Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WOYWW142 Now for something completely different

hi all nosey people out there
Well there's my desk as instructed by the fab JULIA over at the  stamping-ground.
But  I'm not telling you about this desk this week,.it's a bit boring
 I am going to show you my kitchen table and something very, very special, well it is to me and all my family.
These my friends, are going to be an amazing piece of edible art. (please note my tongue firmly in my cheek)
Have you heard of 'the marmite effect'.. . . .  love it or hate it.

These are a huge family tradition, my 3 girls grew up on them, I have been eating these since I was the same age as my Granddaughter Erin (9 months) , so I thought it was time she tried them.
Above is the first stage; shortcrust pastry rolled out quite thinly, spread on marmite. (veggiemite)

Sprinkle with grated cheese and roll up like a swiss roll. Then cut into slices, lay them on a baking tray and cook for about 20 minutes (gas 5-6). If you like marmite you'll love these, If you don't, well..... you'll hate them

The only problem we have is waiting for them to cool down enough to eat.
You know how we all push stash to the side out of sight, well this is what's on my left this week.

I think the jury is still out don't you! LOL.
Anyway here is some stuff I made earlier in the week.
The first card is for an American friend, just to show we can fly the flag in 2012

I made this frame at the weekend . . .  just because I had time.
The frame is covered in Croco paint. The acetate is inked with alcohol inks and the image is set back from the frame using sticky pads.

Well that's enough from me, I will pop by to look at your work space later.
I think blogging and WOYWW has the marmite effect too. . . . .  . . .I think you all know what I think!
See you later
Janet aka fairy thoughts
ps Congratulations  to ADELE you 'done good girl' love, love, love the album


  1. Would like to try one of those marmite wheels, they do look yummy, I love the effect of that croco paint, it's fabulous, must get some of that, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x x

  2. I know someone who makes something similar rounds with marmite but I have never tried them. Your daughter is so darn cute:) I wonder what she's thinking.

    Mary Ann #23

  3. I had never heard of Marmite, so did an internet search and found the Marmite web site, which told me nothing about the product. next, I went to Wikipedia and was told it was a vegetarian substitute for beef broth. I like that idea, since I am a vegetarian. I think this would be a great treat, especially with cheese. So I'm going to LOVE it without tasting it. Have a great WoYWW from #9 this week!

  4. I haven't heard of marmite either (read the comment above mine). They look yummy, I must say. So is it a beef broth substitute? Love that little nose - and the angel wings!!


  5. Your desk doesn't look boring at all.

    I had to laugh at your daughter's face, so cute!

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #26

  6. I've made those before but found them a bit salty! I love Marmite in stews in the winter, gives it so much body. Love the makes this week, especially the card, very proper and British! Erin is a little cutie but boy is she confused by that food!!

    Brenda 5

  7. Not sure if the food is a hit with her! She has such a cute expression on her face!

  8. Sweet baby! :) and your artwork is great! Happy WOYWW!

    Olga #32

  9. Hate marmite on toast but love the walkers crisps.Love the look on the face and the stare at the marmite
    Your creations are fab!Have great creative week
    hugs judex 34

  10. Haha, what an expression. She's so cute! And I think I know what she's thinking: What's in it? :P

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. yummy marmite,you are making me hungry :),x

  12. What would we do with our Wednesdays if it was not for the wonder of WOYWW? It's always fascinating to peek through the window into your creative arena so thank you. I'd be shot if I made those as I'm the only one who likes Marmite! Love the British card too!I Hope you have a good week.
    Neil (#47 ish)

  13. Have to admit, I've never had marmite. Erin's expression is priceless! Lovely projects :D. Happy WOYWW #15.

  14. Love Adele! and what is marmite? and are those angel wings she has on? adorable expression on her face, I agree she hasn't made up her mind yet! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina at 4:00 in the morning :)

  15. Have done the 'posh' version of pastry rolls, with anchovies and cheese but think I would prefer your Marmite ones - love that salty, savoury taste.
    Ann B
    If you pop over to my place I have some blog candy to share.

  16. Yeah Janet, I join you, congrats to Adele. I song like her you know. In the car. On my own.
    I LOVE marmite so those rolls aren't as unfamiliar to me as they are to Erin the Undecided! Bless her!

  17. Some great makes. Love the pic of Erin, I'm a hater I'm afraid. Can't stand Marmite but your rolls do look yummy..without the Marmite though. Lol Enjoy this week's WOYWW snoop around the world. Take care Zo xx 81

  18. I have only tasted marmite once and was undecided. However, I do love cheese but I will wait to hear what Erin's final say is on the matter!
    xoxo Karen #93

  19. I did check out your projects but just loved the baby's face.LOL thanks for sharing

  20. I love marmite and it's great used in this way - very yummy - (Hazel, WOYWW #107) x

  21. three firsts for me, this link party, following your blog and marmite pinwheels!!
    Beautiful art as well,

  22. Lovely marmite art, I think I NEED to make some of those! LOL They brought back so many childhood memories.
    Loving your card and frame too.
    Happy WOYWW

  23. Now I want some of those. Love Marmite and that picture is brilliant. I hope you are going to scrapbook that look!
    I am desperately trying to catch up with last week so I am not posting this week. I also have two projects on the go which are not for public viewing - yet!

  24. Awww, Erin's such a cutie, love that expression!
    Not sure about marmite but your frame & card are fab!
    Jo x

  25. OOoh I love marmite :) A great post with fab photos and lovely pieces of art work :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  26. A thin spreading of marmite!!! I guess I just never 'got' the taste but the pastry wheels look good despite it. Also like the card for your American friend. Best wishes from #100

  27. Interesting, I don't really like marmite but I really want to try the marmite biscuits! And I love the birthday card, thought the flag was very Emma Bridgewater. Happy WOYWW

  28. The marmite wheels look totally yummy. I haven't tried marmite, but I have heard the you either love it or hate it bit. Great flag card and fun frame too! You've been busy as of late!

  29. I have never had marmite but those rolls look delish! I love the frame with the Croc paint. Gives me some ideas! Warmly, Tracy #127

  30. I had one daughter who loved it and one that didn't! But they do look very tasty! Thanks for my snoop! I deleted about 30 of my comments this morning by mistake, sorry if one was you!
    HaPpY WoYwW!! Have a very crafty week!

  31. The marmite wheels look yummy not sure whether Erin likes them lol lovely card as well
    Anne-marie #4

  32. Your granddaughter is gorgeous, I love the expression on her face :)

  33. ooh That Marmite looks like a pizza roll.. I don't know what Vegemite tastes like but that looks like it would taste awesome with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  34. You make me hungry, and it's way past my bed time lol! It looks pretty good...but someone looks like she is not too sure if she likes it...adorable! Love the crocco paint effect, gonna try it someday!
    Michelle (161)

  35. The marmite pinwheels look very tasty. Love your storage ideas.

  36. Mmm you are making me hungry, those pinwheels look yummy. I haven't had marmite for years. Your little princess doesn't look too sure though, what a great photo!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #127

  37. Thanks for the recipe, Janet made my mouth water! I will make some of these when our Grandchildren next come round. Love how much crackle you have got on the frame your card is great too. Have you made the union Jack by layering paper or is it a stamp? Lynne x

  38. great post! Sweet buns look yummy! I am a bit late getting around this week but I forgot to post on Wednesday and have been busy all week. Just wanted to make the rounds and remind everyone my blog candy closes on Tuesday night of next week and I will announce winners on Wednesday. Drop by become a follower and leave a comment for a chance to win. Vickie #173

  39. Thank you for leaving a comment for me about the train to Farnborough. Another time I will definitely use that as an option, I didn't realise it was so straightforward. I Have to plan any extra activity as I suffer from M.E. which impacts everything I do. I would need to have planned the trip in advance with my daughter to come with me etc. Thanks again and have fun!! xx

  40. I think the baby is still not sure if she likes the dessert. But, I really like the frame and I am so glad that I stopped by.

    I have blog candy if you are interested...

  41. I love it myself (always remember a blue peter thing when they essentially did an eggy bread sandwich with marmite and cheese in the middle - we enjoyed those for weeks afterwards. Might have to give them a go. Hope the grandee develops more of a taste for it soon!

  42. ooh they look yummy LOVE marmite!
    running late with my woyww...
    Have a creative day
    Jennie #1

  43. Loving the Viva Decor Croco!!!!!
    And the Marmite Wheels lol!!!
    Sorry Im late on WOYWW!!!!
    Lisa xxx

  44. I love those pinwheels, but I make it with vegemite and sometimes I'll make it with bacon, cheese and shallots very yummy and nice to take as a plate
    Bridget #54


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