Wednesday, 2 March 2011


hi world
it's wednesday again and time for   WOYWW91 
i actually did quite a lot on the desk yesterday this is the left overs.

i went to farnborough's 'make it ' show last week, it was very good better than last year.
 there were some different suppliers than last year with lots and lots of cutting dies.
here is my 'buyers' journal i am doing this year, just stuff i buy  and where i get it etc. i'm including a sample of everything so i can look back and see what from where etc. i brought quite a lot of little things , so it has taken quite a while to finish,  i'm also die cutting lots of little cardboard 'buttons', some of which i used on some atc's yesterday but i forgot to photograph the coz i had to hurry and post them of.
but, the best thing on my desk is . . .  the A1 cutting mat i brought for £18 what a bargain, it was interesting bringing it home on the train.
i bes ti still work on an A4 sized area though



  1. hi honey - I was at the show on the Samuel Taylor stand (covered in gliter demonstrating) and we were selling those mats, so I hope you are happy with it! I love your idea of a buyers journal (although I would hate to put on it how much I spent... as that would be the first step towards admitting I had an addiction problem!) caroline x

  2. Love your storage set up...Thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a great WOYWW.

    Hugs, Marjo #5

  3. Great mat! I have a tiny one for cutting, but I haven't used it much lately. Hope you enjoy all your new purchases! Have a great day!

  4. I never thought of a buyer's journal - it would be cool to record where you pick up special things.

  5. I made myself a buyers journal a few years ago, having bought a duplicate for the umpteenth time, lol. Didn't dare record prices tho! TFS, Shaz #125

  6. Love your buyer's journal! I think I really need to start one. TFS! #157

  7. It is a hench mat - what a great buy! But you're right, you'll still end up working on the edge! The buyers journal is a jolly good idea; specially for show purchases, it's too easy to forget which stand sold what!

  8. I love all those little drawers you have. What a great idea having a buyers journal. I've not heard of that before but makes so much sense and to be able to look back over time would be really neat!


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