.
    Lori #84

  27. Hi again Janet
    You are a star... thanks so much for joining in with LillyBo quilts..... will post full info in a day or two but they don't have to be too big or complex.
    love Jo x

  28. What can i say but.......WOW
    the necklaces are really nice. anyone can see they are different to the norm, these really are crafted, love them sooooo much.
    Nelly, xx #152

  29. ooh I so love your necklaces - they are both fabulous and so quirky! Have a good weekend xx #126

  30. Those necklaces were worth the wait - they're beautiful! Must have taken an age:) x


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