Tuesday, 22 September 2009

more links

there is a brilliant new book out, (well new-ish) called 'Link It' by Susan C thomas. it incorporates chain maille techniqes with rubber o rings.
it is something a bit different and quite quick and easy to do once you get the basics. i have done a few projects from it already but had a play last night trying a few different ideas. this is what i ended up with..
i was very pleased with the pendants and just had to order more rings. the best web site for these rings is
here is loads of other beady stuff too and they are always really quick at despatching.
the only negative to this technique is the taste. whatever you do dont get your fingers near your mouth when you are making them yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!
wash your hands with lots of hot soapy water after

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  1. Hi Janet. thanks so much for visiting dezinaworld blog. I am glad you like the sunflower background. I love this idea and have never seen the chainmail idea before. I shall look out for this more now.
    Have a lovely evening / day
    hugs June xxx


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