Tuesday, 18 March 2014

WOYWW 250 things are looking up

Hi Peeps,
 Happy Wednesday, actually its Tuesday and the Sewing Bee has just finished on TV so now I can write my post.  If you have been watching too, who's going to win? I think Its still wide open.

Anyway, my desk, not much crafting as such, but I have made some progress with the tidying.
This week it is less what's on my workdesk and more what's over it.

A simple gentle job this one.. not too taxing on my poor cough... sorting through the stamp collection... no not that type of stamp.... the rubber  and silicon sort.
I re organised and labelled..... exhausting work really!  but it has to be done sometime.

And finally, just because its boring to see an empty desk here is a quilt I made a few weeks ago for a work colleague who has just left to have a baby. I missed her leaving party so I hope she liked it.

Thanks for all your get well wishes from last week, I am still taking it easy so I should have more time this week to visit lots of inspiring desks and get me on  the move again.
Julia has the full list so hop over to stamping-ground. to find out and join in


  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Organizing and doing it right, takes time, but it's time well spent. Love that quilt. I'm pretty sure the recipient was tickled pink with that quilt. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  2. Oh dear Janet rest up and get better sorry to hear it .. love the quilt just superb am sure is dearly loved and appreciated.. well done on perservering with sorting stamps out too Shaz in Oz.x #32

  3. gorgeous quilt, but sorry you're still plagued by that cough! I'm loving the sewing bee too, though I can't sew to save my life! Helen 9

  4. I think these coughs are being spread through WOYWW Janet. I'm full up with it at the mo too but promise I am wearing my face mask while I pay you a visit....cough cough cough :-( Hope you get better very soon.
    Annie x # 44

  5. Hi Janet..keeping busy helps keep your mind off being unwell I think, so you have and now your stamps are all organised...lovely baby quilt too. Hope you're all well soon, cheers RobynO#38

  6. Aw Janet, it's hanging on isn't it, I really hope you start to feel noticeably better soon. Being driven to gentle organisation like that is terrible, I do feel for you!!

  7. We just had a stamp sort too. We found stamps we didn't even remember buying!

    The house of bears @64

  8. Goodness but this is hanging on for you...there's a girl in band who is exactly the same but she is coming through it now. Organisation is better than nothing....actually it's something that I quite enjoy :-)
    That quilt of yours is very pretty, hope the lady and her new baby like it too! Thanks fir the colour compliment...I don't think I have a particular flair, I just put fabrics together and they either work for me or not. I never plan.....ask Julia :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  9. Thanks for popping by my blog, I love your idea of storing stamps, what size are your boxes?
    Dawn #41

  10. That bug just keeps hanging around, you need to evict it. Beautiful baby's blanket. Nothing like being organised with storage and cataloging. Hey you are speaking to the creator of organising. Thanks for visiting, must go I am at work sneaking in a few visits.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 14
    Happy WOYWW

  11. Nice job organising your stamps, something I am always putting off! Love the baby quilt, I am sure the new Mum will love it! I wish I could see the sewing bee, unfortunately not aired over here!
    Yes, rather a lot of bathrooms here, 8 in total and they all have either a bath or shower in them! I clean them all together (dreaded job) once a week and it takes me 1 - 2 hours! I have certain days for certain things and usually only manage to craft 1 or 2 days a week!
    Debxx #15

    1. OMG 8 bathroom cannot even contemplate cleaning that many

  12. I love a bit of organising, I'm always doing it.
    Yes the wooden figures are like us. Full of dry rot and wood worm hahaha.
    Thanks for dropping by
    Lynn x

  13. Snap, I have been doing a bit of stamp organising too. It would be nice to be finished but a way to go yet. Your boxes look nice and tidy.
    The quilt is so pretty. The lady who it was made for will be thrilled. I never got around to the sewing side of crafting. I never seem to have the time.
    Nelle 53 xx

  14. Very nicely done, getting the desk tidied up. I like your stamp collection organization, labeled and easy to find. That makes such a difference when you are playing. Cute baby quilt! Judy #89

  15. Hi Janet, glad the cough is finally heading out. Sorting and organising- we spend so much time doing that. Mind you, thats when I find all my forgotten treasures too. Yes, Merlin is indeed keeping up the family tradition, in fact she calls me her Goth Nanny, lol. As I tell my lovely DIL, its all in the breeding, The strongest genes will bubble to the top, lol. At which she usually rolls her eyes, looks at her hubby, my son, and says she already has quite enough of them in the house, thank you very much. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #38 xxx

  16. Hope your cough goes away quickly and you're back to full strength! Such a tidy desk and great looking stamp collection in a row! Thanks for hopping by and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #13

  17. Hi Janet thank you for popping by and for your kind words about my G45 projects. I think you should go for those G45 papers as they are a pleasure to work with and to hoard!!!! I like a bit of organising too - don't you find that you discover new stash to play with you had forgotten about? Wishing you a great week and a happy WOYWW Hugs Helen 61

  18. Hope you're feeling lots better soon so that you can mess up that desk ... love the stamps set up.
    Bishopsmate #60

  19. hope you feel better soon well done with the stamp organising I keep meaning to start but cant decide on a system that will work for me ..(putting it off!.) the quilt is fab ..your work colleague will adore it im sure...lucky them.... how I wish I had some sewing talents ,hope you have g ood week ahead crafty hugs Andrea #8

  20. Sorry to hear that cough is hanging on! I hate it! I caught the virus a couple weeks ago and the cough still hangs on...glad it isn't as bad as to make me cough and wet my pants!!! I hate getting old. Love all the stamp organizing and wish I had all mine done. Eventually I will get there! Awesome blanket for the new baby! I will bet your co-worker loves it! Thanks for visiting my desk this week and commenting. Hope your week gets better. Vickie #43

  21. The quilt is so lovely I am sure she adored it.. You are so organised with your stamps I don't really have that many I seem to go more for things I can print off on the computer or texture stamps and stencils.. I do have a folder of them to flick through but they are the actual stamps and my others are all in an old dvd cabinet..
    Sandy :)

  22. Hi there, I came via WOYWW.... I am just starting this and having fun! Love your desk area and your blog! I hope you feel better quickly! I think I re-organize more than I craft sometimes. LOL
    Thanks for sharing!
    hugs, kimmer #102 (currently last but not least.). LOL


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