Tuesday, 4 March 2014

WOYWW 248 Now for something completely different!

Hi Peeps
Happy Wednesday workdeskers .... yes its that time again.... time to show the world what you've been up to this week. Julia is in charge, so pop over to her  stamping-ground  to link up and join in.
Well this week I am in the kitchen, playing with chocolate and all things cakey.

I am making some samples for a cake decorating class at work ( Julia, this is not an advert. . . honest).

The finished samples ..... what shall I  do with them now .....cake anyone?
I wont be able to eat them tomorrow ... yes I'm giving it up for lent as usual... saintly or what?
No choc choc for the next 6 weeks.

If you visited last week you might like to see what happened to the little wooden hearts I promised to try and alter... here they are

Pretty much the same as last week.. except for one, no not the green one.
You see the bag at the back?..
My spoils from a trip to the Make It Show, you may see some of this over the next few weeks, but as you can see I've not even unpacked it yet.
Here's the one decorated heart... It was done by my GD Yes at 23/4 her first piece of jewellery she did all of it except put the gems in the middle... and the knot.

Pretty huh!
Anyway that's enough rambling from me
I would love to see what you've been crafting too, so if you leave your number I will visit you back.
Thanks for visiting and have a happy hop.



  1. Oh my goodness those cakes look so yummy. I would say I'll take one, but I'm afraid it might not be so good by the time it got to Kentucky.

    You GD did an awesome job on the heart jewelry. :-) April #20

  2. Ok this is awesome.. yum and it must be a cup cake day. Love them ... really wish I had one or 2 tonight.. lol Have a great one :-) # 21

  3. I'm in awe of those cupcakes. And even more in awe that you gave up chocolate for lent. Priceless. Someone asked me to decorate a cake one time. I told the person I couldn't. She said as crafty as I was, I could do it in a heartbeat. I told her I couldn't because of my arthritis (born with a rare birth defect) and I can't squeeze, something you have to do when holding those bags. That's why I don't journal, either. Can't hold a pen/pencil for very long.

    Back on topic, I love the heart your GD made. She did a fantastic job. LLJ will be proud you won those hearts in the raffle. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  4. Again I find myself wishing I could reach through this screen of mine. I would happily solve your problem. I give up chocolate, but only of the bar kind, not co-co all together. #35

  5. Me, I'll take one.... they look yummy! your GD heart is lovely too. Helen 5

  6. Trouble is, those cakes look too pretty to eat... such beautiful work!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 33

  7. Go Erin, great job! That little heart is so pretty!
    Good luck with the giving up choccy...I might have to do the same with cheese :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 44 xx

  8. Cake decorating classes at work - for the public? How marvellous! Erin is a very clever girly, and such a pretty colour too....I wonder where that skill comes from!

  9. oh WOW! I would love a cake! I am not giving up chocolate for anything this week! Love all the fun stuff on your desk. Sounds like you have been a very busy person! Have a great week. Vickie #52

  10. No fair tempting us with something so yummy in the morning. Having said that they WOULD be lovely with a cuppa..... :)

    back online but slow :(

    Mary Anne (29)

  11. Yummy cakes - so pretty! That heart is lovely too. x Jo #60

  12. Those cakes look yummy. Your heart is nice too!

  13. Hi Janet- those cakes look gorgeous! Lucky students having you to teach them. What a lovely little piece of jewellery- your Gd must be extremely chuffed with that. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #41 xx

  14. I am licking my lips at the sight of your cakes, yummy! GD heart is so pretty, she is going to be one talented crafter. Take care Zo xx 94

  15. Wow! Those cupcakes look decadent. I'm impressed by how much decorating you can do on a small space. The heart pendent is very pretty. Judy #92

  16. No chocalate for six weeks and those cakes look lovely!
    Jackie 36

  17. These cakes look too good to eat! Amazing!, Cathy x

  18. Your gd did really well with her heart. Your cakes look wonderful, hope the class goes well.

    Sherry x
    WoYWw #87


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