Wednesday, 18 January 2012

WOYWW 137 So thats what colour it is!

hi world
Happy Wednesday.....again so soon
Tuesday is my day off, I love to craft on my day off, but sometimes I just have to do housework. What is wrong with me ? I mean I had that completely clean desk the other week!!!!!!
Today I had to hoover, so why not do my craft room as well.
I had a carpet there somewhere underneath all the 'stuff'.
Yes, there it is I had almost forgotten what colour it was..... even my handyman commented when he came home from work.
Anyway the desk is the thing on a Wednesday, isn't it. Why? find out from the lovely  JULIA DUNNIT    what's going on.
This is my desk after I finally did a bit of crafting today.

Most of  the mess is from making my piece for Grungy Monday. studiol3
This challenge celebrates the techniques of the wonderful Tim Holtz, you know that guy who loves to share and inspire! This week we are using alcohol inks.
I din't get time to finish it, I had to go to Hospital after all that housework.
No, not for a brain scan an x ray on my poorly foot.

Well now I've shown you mine I am going to look at lots and lots (hopefully) of yours ... when I get home from work that is ! be see-ing you happy WOYWW
PS As a felt lover a friend sent me this , so I thought I would share it, it is amazing please take a look

Wednesday pm 10.00 I seem to be having blogger problems and getting a blank screen instaed of comment form .... so sorry if I dont get back to you this week


  1. I laughed at your post and felt for you having to do housework on your day off. But that AI piece is gorgeous. Thanks for the felt link, too. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  2. Double well done to you for hoovering in your craft room - I HATE doing mine as tiny threads etc are a complete pain, you have to take the end off the hoover and just use the nozzle. Needless to say, this means it gets done once in a blue moon!!!
    Love the bird house on your felt link, especially the curly wurly tail :)
    Hugs, LLJ #43 xx

  3. What house work? Dont they have elves and brownies to do that? :) Beautiful piece, even if it is unfinished! Hope that the foot is OK. Thanks for sharing your WOYWW! -Amanda 40

  4. Housework? yuck.. I have a very handyman here who uses the vacuum much better than me!
    Love your grungy monday piece :)
    Happy woyww day
    Jennie #5

  5. I think your poorly foot would have been the perfect excuse NOT to do any housework!
    I love the piece you have made with the alcohol inks! What will you be doing with it? I will have to check back to see!
    xoxo Karen
    p.s. hope that your foot is okay!

  6. Thank you for sharing a bit of your world with us WOYWWers this morning! I hope you have a wonderful week.
    Neil # 34

  7. Hi there Janet - wow really love your very pretty wee piece on your desk and hope your poorly foot gets some goo physio, thanks so much for sharing. Happy WOYWW! love, Shaz in Oz. x #67

  8. Hope your foot feels better, love the grungy piece of work, x x Hugs May x x x x

  9. House work .....whats that....Clean your craftroom !My could do with you coming to my anytime feel free ....
    Hope you have creative wednesday
    judex 14

  10. Great fragment there - love the pinks... I am scared my hoover will explode if I attempt to vacuum the floor...might have to be a pick up by hand job first! Thanks for sharing with WOYWW? today! Sarah at 4.

  11. Love the alc inked fragment, great colour!
    Trish #52

  12. A nice busy desk! Love your fragment. Isn't it awful the way housework gets in the way of life...

  13. Your alcohol ink piece is fab! Your poorly foot should have been a good enough excuse to avoid the housework!! That is a seriously clean carpet though - mine definitely isn't! Have a happy and crafty week xx

  14. see there is your mistake, I never have to hoover because I have ink stained floorboards, hope your foot is betterer


  15. Wow! Carpet! There are lots of clean crafting areas today to visit. There must be something in the air. Nice to see your desk in action though! It looks like you had a good grungy Monday and now have a happy WOYW Wednesday!

  16. It was lovely to meet you today! Love that tile that you've made, makes me want to get my alcohol inks out again!

  17. I get a morning and a half while the little one is in nursery and inevitably end up with a couple of hours crafting if I am lucky. There is housework and sorting and eating and all sorts of inconvenient things that get in the way...... Not to mention blogging turns out the more challenges you start the more blogs you end up looking at. See lots of lovely thing but never have time to do anything........

  18. I love alcohol ink but it sure can be a messy project! I love your fragment piece. Very nice!
    Hope you have a great week! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #33

  19. Very funny post, nice to see the carpet again though! Beautiful tile, really pretty colours. Hope the visit to the hospital went well.

    Brenda 104

  20. Housework just always gets in the way of fun, doesn't it. Your project using the alcohol inks looks great.

    Hopefully the foot issue is resolved.

    WOYWW #117

  21. Looks like you have some fun stuff going on! Hope your foot feels better soon!

    Katie (112)

  22. Thanks for coming by. I love that felted hanging thingy in the tree. Was that the gift to you?
    Very pretty. Hope your foot is better.
    I sent some flowers over to an Etsy shop. Have never done that, but thought I would give it a try.

  23. Rest that foot! Thanks for sharing a peek! Happy WOYWW #23 ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  24. Gosh your floor is pristine! My craft room floor is pristine now too as my husband cleaned it today, I think he was sick of looking at little pieces of paper and glitter lol! Hope your foot is ok. Have a good weekend! Hugs Susan x

  25. Hope yor foot is feeling better, my hubby hoovered my craft room today, he is wonderful, but don't tell him, lol Lou x

  26. I hate having to do housework on my day off. Although sometimes I wish I had a day off just so I could get it all done! Your floor looks great :)

    Happy WOYWW (on Monday!)
    Katie #16


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