Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WOYWW 143 where's the shoe horn

Hi world
Well that's what my handyman said to me when I arrived home from 'Make It' last week.
 I didn't buy 'that much'. No really I didn't.
Anyway my desk; 
I didn't get much done yesterday  so my desk is looking very abandoned. I am in the middle of making Fimo buttons, not sure I like the design, they were supposed to have flowers in the middle but didnt quite work out right. instead they look a bit like pieces of meat LOL
Pop over to the  Julia at the stamping-ground.    to sign in for the world's weekly workdesk hop.

Back to 'Make It'
One of the best things I got was free when I took out a subscription to simply handmade magazine, these fab chests.

I did get something else very, very exclusive and I know all you wednesday snoopers out there will want one too, Thanks Laura and Kelly, nice to meet you.

I did one of the workshops amd made this concertina book, obviously it's not finished yet.
The construction is ingenious but quite simple.

Well Iv'e shown you mine, now I'm off to look at yours. I will try to visit as many as possible but it takes ages..
 One reason it takes so long is word verification. . .  now its two silly words. Please consider turning it off.


  1. I had to stop by and take a look! Thanks for sharing, it is always so much fun to see what others are doing.
    this week at #42 on WOYWW

  2. Adorable little book! And loving the WOYWW button. It is very colorful!

  3. Very cool!!! Love the free chests. And you have a button!?! I put a photo of it from Julia's blog and put on my sidebar.

    I won't be participating in WOYWW this week - but thought I'd hop in and say hello.

    I'm sure your buttons will turn out just fine!


  4. crafty looking desk this week! Glad to hear I am not the only one hooked on acquiring new stash. I could never work at a craft dept store cause I would have to pay them. Love the boxes and the WOYWW Button! I am envious! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  5. Love that concertina book - and the freebies! Happy WOYWW, helen 32

  6. The fimo buttons look interesting (I've never tried working with fimo ... perhaps one day!) Love the free chests and WOW to the WOYWW badge (Hazel, WOYWW #5) x

  7. The book is fabulous, and the chests are just great fab storage! the little fimo buttons look interesting!! Have a good week, Hugs May x x x x

  8. What a fine chest (or three) you have there lady and all those buttons this week. Love the Fimo ones but not as much as the WOYWW one - so envious of that and those gorgeous chests.

    Ann B

  9. wow fimo buttons... I just buy mine LOL love the book very cool!

  10. Ooh I love buttons. Those chests are fantastic. Happy Wednesday to you, enjoy this week's snoop of oh so creative places & take care. Zo xx 83

  11. I LoVe those chests and your concertina book is just gorgeous! Good luck with your buttons ... hope you are happy with them in the end! Happy WOYWWing. Debbie #89

  12. Loving those chests i did see those in the mag but i havent room for nay more maga although i do buy it
    Liking the book looks great and of course the badge!
    Have fab wednesday
    hugs judex10

  13. The chests are just fabulous...what wonderful storage they will make!

    I have never made the fimo flowers/buttons but think they would make great stick pin toppers. You could probably just slide the pin down through it.

    Hoping that you may give a photo by photo concertina book tutorial!

  14. Great photos of some fun things. Hope you have a wonderful WOYWW have fun with the buttons.

  15. Lovely concertina book it look brilliant, those chests look great, I haven't played with my fimo for ages, mmmm maybe i should Have a great week Lou x

  16. Great desk! It makes me want to play with some clay :) I haven't done that in forever and my stash is probably all hardened! Those trunks are gorgeous! Thanks for a peek at your workarea!

  17. Two silly words... is that what it is? Word verification is complete gibberish to me, like I barely recognize any letters in there. What is that?! Anyway, love those chests you got! What an incredible freebie those were! Lumps of meat in lieu of buttons, not good. I'm sure they look better than that. Happy WOYWW!

  18. I love your boxes and your concertina book is amazing, beautiful works of art :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  19. Ooooh lookie a real WOYWW badge...all sounds just fab and those trunks are really great! Sarah at 1 having a late WOYWW peek on Friday!

  20. I love love love that concertina book. Gosh I've been itching to make one for quite some time. Yours is just so fabby! *smiles* Norma

  21. Just popping fast as it is Monday and I am not half way through the list. Love the book and your buttons will probaby work out just fine. #160


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